050312A  12th March: WENTUS BLUES BAND. Helsinki, Finland, Rock 'n' Roll
                   Station, 'Helsinki Bluesfestival'
                   (Stop Breaking Down/Fed Up With The Blues/Losing My Faith/Alabama/Boogie
                     Man/You Gotta Move/Ventilator Blues/Blind Willie McTell/Can't You Hear Me
                     Knocking/Shake Your Hips)
                    Line-up: MT (voc, gtr)/Niko Riippa (gtr)/Mikael Axelqvist (dr)/RobbanHagnäs
                                   (bass)/Juho Kinaret (perc, voc)/Pekka Gröhn (keyb)

050418A  18th & 19th April: England. Rehearsals for the upcoming show in Pepinster.

050422A  22nd April: Pepinster, Belgium, Centre Onmisports, 'Pep66 Festival'
                   (Secret Affair/Twisted Sister/Losing My Faith/Late At Night/Alabama/Blind
                     Willie McTell/Can't You Hear Me Knocking/No Expectations)
                   Line-up: MT (voc, gtr)/Max Middleton (keyb)/Michael Bailey (bass, bvoc)/Colin
                                  Allen (dr)

050600A  ca. spring 2005: PENNI COLMAN. Probably Shmusicmusic Studios in
                   Dunstable, England. Producer: Charles Foskett.
                   - It's Only Thunder ( )
                   Line-up: MT (gtr)/Penni Colman (voc)/Gavin Scott (bass)/Roland Kerridge (dr)/
                                  Lauren Field (bvoc)/Charles Foskett (programming)
                   Note: Only available via download from the internet.

050606A  6th June: London, The Astoria 'Tribute To Dick Heckstall-Smith'-concert
                   - Losing My Faith (MT/Hillary Briggs)
                   - No Expectations (MJ/KR)
                   - Can't You Hear Me Knocking (MJ/KR)
                   Line-up: MT (gtr,voc)/Jules Fothergill (gtr)/Dave Moore (keyb)/Michael C. Ruiz
                                  (bass)/Godfrey MacLean (dr)

050609A  9th June: JOHN MAYALL: Chicago, Illinois, Grant Park, 'Chicago Blues Festival'
                    Line-up: MT (gtr, voc)/John Mayall (voc, keyb, gtr, harm)/Buddy Whittington
                                  (gtr, bvoc)/Hank van Sickle (bass)/Joe Yuele (dr)

050816A  16th August: VARIOUS ARTISTS.
                    3 DVDs 'The Dick Cavett Show - Rock Icons' (Shout! Factory D3D33030/
                    Sony Music Entertainment). Incl. some vintage footage by the Rolling Stones,
                    originally broadcast on ABC on August, 4, 1972 (see 720804A):
                    - Brown Sugar (MJ/KR) -live in New York City 25.07.72, 1st show, part only
                    - Street Fighting Man (MJ/KR) -live in New York City 25.7.72, 1st show, part only

051100A  November or early December: PETER KARP.
                   CD-R 'Live At The Bottom Line' (PKCD04, -US). Recorded live in New York
                   City 7.11.2003, 2nd show (originally recorded by Sirius Radio).
                   - The Arson's Match (Peter Karp)
                   - Geeche Geeche Wawa (Peter Karp)
                   - Y'all Be Lookin' (Peter Karp)
                   - The Turning Point (Peter Karp)
                   - The Nietzsche Lounge (Peter Karp)
                   - Your Prettiness (Peter Karp)
                   - Rolling On A Log (Peter Karp)
                   - I'm Not Giving Up (Peter Karp)
                   - Treat Me Right (Peter Karp)
                   - Train O' Mine (Peter Karp)
                   Line-up: MT (gtr, voc)/Peter Karp (voc, gtr)/Dennis Gruenling (harm)/Jim
                                  Ehinger (keyb)/Danny Pagdon (bass)/Hernandez (dr)
                   Note: Released on CD in September 2015 (see 150900A).

7th – 17th December: MICK TAYLOR & WENTUS BLUES BAND. Swedish Gigs.        
                   Line-up: MT (voc, gtr)/Niko Riippa (gtr)/Mikael Axelqvist (dr)/Robban Hagnäs
                                  (bass)/Juho Kinaret (perc, voc)/Pekka Gröhn (keyb)

051207A  7th December: Gothenburg, Sweden,Sticky Fingers
                   (Stop Breakin’ Down/Fed Up With The Blues/Losing My Faith/Ventilator
                    Blues/Have You Ever Loved A Woman/Blind Willie McTell/You Gotta
                    Move/Boogie Man/Can't You Hear Me Knocking/Shake Your Hips)

051208A  8th December: Stockholm, Sweden, Fasching

051209A  9th or 16th December: Swedish TV (SVT) 'Ostnytt', incl.
                   - interview with MT

051209B  9th December: Karlstad, Sweden, Plaza
                  (Stop Breaking Down/Fed Up With The Blues/Losing My Faith/Have You Ever
                   Loved A Woman/You Gotta Move/Ventilator Blues/Little Red Rooster/Taking Care
                   Of Business/Shake Your Hips/Can't You Hear Me Knocking/No Expectations)

051210A  10th December: Sala, Sweden, Rocklands
051211A  11th December: Gnesta, Sweden, Teater
051212A  12th December: Soderhamn, Sweden, Sodra Teatern
051214A  14th December: Falun, Sweden, Harry's
051215A  15th December: Visby, Sweden, Munkkallaren
051216A  16th December: Vasteras, Sweden, Village

051217A  17th December: Umea, Sweden, Droskan
                   (Stop Breaking Down/Fed Up With The Blues-Tore Down/Losing My Faith/
                    Have You Ever Loved A Woman/Alabama/Blind Willie McTell/Laundromat
                    Blues/Red House/Ventilator Blues)
                   Note: The complete show was privately filmed.