760100A  mid-January onwards: JOHN PHILLIPS & MICK TAYLOR. Wembley, The
                   Cine-Tele Sound (CTS) Studios. Producer: John Phillips. Recordings for the film-
                   soundtrack ‘The Man Who Fell To Earth’. Incl.
                   - America (John Phillips)
                   - Bryce (John Phillips?)
                   - Desert Shack (John Phillips)
                   - Hello Mary Lou I (Gene Pitney/Cayet Mangiaracina) -instrumental
                   - Hello Mary Lou II (Gene Pitney/Cayet Mangiaracina) -vocal
                   - Window I (John Phillips) -movie-mix
                   - Window II (John Phillips) -soundtrack-album-mix
                   Musicians: MT (gtr)/John Phillips (voc)/Pete Kelly (p, org)/Ricky Hitchcock
                                      (gtr)/B.J. Cole (pedal steel)/Dave Marquee (bass)/Henry Spinetti
                                      (dr)/Frank Ricotti (perc)
                   Note: Hello Mary Lou I was released on CD in September 2008 (see 080909A).
                             America, Desert Shack & Window II were released on CD in September 2016
                             (see 160909A) and Hello Mary Lou II and Bryce were released on CD in
                             October 2016 (see 161024A).
                             The movie (director: Nicolas Roeg) was premiered on the 18th March 1976
                             in London.

760120A  20th January: Dutch TV (TV Nederland 1 KRO) 'De O Show', incl.
                   - interview with MJ, KR & MT by Elly De Waard (Amsterdam 12.10.73)

760400A  Spring: BACK STREET CRAWLER. Probably London. One week of rehearsals
                   with Back Street Crawler.
                   Line-up: MT (gtr)/Terry Wilson-Slesser (voc)/John ‘Rabbit’ Bundrick (keyb)/
                                  Terry Wilson (bass)/Tony Braunagel (dr)

760628A  28th June: THE ROLLING STONES. Austrian TV (ORF) 'Eintritt frei', incl.
                   - Brown Sugar (MJ/KR) -Vienna 01.09.73, part only

760800A  late August & September (and sporadically until early 1977): JOHN PHILLIPS.
                   London, Olympic Sound Studios and London, Island Studios. Producers: The
                   Glimmer Twins. Sound engineer: Keith Harwood. Recordings for the album ‘Pay,
                   Pack And Follow‘ (working titles: ‘Phillips 77’ and 'Half Stoned’).
                   - Oh Virginia (John Phillips) -Chris Spedding on guitar
                   - Very Dread (John Phillips) -Chris Spedding on guitar
                   - Zulu Warrior (MJ/John Phillips) -Rebop on percussion, Laura and Michelle Phillips
                        on backing vocals
                   Musicians: MT (gtr)/MJ (bvoc)/KR (gtr, bvoc)/RW (bass)/John Phillips (voc, gtr)/
                                       Jean Roussell (keyb)/James Biondillo (strings)/Ollie E. Brown (perc)/
                                       Mike Driscoll (dr)
                   Note: The songs were not released before April 2001 (see 010423B) and September
                              2008 (see 080909A).

761000A  October: SIRKEL & CO..
                   LP  ‘Sirkel & Co.’ (Charly CRL 5003). Producer: Robin Millar. Recorded at
                   Rockfield Studios, South Wales in March 1976. MT recorded his overdubs
                   probably at Olympic Sound Studios, London or at Pete Townshend’s studio,
                   London in spring.
                   - Living In The Laid Back (Eric Sirkel) -Chris Mercer and Mick Eve on sax, Ron
                       Carthy on trumpet
                   - Riff A Bit (Eric Sirkel)
                   - I Haven't Got Too Much Time (Eric Sirkel) -Joy Yates, Lisa Strike an Jackie
                       Sullivan on backing vocals
                   - Up On Your Cloud (Eric Sirkel) -Chris Mercer and Mick Eve on sax, Ron
                       Carthy on trumpet
                   Line-up: MT (gtr)/Eric Sirkel (voc, gtr)/Gordon Raitt (bass)/Ronnie Leahy (keyb)/
                                  Marc Frentzel (perc, dr)/Colin Allen (dr, perc)

760000A  1976: MICK TAYLOR & MILLER ANDERSON. London, Advision Studios.
                   Demo recordings for CBS. Incl.
                   - Bad Mouth Mama (Miller Anderson)
                   - Going Down In History ( )
                   - How Many Roads ( )
                   - I Bet There Was Something I Could Do ( )
                   Line-up: MT (gtr)/Miller Anderson (gtr, voc)/Ronnie Leahy (keyb)/Steve
                                  Thompson (bass)/Colin Allen (dr)

760000B  1976: HERBIE MANN.
                   LP ‘Reggae II’ (Atlantic ATL 1068). Producer: Herbie Mann.
                   Sound engineer: Gary Martin. Recorded in London, Advision Studios,
                   most probably in late 1973 or early 1974. Incl.
                   - Stoned By You (Herbie Mann)
                   Line-up: MT (gtr)/Herbie Mann (flute)/Albert Lee (gtr)/Rod Bryan (voc)/Hux
                                  Brown (gtr)/Par Rebillot (clavinet, mellotron)/Gladstone Anderson
                                  (p)/Winston Wright (org)/Jackie Jackson (bass)/Michael Richard (dr)/
                                  Tommy McCook (tsax)/Bobby Ellis (tp)