100107A  7th January: ALAN MERRILL.
                   CD 'The Face Of '69' (MEC Records UR18-10, -US). Producers: Alan
                   Merrill and Jimmy Miller. Recorded in London, Island (Basing Street)
                   Studios in fall 1977. Incl. a previously unreleased alternate mix of:
                   - Always Another Train (Alan Merrill/Terry Taylor/Jake Hooker) -edit
                   Line-up: MT (gtr)/Alan Merrill (voc, bass)/Terry Taylor (gtr, bvoc)/Steve
                                  Gould (gtr, bvoc)/Steve Winwood (keyb, bvoc)/Mike Driscoll (dr)/
                                  Oliver Tobias (bvoc)

100100A  January: US radio (SiriusXM) 'The Ron & Fez Show', incl.
                   - phone-interview with MT by Ron Bennington and Fez Whatley

100130A  30th January: Skegness, England, 'Skegness Rock and Blues 2010'
                  Line-up: MT (gtr, voc)/Max Middleton (keyb)/Jeff Allen (dr)/Kuma Harada
                                 (bass)/Denny Newman (gtr, voc)

100202A  2nd February: MICK TAYLOR.
                   Download album 'Live In Leverkusen' (Sensible Music). Recorded in Leverkusen,
                   Germany on May 3, 1997 (see 970503A) by German WDR TV.
                   - Goin’ South (MT)
                   - Interview (with MT) I
                   - I Wonder Why (Albert King)
                   - Interview (with MT) II
                   - Can’t You Hear Me Knocking (MJ/KR)
                   - Interview (with MT) III
                   - Blind Willie McTell (Bob Dylan)
                   Line-up: MT (gtr, voc)/Robert Ahwai (gtr)/Hillary Briggs (keyb)/Michael
                                  Bailey (bass)/Jeff Allen (dr)
                   Note: Already released on promotional CD in autumn 2008 (see 081100A).

100227A  27th February: Worcester, England, Huntingdon Hall
                    (You Gotta Move/Twisted Sister/Late At Night/Fed Up With The Blues/
                     Livin' For The Past/Stop Breaking Down/Blind Willie McTell/Burying
                     Ground/Giddy Up/You Shook Me/Can't You Hear Me Knocking/Band
                     introduction 1/No Expectations/Band introduction 2)

100305A  5th March: St. Andrews, Scotland, The Inn At Lathones, 'Fifestock Festival'
100306A  6th March: St. Andrews, Scotland, The Inn At Lathones, 'Fifestock Festival'

17th - 20th March: Short German Tour.
                  Line-up: MT (gtr, voc)/Max Middleton (keyb)/Jeff Allen (dr)/Kuma Harada
                                 (bass)/Denny Newman (gtr, voc)

100317A  17th March: Dortmund, Germany, Musiktheater Piano
                   Note: With special guest Rüdiger Wilke (sax) on Can't You Hear Me Knocking.

100318A  18th March: Berlin, Germany, Quasimodo

100319A  19th March: Erfurt, Germany, Gewerkschaftshaus
                   Note: With special guest Tobias Hillig (gtr) on two songs.

100320A  20th March: Roth, Germany, Kulturfabrik
                   (Secret Affair/Late At Night/Fed Up With The Blues-Tore Down/Giddy Up/
                    Burying Ground/Goin' South/Stop Breaking Down/Band introduction)
                   Note: A private video of Stop Breaking Down/Band introduction exists.

100410A  10th April: French internet videostream (rock-interview.com), incl.
                    - interview with MT by Anne-Marie (at hotel lobby in Salaise-sur-Sanne)

100410B  10th April: Salaise-sur-Sanne, France, Foyer Communal Laurent Bouvier,
                    'Salaise Blues Festival'
                    (Secret Affair/Twisted Sister/Rainy Day Dream Away/Late At Night/Burying
                     Ground/Blind Willie McTell/Fed Up With The Blues/You Shook Me/Can't
                     You Hear Me Knocking)

100400A  mid-April: THE ROLLING STONES.
                   promotional CD-single (Universal Music CATR-05230-2). Producers: Jimmy
                   Miller, Don Was & The Glimmer Twins. Recorded in the early 70's and
                   overdubbed in fall 2009.
                    - Plundered My Soul (MJ/KR) -previously unreleased; Radio Mix
                    - Plundered My Soul (MJ/KR) -previously unreleased; LP-version

100416A  16th April: THE ROLLING STONES.

                    7" single (Universal Music 273.547-7). Producers: Jimmy Miller, Don Was & 
                    The Glimmer Twins. Recorded in the early 70's and overdubbed in fall 2009.
                    A: Plundered My Soul (MJ/KR) -previously unreleased, LP-version
                    B: All Down The Line (MJ/KR) -Exile On Main St.-version
                    Line-up 'Plundered My Soul': MT (gtr)/MJ (voc, gtr, perc)/KR (gtr)/CW (dr)/
                                  BW (bass)/Nicky Hopkins (p)/Bobby Keys (sax)/Lisa Fischer &
                                  Cindy Mizelle (bvoc)

29th April - 1st May: US tour.
                  Line-up: MT (gtr, voc)/Max Middleton (keyb)/Jeff Allen (dr)/Kuma Harada
                                 (bass)/Denny Newman (gtr, voc)
                  Note: Tour schedule cut short due to MT getting ill.

100429A  29th April: Northampton, Massachusetts, Iron Horse Music Hall
                   (Secret Affair/Twisted Sister/Fed Up With The Blues/Alabama/Burying
                    Ground/You Shook Me/Giddy Up/Blind Willie McTell/Band introduction/
                    No Expectations/Band introduction 2)

100430A  30th April: US radio (Q104.3) 'Live @ Five', Woodstock, incl.
                    - Burying Ground (Denny Newman) -live at soundcheck, Bearsville Theater
                    - live-interview with MT
                    Line-up: MT (gtr, bvoc)/Max Middleton (el p)/Jeff Allen (dr)/Kuma Harada
                                   (bass)/Denny Newman (gtr, voc)

100430B  30th April: Woodstock, New York, Bearsville Theater
100501A  1st May: Shirley, Massachusetts, Bull Run Restaurant

100503A  3rd May: THE ROLLING STONES.
                   Download-track (Universal Music/Polydor). Producers: Jimmy Miller, Don
                   Was & The Glimmer Twins. Recorded probably in London, Olympic Sound
                   Studios between 16th June - 27th July 1970.
                   - All Down The Line (MJ/KR) -alternate take; previously unreleased
                   Note: Only available through amazon.co.uk.

100514A  14th May: THE ROLLING STONES.
                    2 CDs 'Exile On Main St.' (Universal 273 429-5). Digitally remastered
                    re-release incl. a second disc with previously unreleased alternates
                    and leftovers recorded in 1970 - 1971, produced originally by Jimmy Miller,
                    with overdubs recorded in London, New York City and Los Angeles in fall
                    2009, produced by Don Was and The Glimmer Twins.
                    - Pass The Wine (Sophia Loren) (MJ/KR)
                    - Plundered My Soul (MJ/KR)
                    - I'm Not Signifying (MJ/KR)
                    - Dancing In The Light (MJ/KR)
                    - So Divine (MJ/KR)
                    - Loving Cup (MJ/KR) -alternate take
                    - Soul Survivor (MJ/KR) -alternate take
                    - Good Time Women (MJ/KR)
                   Line-up 'Pass The Wine': MT (gtr)/MJ (voc, gtr, maracas, harm)/KR (gtr)/
                                 BW (bass)/CW (dr)/Nicky Hopkins (p)/Bobby Keys (sax)/Jim Price
                                 (tp)/Jimmy Miller (perc)/Lisa Fischer & Cindy Mizelle (bvoc)
                   Line-up 'Plundered My Soul': MT (gtr)/MJ (voc, gtr, perc)/KR (gtr)/
                                 BW (bass)/CW (dr)/Nicky Hopkins (p)/Bobby Keys (sax)/Lisa
                                 Fischer & Cindy Mizelle (bvoc)
                   Line-up 'I'm Not Signifying': MT (gtr)/MJ (voc, gtr, harm)/KR (gtr)/BW
                                 (bass)/CW (dr)/Nicky Hopkins (p)/Bobby Keys (sax)/Jim Price (tp)
                   Line-up 'Loving Cup': MT (gtr)/MJ (voc)/KR (gtr, bvoc)/BW (bass)/CW
                                 (dr)/Nicky Hopkins (p)
                   Line-up 'Soul Survivor': MT (gtr)/KR (gtr, voc)/ BW (bass)/CW (dr)/
                                 Nicky Hopkins (p)/Bobby Keys (sax)/Jim Price (tp)
                   Line-up 'Good Time Women': MT (gtr)/MJ (voc, harm)/KR (gtr)/BW
                                 (bass)/CW (dr)/Nicky Hopkins (p)
                   Note: It’s not 100% clear if MT plays on Dancing In the Light and So Divine.
                             For more info, see 091000A.

100514B  14th May: THE ROLLING STONES.
                    3 CDs 'Exile On Main St.' (Universal Music -US). Limited edition, sold only
                    through Best Buy, with additional interview disc (recorded ca. fall 2009), incl.
                    - Touring, Recording And New Beginning (MT-interview)

100525A  25th May: US radio (KFJC 89.7), 'In The Keyboard Of Nicky Hopkins', incl.
                    - interview with MT

100528A  28th May: CRAZY CHRIS KRAMER.
                    CD 'Chicago Blues' (Blow Till Midnight Records BM10C404, -Germany).
                    Producer: Chris Kramer. With two songs with MT on guitar, recorded at Sensible
                    Music, London, on March 2, 2009:
                    - Es gibt gut, besser und es gibt mich (Chris Kramer) -alternative mix
                    - Ich wach heut morgen auf (Chris Kramer)
                    Line-up: MT (gtr)/Chris Kramer (voc, harm)/Frank Karkowski (gtr)/Bob Stroger
                                   (bass)/Willie Smith (dr)/Pinetop Perkins (p)
                    Note: A slightly longer mix of 'Es gibt gut, besser und es gibt mich' was released
                              on Kramer's 2009 album '…unterwegs' (see 090713A).

100614A  14th June: THE ROLLING STONES.
                    DVD 'Stones In Exile' (Eagle Vison EREDV786GV). Director: Stephen Kijak.
                    Documentary about the making of Exile On Main St. (60 min.), incl.
                    - interview with Don Was
                    - interview with Will.i.am
                    - interview with Jack White
                    - interview with Sheryl Crow
                    - interview with Benicio Del Toro
                    - interview with Caleb Followill
                    - interview with Martin Scorsese
                    - MJ & CW visiting Olympic Studios in London, ca. fall 2009
                    - interview with KR
                    - interview with BW
                    - interview with MJ
                    - interview with Dominique Tarlé
                    - interview with Anita Pallenberg
                    - interview with CW
                    - interview with MT
                    - interview with Jimmy Miller (sound only, archive footage)
                    - interview with Bobby Keys
                    - interview with Andy Johns
                    - Shake Your Hips (James Moore) -rehearsal take in background
                    - interview with Marshall Chess
                    - Run Around (Chuck Berry) -MJ on guitar and vocals, KR on guitar
                    - Ventilator Blues (MJ/KR/MT) -rehearsal take in background
                    - interview with Jake Weber
                    - unidentified song ( ) -rehearsal take in background
                    - Loving Cup (MJ/KR) -rehearsal take in background
                    - MJ visiting Sunset Sound Studios in Los Angeles, ca. fall 2009
                    + many footage through the years, especially 1969 - 1972 (e.g. from
                        Cocksucker Blues, Ladies & Gentlemen, Beat Club-special, Hyde Park, etc.)
                    + bonus footage with many extended interviews incl.
                    - interview with RW
                    + bonus with extended footage of the studio visits incl.
                    - MJ & CW visit Stargroves, MJ's former house in Newbury, England

100702A  2nd July: Avoine, France, Parc du Centre, 'Avoine Zone Blues 2010'

100716A  16th July: Suwalki, Poland, 'Blues Festival'
                    Line-up: MT (gtr, voc)/Max Middleton (keyb)/Jeff Allen (dr)/Kuma Harada
                                   (bass)/Denny Newman (gtr, voc)

18th - 20th July: Italian Gigs.
                    Line-up: MT (gtr, voc)/Max Middleton (keyb)/Jeff Allen (dr)/Kuma Harada
                                   (bass)/Denny Newman (gtr, voc)/Uli Jon Roth (gtr; some songs)

100718A  18th July: Monza, Italy, Vila Reale
                   (Secret Affair/Twisted Sister/Losing My Faith/Burying Ground/Stop Breaking
                    Down/Can't You Hear Me Knocking/All Along The Watchtower/Little Wing/
                    Band introduction)

100719A  19th July: Cosenza, Italy, Piazza XV Marzo
100720A  20th July: Genova, Italy, Arena Del Mare

100723A  23rd July: MICK TAYLOR.
                   Download album 'Live In London' (Carino Neue medien GmbH). Recorded live in
                   the South of England, March 2003.
                   - Secret Affair (MT)
                   - Twisted Sister (MT/Jeff Allen/Max Middleton)
                   - Losing My Faith (MT/Hillary Briggs)
                   - Late At Night (MT)
                   - Blind Willie McTell (Bob Dylan)
                   - You Gotta Move (Fred McDowell/Rev. Gary Davis)
                   - No Expectations (MJ/KR)
                   - Red House (Jimi Hendrix)
                   Line-up: MT (voc, gtr)/Max Middleton (keyb)/Jeff Allen (dr)/Kuma Harada (bass) 
                   Note: Probably unauthorized, although sold through i-tunes.

100726A  26th July: STEPHEN DALE PETIT.
                   CD 'The Crave' (333 Records 2953-11). Producer: Stephen Dale Petit. Sound
                   engineer: Ewan Davies. Incl. one track with MT on guitar, recorded in spring
                   2009 in or near London:
                   - Slide (Stephen Dale Petit/Gary O'Toole)
                   Line-up: MT (gtr)/Stephen Dale Petit (gtr, voc)/Chris Borud (bass)/Gary
                                 O'Toole (dr)/Laurent Mouflier (harm)/Martin Ditcham (perc)/
                                 Dave Moore (p)/Paul Spong & Roberto Manzin (horns)/Angela
                                 Brooks & TJ Davis (bvoc)

100729A  29th July: STEPHEN DALE PETIT. London, Carling Academy, incl.
                  (Snowy Wood/Stop Breaking Down/The Crave/People Talk/It's All Good/
                    You Shook Me/Band introduction/Steppin' Out)
                   Line-up: MT (gtr)/Stephen Dale Petit (gtr, voc)/Chris Borud (bass)/Bob
                                  Knight (dr)/Laurent Mouflier (harm)/. . . (keyb)
                   Note: Film footage of all listed songs exists (most songs cut).

100731A  31st July: Holt, England, Theatre In The Woods, 'Blues In The Woods'
100802A  2nd August: Bergerac, France, 'Festival L'Eté Bergerac'             

100828A  28th August: Bethune, France, Grand Place, 'Bethune Rétro'

100906A  6th September: PETE BROWN & PHIL RYAN.
                   CD 'Road Of Cobras' (Proper Records PRP CD 055). Producers: Pete Brown,
                   Phil Ryan and Paul Madden. Recorded in London, at Livingston Studios and
                   The Smokehouse in 2008 and 2009. Incl.
                   - Flag A Ride (Pete Brown/Phil Ryan) -Pete Brown on percussion
                   - 13th Floor (Pete Brown/Phil Ryan) -Annie Whitehead on trombone
                   Line-up: MT (gtr)/Pete Brown (voc)/Phil Ryan (keyb)/Clem Clempson (gtr)/
                                  John McKenzie (bass)/Bob Jenkins (dr)/Lee Goodall (sax)/Laurie
                                  Brown (tp)/Helen Hardy & Rietta Austin (bvoc)

100914A  14th September: JIMI HENDRIX.
                    DVD 'The Guitar Hero' (Image Entertainment, -US). Incl.
                    - interview with MT

100916A  16th September: US cinemas. Re-run of the restored version of the movie
                    'Ladies And Gentlemen, The Rolling Stones’. Directors: Rollin Binzer &
                    Stephen Gebhardt (see for contents 740301A).

101008A  8th October: THE ROLLING STONES.
                    DVD ''Ladies And Gentlemen, The Rolling Stones’ (Eagle Vision EREDV
                    807GV). Directors: Rollin Binzer & Stephen Gebhardt (see for contents
                    740301A). Incl. the following bonus-tracks:
                    - Shake Your Hips (James Moore) -Montreux, Rialto Theater 18.05.72
                   - Tumbling Dice (MJ/KR) -Montreux, Rialto Theater 18.05.72; version 1
                   - Bluesberry Jam ( ) -Montreux, Rialto Theater 18.05.72
                   Note: For more info, see 720518A and 740301A.              

101201A  1st December: STEPHEN DALE PETIT. London, 100 Club, 'Save The 100 Club'
                   (Snowy Wood/The Crave/It's All Good/You Shook Me/People Talk/Going Up
                    The River/Fancy Pants/Spoonful/Stop Breaking Down/Steppin' Out/Shakin'
                    All Over)
                    Line-up: MT (gtr, voc)/RW (gtr, harm, voc)/Stephen Dale Petit (gtr)/Dick Taylor
                                   (bass)/Laurent Mouflier (harm)/Jack Greenwood (dr)/Chris Barber (tb)
                    Note: All songs were privately fimed. The last five songs were also professionally

101202A  2nd December: UK radio (BBC6), incl.
                    - interview with MT by Elizabeth Alker (London, 100 Club 1.12.2010)