190308A  8th March: KEITH RICHARDS.
                   Download-track (BMG). Producers: KR and Steve Jordan. Previously unreleased
                   track from the Talk Is Cheap-sessions, probably recorded in NYC in Fall 1987/88.
                   - Big Town Playboy (Little Johnny Jones)
                   Line-up: MT (gtr, voc)/KR (gtr)/Steve Jordan (dr)/Joey Spampinato (bass)/
                                  Johnnie Johnson (p)
                   Note: Advance-release as teaser for the upcoming Talk Is Cheap 30th Anniversary
                             Edition (see 190329A) with previously unreleased bonus tracks.

190311A  11th March: ROBIN MILLAR.
                   CD 'Cat's Eyes' (Apcor Books And Records CD02). Recorded in London at Apple
                   Studios in August/September 1974. Producer: MT. Sound engineer: Andy Johns.
                   - May We (Robin Millar)
                   - By The Way (Robin Millar)
                   - Catch As Catch Can (Robin Millar)
                   - Hey Jo (Robin Millar)
                   - Remember (Robin Millar)
                   - The Melody Of Love (Robin Millar)
                   - Sail Away (Robin Millar)
                   - Sunday (Robin Millar)
                   - For My Life (Robin Millar)
                   - When You Died (Robin Millar)
                   - For My Life (Robin Millar) -single edit
                   Musicians: MT (gtr)/Robin Millar (voc, gtr, p)/Gordon Raitt (bass, gtr)/Jamie
                                      Lane (dr)/Nicky Hopkins (p)/Chris Mercer & Henry Lowther
                                      (horns)/Martin Ford (strings arranger)/Billy Preston (org)/Bobby
                                      Keys (sax)
                   Note: All songs but Catch As Catch Can and the 7"-version of For My Life were
                             unreleased to date.

190329A  29th March: KEITH RICHARDS.
                   2 CD's 'Talk Is Cheap' (Mindless Records/BMG CAT349DCDX). Producers: KR
                   & Steve Jordan. Re-release with bonus-CD with leftovers from the Talk Is Cheap-
                   sessions in 1987/88, incl. two tracks with MT on guitar:
                   - Slim (KR/MT/Steve Jordan/Joey Spampinato/Johnnie Johnson)
                   - Big Town Playboy (Little Johnny Jones)
                   Line-Up 'Slim': MT (gtr)/KR (gtr)/Steve Jordan (dr)/Joey Spampinato (bass)/
                                  Johnnie Johnson (p)
                   Note: For more info, see 881003A & 190308A.