180421A  21st April: DICKEY BETTS.
                   2 LPs 'Live At The Lone Star Roadhouse' (Rock Beat Records ROC-3420).
                   Recorded live in New York City, Lone Star Roadhouse on November 1, 1988.
                   - Spoonful (Willie Dixon)
                   - Southbound (Richard Betts) -Rick Derringer on guitar
                   Line-up: MT (gtr)/Dickey Betts (gtr, voc)/Jack Bruce (bass)/Warren Haynes
                                  (gtr)/Johnny Neel (keyb)/Marty Privette (bass)/Matt Abts (dr)
                   Note: Originally broadcast live through US FM (DC101). Now available as
                             limited edition two-LP-release to tie in with Record Store Day 2018.

180500A  May: B.B. KING.
                   UK-premiere of the documentary 'On The Road'. Director: Jon Brewer. Incl.
                   - interview with MT (ca. 2012)
                   - interview with BW (ca. 2012)
                   - onstage-speech by MJ (Washington 21.02.2012)
                   + footage of RW playing with B.B. King (London 28.06.2011)

180729A  29th July: Canadian radio (CHOM 97.7) 'All Access'. Host: Dan Neer. Incl.
                   - interview with MJ
                   - interview with KR
                   - interview with MT
                   - interview with CW
                   - interview with RW
                   - interview with BW
                   Note: All interviews are archival, although the subject of this 2-hour radio show
                             is 'The Studio Albums Vinyl Collection 1971-2016'-boxset.