850104A  4th January: UK radio (BFBS) 'Music Of Mick Taylor', incl.
                   - interview with MT by Mick Kirshan (Germany, May or June 1984)

850127A  27th January: BOB DYLAN. European TV (MTV). Incl.
                   - Blowin’ In The Wind (Bob Dylan) -London 7.7.84, part only

850300A  March: ALAN MERRILL.
                   LP 'Alan Merrill' (Polydor 422-823-577-1, -US). Producers: Alan Merrill and
                   Jimmy Miller. Recorded in London, Island (Basing Street) Studios in fall 1977.
                   - Always Another Train (Alan Merrill/Terry Taylor/Jake Hooker)
                   Line-up: MT (gtr)/Alan Merrill (voc, bass)/Terry Taylor (gtr)/Steve Gould (gtr,
                                  bvoc)/Steve Winwood (keyb)/Mike Driscoll (dr)/Damalza (perc)/
                                  Oliver Tobias (bvoc)
                   Note: Re-released on CD in 1999 under the title ‘Never Pet A Burning Dog’
                             (MEC BD-1-7798, -US).

850524A  24th May: BOB DYLAN.
                   promotional 7" single (CBS A 6303). Producer: Bob Dylan (side A).
                   A: Tight Connection To My Heart (Bob Dylan) -single edit ("short version")
                   [B: We Better Talk This Over (Bob Dylan)]
                   Line-up: see 850610A.

850610A  10th June: BOB DYLAN.
                   LP 'Empire Burlesque' (CBS 86313). Producer: Bob Dylan. Sound engineer:
                   Josh Abbey. Basic track recorded in New York City, The Power Station on
                   April 26, 1983 (song reworked by Dylan in January and March 1985 without MT).
                   - Tight Connection To My Heart (Bob Dylan)
                   Line-up: MT (gtr)/Bob Dylan (voc, keyb)/Ted Perlman (gtr)/Richard Scher
                                  (synth)/Robbie Shakespeare (bass)/Sly Dunbar (dr)/Peggi Blu,
                                  Carol Dennis and Queen Esther Marrow (bvoc)
                   Note: Reworked version of Someone’s Got A Hold Of My Heart. For more info,
                             see 830411A.

850800A  Summer: GUIDO TOFFOLETTI.
                   LP 'No Compromise' (Appaloosa AP 048). Producers: Moon Record and Guido
                   Toffoletti. Recorded in late 1984 in Vicenza, Italy at Nova Studio. MT plays on:
                   - Still The Same (Guido Toffoletti)
                   - Let Me Hold You Tight I (Guido Toffoletti) -Ian Stewart on piano
                   and maybe on:
                   - Forget That Girl (Guido Toffoletti)
                   - You Know The Reason Why (Guido Toffoletti) -STU on piano
                   - Try Just One More Time (Guido Toffoletti) -STU on piano
                   - Woke Up This Mornin' (B.B. King)
                   - I'm Walkin' Out The Door (Guido Toffoletti/Stefano Zabeo/Massimo Fantanelli/
                       Massimo Iannantuono)
                   - Let's Have Some Fun (Guido Toffoletti)
                   - The Same Old Story (Guido Toffoletti) -STU on piano.
                   Line-up: MT (gtr)/Guido Toffoletti (voc, gtr)/Massimo Fantinelli (bass)/Massimo
                                  Iannantuono (dr)/Zoot Money (org)/Dick Heckstall-Smith (horns)/
                                  Sappho Korner (voc) 

850000A  1985: JOHN MAYALL.
                    LP 'Return Of The Bluesbreakers' (AIM 1004, -Australia). Producer: Don Nix.
                    Sound engineer: David Hewitt. Recorded live in Washington, Wax Museum 17.6.82,
                    1st show. Incl.
                    - My Time After Awhile (Robert Geddins/Ronald Badger)
                    - Ridin' On The Santa Fe (John Mayall)
                    - Howlin' Moon (John Mayall)
                    - You Never Can Be Trusted (John Mayall)
                    - Lookin' For Willie (John Mayall)
                    Line-up: MT (gtr)/John Mayall (voc, harm, p, org, gtr)/John McVie (bass)/
                                   Colin Allen (dr)
                    Note: The cover mistakenly credits Kevin McCormick on bass.
                              A more complete version of this show was released in 1994 on CD by Repertoire
                              Records (see 940300A).