080317A  17th March: BILL WYMAN'S RHYTHM KINGS. Amsterdam, Netherlands, Heineken
                  Music Hall
                  - Fed Up With The Blues (O.V. Wright)
                  - No Expectations (MJ/KR)
                   Line-up: MT (gtr, voc)/BW (bass, voc)/Terry Taylor (gtr, voc)/Geraint Watkins       
                                 (keyb)/Graham Broad (dr)/Frank Mead & Nick Payn (horns)

080331A  31st March: JACK BRUCE.
                   3 CDs 'Spirit - Live At The BBC 1971 - 1978' (Polydor 5305568). Incl. one previously
                   unreleased and one longer recording from 'Old Grey Whistle Test' TV-show 6.6.75,
                   performed by The Jack Bruce Band (see 750606B).
                   - Without A Word (Jack Bruce/Pete Brown)
                   - Smiles And Grins (Jack Bruce/Pete Brown) -longer than on 980209A
                   Line-up: MT (gtr)/Jack Bruce (voc, bass)/Carla Bley (keyb)/Ronnie Leahy (keyb)/
                                  Bruce Gary (dr)

080420A  20th April: CARLA OLSON & MICK TAYLOR.
                  2 CDs 'Too Hot For Snakes Plus' (Collector's Choice Music WWCCM09252, -US).
                  Incl. one previously alternate version from a session in June 2000 (see 000616A).
                  - Winter (MJ/KR)
                  Line-up: MT (gtr)/Carla Olson (voc, gtr)/Barry Goldberg (keyb)/Brian Brown
                                 (gtr)/Gregg Sutton (bass)/Rick Hemmert (dr)

080504A  4th May: London, Queen Elizabeth Hall, "an audience with Mick Taylor"
                   - interview with MT, Colin Allen and Terry Reid by the audience

080505B  5th May: MICK TAYLOR & FRIENDS. London, Queen Elizabeth Hall
                  (In The Dead Of The Night/Fed Up With The Blues/You Don't Love Me/Losing
                   My Faith/You Gotta Move/Don't Worry Baby/The Road We Chose/Hong Kong/
                   Beautiful Girl/I've Got News For You/Blind Willie McTell/No Expectations/It
                   Takes Time)

                  Line-up: MT (gtr, voc)/Terry Reid (voc)/Barry McCabe (gtr, voc)/Max Middleton
                                (keyb)/Sugar Blue (harm)/Sean Maguire (bass)/Colin Allen (dr)/Jeffrey van
                                Duffelen (dr)/Mitch Mitchell (dr; not all songs)

080712A  12th July: Cambridge, England, 'Summer In The City'-festival
                    Line-up: MT (gtr, voc)/Max Middleton (keyb)/Jeff Allen (dr)/. . . (bass)

080731A  31st July: JOHN MAYALL & THE BLUESBREAKERS. London, Jazz Cafe
                    With special guest MT on guitar on one or more songs.
                   Line-up: MT (gtr)/John Mayall (voc, keyb, harm)/Joe Yuele (dr)/Hank van Sickle
                                  (bass)/Buddy Whittington (gtr)

080805A  5th August: VARIOUS ARTISTS. 
                  DVD 'Experience Hendrix' (Image Entertainment
88697336819, -US). Filmed live
                  in San Diego, California, Street Scene-Festival, ‘Jimi Hendrix All-Star Tribute‘. Incl.
                  - Red House (Jimi Hendrix)
                  Line-up: MT (gtr, voc)/Mato Nanji (gtr)/Pete Nanji (bass)/Wanbdi Nanji (dr)

080829A  29th August: WENTUS BLUES BAND.
                  DVD 'Family Meeting' (In-Akustik/Ruf Records 3017). Director: Heikki Kossi.
                   Filmed during three concerts in mid-September 2006. Incl. some footage with MT:
                   - MT in discussion with Louisiana Red (backstage)
                   - Blind Willie McTell (Bob Dylan) -part only
                   + Easy Money ( ) -backstage; MT, Lazy Lester and Eddie Kirkland on guitars
                   + It Hurts Me Too (Hudson Whittaker) -backstage; MT, Lazy Lester and Eddie
                         Kirkland on guitars

080830A  30th August: Sutton, England, The Borough Sports Ground, Boom Boom Club
                   (Secret Affair/Twisted Sister/Losing My Faith/Fed Up With The Blues/Late At Night/
                    Burying Ground/Blind Willie McTell/Band introduction/Can't You Hear Me Knocking/
                    No Expectations)
                  Line-up: MT (gtr, voc)/Max Middleton (keyb)/Jeff Allen (dr)/Kuma Harada (bass)/
                                 Denny Newman (gtr; voc on Burying Ground)

080909A  9th September: JOHN PHILLIPS.
                  CD ‘Pussycat’ (
Varese Sarabande 302 066 903 2, -US). Producers: The Glimmer
                  Twins, Harvey Goldberg. Sound engineer: Keith Harwood. Recorded in late
                  August & September 1976 (and sporadically until early 1977) in
London, Olympic
                  Sound Studios. Original mixes without overdubs of the 'Phillips 77'/'Half Stoned'-
                  The bonus-track was recorded in London during the soundtrack-sessions for the
                   movie The Man Who Fell To Earth in January - February 1976 (see 760100A). Incl.
                  - Oh Virginia (John Phillips)
                  - Zulu Warrior (John Phillips/Mick Jagger) -Rebop Kwaku Baah on percussion,
                      Laura and Michelle Phillips on backing vocals
                  - Very Dread (John Phillips)
                  + Hello Mary Lou (Gene Pitney/Cayet Mangiaracina) -bonus-track
                  Musicians: MT (gtr)/KR (gtr, bvoc, bass)/MJ (voc)/RW (bass)/John Phillips (voc,
                                     gtr, keyb)/Jean Roussell (keyb)/James Biondillo (strings)/Ollie E. Brown
                                     (perc)/Mike Driscoll (dr)/Chris Spedding (gtr)

080920A  20th September: London, England, Real Music Club
                  Line-up: see 080830A.

081009A  9th October: Chislehurst, England, The Beaverwood Club
                   Line-up: see 080830A.

081100A  Autumn: MICK TAYLOR.
                  Promotional CD 'Mick Taylor Live Plus Interview' (no label). Recorded in Leverkusen,
                  Germany on May 3, 1997 (see 970503A) by German WDR TV.
                  - Goin’ South (MT)
                  - Interview (with MT) I
                  - I Wonder Why (Albert King)
                  - Interview (with MT) II
                  - Can’t You Hear Me Knocking (MJ/KR)
                  - Interview (with MT) III
                  - Blind Willie McTell (Bob Dylan)
                  + (Blind Willie McTell) Reprise (Bob Dylan)
                  Line-up: MT (gtr, voc)/Robert Ahwai (gtr)/Hillary Briggs (keyb)/Michael
                                 Bailey (bass)/Jeff Allen (dr)
                  Note: Sold at concerts as merchandise. Released officially in February 2010 as
                            download album (see 100202A).

081107A  7th November: Forli, Italy, Club Naima
                  (Secret Affair/Twisted Sister/You Shook Me/Burying Ground/Fed Up With
                   The Blues/Losing My Faith/You Gotta Move/Band introduction/Goin' South/
                   Can't You Hear Me Knocking/Band introduction 2/No Expectations)
                  Line-up: see 080830A.

081130A  30th November: Bournemouth, England, The Landmarc
                  Line-up: see 080830A.

081200A  early December: internet-stream (Bournemouth Daily Echo), incl.
                   - Secret Affair (MT) -Bournemouth 30.11.2008, part only

081210A  10th December: Norwich, England, The Waterfront
                   Line-up: see 080830A.

081213A  13th December: London, England, The Half Moon Pub
                   Line-up: see 080830A.