790209A  9th February: GONG.
                  LP 'Downwind' (Arista 1080). Producers: Pierre Moerlen with Nick Bradford.
                  Recorded at Matrix Studios, London, during September/October 1978. Incl.
                  - What You Know (Pierre Moerlen/Ruan O'Lochlain)
                  Line-up: MT (gtr)/Pierre Moerlen (dr, voc, synth)/Hansford Rowe (bass)/
                                 Benoît Moerlen (vibraphone)/François Causse (marimba, congas)/
                                 Ross Record (gtr)

790500A  May: MICK TAYLOR.
                  LP 'Mick Taylor' (CBS 82600). Producer: MT. Sound engineers: Genaro Rippo,
                  Paul Northfield, Phil Ault, Benny King, Will Reid-Dick, Guy Bidemead, Norman
                  Mighell, Jerry Boys, Simon Fraser, John Burns. Recorded at Island's Basing
                  Street Studios, London; Ramport Studios, London; Sawmill Studios, Cornwall
                  and the Stones Mobile Studio at Ridge Farm, Surrey from 1978 onwards.
                  - Leather Jacket (MT)
                  - Alabama (MT/Colin Allen)
                  - Slow Blues (MT)
                  - Baby I Want You (MT)
                  - Broken Hands (MT)
                  - Giddy-Up (MT)
                  - S.W.5 (MT)
                  - Spanish (MT)
                  - A Minor (MT)
                  Line-up ‘Leather Jacket’: MT (gtr, voc)/Kuma Harada (bass)/Pierre Moerlen (dr)/
                                Jean Roussell (p)/Norman Mighell (tamb)/
                  Line-up ‘Alabama’: MT (gtr, voc)/Mike Driscoll (bass dr)
                  Line-up ‘Slow Blues’: MT (gtr)/Kuma Harada (bass)/Pierre Moerlen (dr)/
                                Jean Roussell (p)
                  Line-up ‘Baby I Want You’: MT (gtr, voc, p, bass)/Mike Driscoll (dr)
                  Line-up ‘Broken Hands’: MT (gtr, voc, bass)/Mike Driscoll (dr)
                  Line-up ‘Giddy-Up’: MT (gtr)/Lowell George (slide gtr)/Alan Spenner (bass)/
                                Jean Roussell (p)/Richard Bailey (dr)
                  Line-up ‘S.W.5’: MT (gtr, voc, p, bass, strings)/Mike Driscoll (dr)
                  Line-up ‘Spanish’: MT (gtr, p, synth, strings)/Kuma Harada (bass)/Pierre Moerlen
                                (dr, vibraphone)
                  Line-up ‘A Minor’: MT (gtr, el p, bass, synth)/Kuma Harada (bowed bass, string
                                bass)/Jean Roussell (p)/Mike Driscoll (dr) 

790500B  Spring: MICK TAYLOR.
                  7" promo-single (Columbia 1-11065, -US). Producer: MT.
                  A: Leather Jacket (MT) -remixed version
                  B: Leather Jacket (MT) -remixed version
                  Note: Officially released on CD in September 2011 (see 110906A).

790730A  30th July: US radio (Westwood One) ‘Startrak Profile’, incl.
                   - interview with MT by Candy Tusken
                   Note: Released on a 'Startrak Profile' transcription-interview disc.

791002A  2nd October: UK TV (BBC2) ‘Old Grey Whistle Test’, incl.
                   - interview with MT

791216A  16th December: Australian TV (ABC) ‘Countdown Ends The Decade’, incl.
                   - interview with MT by Ian 'Molly Meldrum' (in New York City)