040131A  31st January: Westendorp, Netherlands, Zaal De Vos, ‘Westendorp Blues Night’
                   (Secret Affair/Twisted Sister/Late At Night/Losing My Faith/You Gotta
                    Move/Leather Jacket/Fed Up With The Blues/Giddy Up/Alabama/Can't You
                    Hear Me Knocking/Band introduction)
                   Line-up: MT (voc, gtr)/Max Middleton (keyb)/Jeff Allen (dr)/Michael Bailey
                   Note: A private video (lacking four songs) of the show exists.

040312A  12th March: ANDY SHARROCKS.
                   CD ‘Walking In Familiar Footsteps’ (Lanta Records KOHCD1). Producer:
                   Hillary Briggs. Recorded at SL Studios, Hemel, England, most probably in 2003.
                   Incl. MT on guitar on four tracks:
                   - Salvation In Disguise (MT/Andy Sharrocks/Hillary Briggs)
                   - Velvet Underground Song (Andy Sharrocks/Hillary Briggs)
                   - Good Good Feeling (Andy Sharrocks/Hillary Briggs)
                   - Stop That Train (MT/Andy Sharrocks/Hillary Briggs/Paul Green)
                   Musicians: MT (gtr)/Andy Sharrocks (voc, gtr)/Hillary Briggs (p, org, gtr, bass, dr)/
                                       Paul Jones (harm)/Tommy Vee (bass)/Jeff Vee (dr)/Matt Vee (gtr,
                                       bvoc)/Phil Watts (dr)/Sarah Dalby, Jackie & Louise Hill (bvoc)

040312B  12th March: ANDY SHARROCKS. Sutton, England, Boom Boom Club, incl.
                    - You Can't Always Get What You Want (MJ/KR)
                   Line-up: MT (gtr)/Andy Sharrocks (voc, gtr)/Paul Green (gtr)/Tommy Vee 
                                  (bass)/Jeff Vee (dr)/Alan Glen (harm)/Hillary Briggs (keyb)/Chris
                                  Parren (keyb)/Kofi Karikari (perc)/Bernie, Paula & Nya (bvoc)
                    Note: A private film of You Can't Always Get What You Want exists.

040402A  2nd April: Lillehammer, Norway, ‘Lillehammer Bluesfestival 2004’
                   Line-up: MT (gtr, voc)/Max Middleton (keyb)/Michael Bailey (bass)/Martin
                                  Ditcham (dr)

040420A  20th April: UK TV (BBC2) 'The Godfather Of British Blues', documentary about
                   John Mayall, directed by Peter Gibson (60 min.), incl.
                   - interview with MT (Sarm West Studios, London November 2000)
                   + footage of MT recording in Sarm West Studios, London November 2000
                   Note: Released on DVD on June 14 (see 040614A).

                   CD ‘Treasure Island’ (Soyuz Music/Rookwood 001, -Russia). Producers: Nikki
                   Sudden & John Rivers. Sound engineer: John Rivers. Recorded at WSRS Studios,
                    Leamington Spa, England in August 2002 (see 020816A). Incl.
                    - Kitchen Blues (Nikki Sudden)
                    - House Of Cards (Nikki Sudden) -Justin Farrow on guitar, Terry Miles on
                    Line-up: MT (gtr)/Nikki Sudden (voc, gtr)/John Barry (bass)/Stéphane
                                   Doucerain (dr, perc)
                    Note: The European version of this album was released July 26, 2004.

040502A  2nd May: London, Royal Festival Hall, The Chelsfield Room, ‘An Audience With
                   Mick Taylor’
                   - interview with MT by David Mead and the audience

040502B  2nd May: London, Queen Elizabeth Hall, ‘International Guitar Festival’
                   (Secret Affair/Twisted Sister/Blues instrumental/Late At Night/Blind Willie
                    McTell/You Gotta Move/Can't You Hear Me Knocking/No Expectations)
                   Line-up: MT (gtr, voc)/Max Middleton (keyb)/Michael Bailey (bass)/Godfrey
                                  McLean (dr)

040516A  16th May: BLUESPUMPM. Kurzwang, Austria, Infeld-Haus der Kultur
                    - Somebody's Acting Like A Child (John Mayall) -unverified
                    - Blues For The Lost Days (John Mayall)
                    - Walking On Sunset (John Mayall) -unverified
                    - No Expectations (MJ/KR)
                    - Hoochie Coochie Man (Willie Dixon)
                    - You Gotta Move (Fred McDowell/Rev. Gary Davies) -unverified
                    - Summertime (George Gershwin) -unverified
                   + more
                   Musicians: MT (gtr, voc, p)/Peter Infeld (voc)/Robert Shumy (gtr, voc)/
                                      Johann 'Zappa' Cermak (voc, harm)/Norbert Schneider (gtr)/
                                      Wolfgang Frosch (bass)/Fritz Glatzl (voc, gtr)/Peter Barborik (dr)
                   Note: Soundboard recording was made. Three songs were officially released in
                             2006 (see 060504A).

                   CD-single (Springboard Records SMCDSBBO001). Live-single, recorded
                   live in Poole, 18.5.2003 (for more info see 030518A).
                   - Jumpin' Jack Flash (MJ/KR)
                   [- All Downhill And No Brakes (Paul Hart/Steve Darrel Smith)]
                   Line-up: MT (gtr)/Johnny Mars (harm, voc)/Paul Hart (gtr)/Chris Lonergan
                                  (bass)/Howie Casey (sax)/Alan Jenkins (tp)/Andy Urquhart (tp)/
                                  Alan Edwards (dr)/Chas Dickie (cello)/Lucy Ann Allen (violin)/
                                  Dave Burgess (sax)/Steve Darrel Smith (keyb)/Gren Fraser (p)/
                                  Helen & Victoria Hardy (bvoc)/& probably others

040608A  8th June: ELVIS PRESLEY.
                   DVD 'Elvis - A 50th Anniversary Celebration' (E1 Entertainment Distribution). Incl.
                    - interview with MT

040614A  14th June: JOHN MAYALL.
                    DVD 'The Godfather Of British Blues/The Turning Point' (Eagle Vision
                    EREDV 404). Incl.
                    - interview with MT (from 'The Turning Point', see 690500B)
                   - footage from the last Bluesbreakers tour with MT (from 'The Turning Point',
                        see 690500B)
                   - interview with MT (Sarm West Studios, London November 2000)
                   - MT recording in the studio (Sarm West Studios, London November 2000)       

040626A  26th June: ANDY SHARROCKS. Harelbeke, Belgium, Venetielaan '7th
                   Harelbeke Rock & Blues Festival'
                   (Salvation In Disguise/Velvet Underground Song/Sticks And Stones/Carry
                    Me/Messin' Me Round/No Expectations/Stop Breaking Down/End Of The
                    Line Blues/Blind Willie McTell/Good Good Feeling)

                   Line-up: MT (gtr, voc)/Andy Sharrocks (voc, gtr)/Paul Green (gtr)/Tommy Vee 
                                  (bass)/Jeff Vee (dr)/Hillary Briggs (keyb)/Chris Parren (keyb)/Kofi
                                  Karikari (perc)
                   Note: With special guest Paul Jones (harm) on End Of The Line Blues.

10th – 15th July: MICK TAYLOR & WENTUS BLUES BAND. Finnish Gigs.
                 Line-up: MT (voc, gtr)/Niko Riippa (gtr)/Mikael Axelqvist (dr)/Robban Hagnäs
                                (bass)/Kim Wikman (gtr)/Juho Kinaret (perc, voc)

040710A  10th July: Pieksämäki, Finland, Hotel Savonsolmu, 'Savonsolmu Bluesparty'
040712A  12th July: Kouvola, Finland, Mulligan's
040713A  13th July: Helsinki, Finland, Tavastia
040714A  14th July: Tampere, Finland, Panama, 'Tammerfest Festival'
040715A  15th July: Turku, Finland, Klubi

040700A  mid-July: Finnish TV (MTV3), newscast, incl.
                   - interview with MT by Tomi Lindblom (in Tampere)

040805A  5th August: Bath, England, The Pavilion, ‘An Audience With Mick Taylor’.
                   Note: Host: David Mead.

040805B  5th August: Bath, England, The Pavilion, 'International Guitar Festival'

040810A  10th August: VARIOUS ARTISTS.
                   2 CDs 'Is It Rolling, Bob?' (Ras Records RZDDD008). Incl. two previously
                   unreleased remixes by Doctor Dread from the Infidels-track (see
                   - I And I (Bob Dylan) -Reggae Remix; by Bob Dylan
                   - I And I (Bob Dylan) -Dub; by Bob Dylan
                   Line-up: MT (gtr)/Bob Dylan (voc, gtr)/Mark Knopfler (gtr)/Sly Dunbar (dr)/
                                  Robbie Shakespeare (bass)/Alan Clark (keyb)/Sammy Figueroa (perc)

040810B  10th August: US TV (MNN - New York), incl.
                    - Tore Down Freddie King/Sonny Thompson) -East Rutherford 26.4.2003

12th October - 16th November: JOHN MAYALL'S BLUESBREAKERS. UK tour.
                    Line-up: MT (gtr, voc)/John Mayall (voc, keyb, gtr, harm)/Buddy Whittington
                                   (gtr, bvoc)/Hank van Sickle (bass)/Joe Yuele (dr)

041012A  12th October: JOHN MAYALL. High Wycombe, England, Swan Theatre

041013A  13th October: JOHN MAYALL. Basingstoke, England, The Anvil
                    (Late At Night/Blind Willie McTell/Walking On Sunset/Have You Heard/Band

041014A  14th October: JOHN MAYALL. Birmingham, England, Symphony Hall

041015A  15th October: JOHN MAYALL. Southend, England, Cliff's Pavilion
                    (Late At Night/Blind Willie McTell/Talk To Your Daughter/Oh, Pretty
                     Woman/Have You Heard/Band introduction/All Your Love)

041016A  16th October: JOHN MAYALL. Cardiff, Wales, St. David's Hall
041017A  17th October: JOHN MAYALL. Liverpool, England, Philharmonic Hall
041018A  18th October: JOHN MAYALL. Rhyl, Wales, Pavilion Theatre
041019A  19th October: JOHN MAYALL. Halifax, England, Victoria Theatre
041020A  20th October: 
JOHN MAYALL. Doncaster, England, The Dome
041021A  21st October:
JOHN MAYALL. Middleborough, England, Town Hall
041022A  22nd October: JOHN MAYALL. Hull, England, City Hall

041023A  23rd October: JOHN MAYALL. Preston, England, Guildhall
041024A  24th October: JOHN MAYALL. Edinburgh, Scotland, Usher Hall
041025A  25th October: JOHN MAYALL. Glasgow, Scotland, Royal Concert Hall

041026A  26th October: JOHN MAYALL. Belfast, Northern Ireland, Waterfront Hall
                   (Somebody's Acting Like A Child/Late At Night/No Days Off/
                    Walking On Sunset/Room To Move/Band introduction/All Your Love)
                    Note: A video of the complete show exists.

041027A  27th October: JOHN MAYALL. Newcastle, England, City Hall
041029A  29th October: JOHN MAYALL. Croydon, England, Fairfield Halls

041030A  30th October: JOHN MAYALL. Coventry, England, Warwick Arts Centre
041031A  31st October: JOHN MAYALL. Ipswich, England, Regent Theatre

041101A  1st November: JOHN MAYALL. Dartford, England, The Orchard
                   (Somebody's Acting Like A Child/Late At Night/Have You Heard?/
                    Walking On Sunset/Oh, Pretty Woman/Room To Move/No Expectations)

041101B  1st November: US radio ( ) 'In The Studio' (Let It Bleed-special), incl.
                    - interview with MT
                    - interview with BW

041102A  2nd November: JOHN MAYALL. Cambridge, England, Corn Exchange
041103A  3rd November: JOHN MAYALL. Northampton, England, Derngate Theatre
041104A  4th November: JOHN MAYALL. Manchester, England, Bridgewater Hall

041105A  5th November: JOHN MAYALL. St. Albans, England, Alban Arena
                   (Somebody's Acting Like A Child/Late At Night/No Days Off-Can't You
                    Hear Me Knocking-No Days Off/Walking On Sunset/Oh, Pretty
                    Woman/Room To Move/Band introduction/Talk To Your Daughter)

041106A  6th November: JOHN MAYALL. Buxton, England, Opera House
041107A  7th November: JOHN MAYALL. Harrogate, England, International Centre
041108A  8th November: JOHN MAYALL. Nottingham, England, Royal Concert Hall
041109A  9th November: JOHN MAYALL. Reading, England, Hexagon Theatre
041110A  10th November: JOHN MAYALL. Portsmouth, England, Guildhall

041111A  11th November: JOHN MAYALL. Brighton, England, The Dome
                   Note: With special guest Gary Moore (gtr) on one or more songs.

041112A  12th November: JOHN MAYALL. Cheltenham, England, Town Hall

041113A  13th November: JOHN MAYALL. Bristol, England, Colston Hall
041114A  14th November: JOHN MAYALL. Chatham, England, Central Theatre
041115A  15th November: JOHN MAYALL. Tunbridge Wells, England, Assembly Hall
041116A  16th November: JOHN MAYALL. London, Hammersmith Apollo

041129A  29th November: MIKE OLDFIELD.
                   DVD 'Elements - The Best Of Mike Oldfield' (EMI MIKEDVD1). Incl. one
                   track recorded for BBC TV in London in November 1973 with MT on guitar:
                   - Tubular Bells Part One (Mike Oldfield)
                   Line-up: MT (gtr)/Mike Oldfield (gtr, bass)/Steve Hillage (gtr)/Mike Ratledge
                                  (keyb)/Karl Jenkins (horns)/Fred Frith (gtr)/Derek Bailey (gtr)/& Henry
                                  Cow Band
                  Note: For all other info, see 731130A.

15th – 18th December: MICK TAYLOR & WENTUS BLUES BAND. Swedish Gigs.
                  Line-up: MT (voc, gtr)/Niko Riippa (gtr)/Mikael Axelqvist (dr)/Robban Hagnäs
                                 (bass)/Kim Wikman (gtr)/Juho Kinaret (perc, voc)

041215A  15th December: Karlstad, Sweden, Glada Ankam

041216A  16th December: Stockholm, Sweden, Fasching
                    (Stop Breaking Down/Fed Up With The Blues/Losing My Faith/Alabama/
                     Taking Care Of Business/Ventilator Blues/You Gotta Move/I Wonder Why/
                     Blind Willie McTell/Can't You Hear Me Knocking/No Expectations)

041217A  17th December: Gislaved, Sweden, Gisleparken
041218A  18th December: Vasteras, Sweden, Village