910107A  7th January: US radio (syndicated) 'Classic Cuts', incl.
                    - interview with MT

910114A  14th January: BARRY GOLDBERG & THE BLUES ALL STARS. Los
                   Angeles, California, IFP-Awards-ceremony
                   Line-up: MT (gtr)/Barry Goldberg (keyb)/Ian McLagan (keyb)/Charlie
                                  Musselwhite (harm)/Howie Epstein (bass)/Tim Drummond (bass)/
                                  Nick Gravenites (voc)/Carla Olson (gtr)/Pat Benatar (voc)

910205A  5th February: US West Coast, unidentified place. Rehearsals with The James
                   Harman Band

6th February - May: THE JAMES HARMAN BAND. US Gigs.
                 Line-up: MT (gtr, voc)/James Harman (voc, harm)/Joel Foy (gtr)/Jeff Turmes
                                (bass)/Steve Mugalian (dr) 

910206A  6th February: JAMES HARMAN BAND. Solana Beach, California, Belly-Up
                   Tavern, incl. (unverified):
                   (Swamp Night/You Got To Lose/Nitro/Red House/The Stumble/Crazy By
                    Degrees/& more)
910208A  8th February: JAMES HARMAN BAND. Los Angeles, California, The Palomino
                   (Got News/“D.C. Lights“/You Shook Me/Icepick’s Confession/Mad ‘Bout
                    Somethin’/You Got To Lose/Dynamite/Swamp Night/Laundromat Blues/Red
                    House/unknown/I Declare)

910214A  14th February: SAM ANDREW BAND. Seattle, Washington, Paramount Theater
                    Line-up: MT (gtr)/Sam Andrew (gtr, voc)/Rob Moitoza (bass)/Chris Leighton (dr)/
                                   Veronica Vitti (voc)

910326A  26th March: BOB DYLAN.
                   3 CD-box 'The Bootleg Series Volumes 1 - 3' (Columbia 486086 2).
                   Producer: Bob Dylan and Mark Knopfler. Recorded in New York, The Power
                   Station 11.4.83 - 8.5.83.
                   - Someone's Got A Hold Of My Heart (Bob Dylan)
                   - Tell Me (Bob Dylan)
                   - Lord Protect My Child (Bob Dylan) -Full Force on backing vocals
                   - Foot Of Pride (Bob Dylan)
                   Line-up: MT (gtr)/Bob Dylan (voc, gtr, harm)/Mark Knopfler (gtr)/Alan Clark
                                  (keyb)/Robbie Shakespeare (bass)/Sly Dunbar (dr)
                   Note: 'Someone's Got A Hold Of My Heart' is an early version of 'Tight
                             Connection To My Heart'. 

910405A  5th April: Santa Monica, California, McCabe's Guitar Shop
                   (Little Red Rooster/Down To Mexico/Red House/Blues In The Morning/
                    Blind Willie McTell)
                   Line-up: see below.

910406A  6th April: Santa Monica, California, McCabe's Guitar Shop
                   (Little Red Rooster/Instrumental blues jam [incl. Hideaway]/Blind Willie McTell/
                    Separately/Red House/Instrumental/You Gotta Move/Can’t You Hear Me Knocking)
                    Line-up: MT (gtr)/Ian McLagan (keyb)/George Callins (gtr, bass)/Carlos Hatem
                                   (perc)/Scott Page (sax)

910419A  19th April: JAMES HARMAN BAND. San Francisco, California, Slim’s
                   (Mad ‘Bout Somethin’/Is It Yes?/You Shook Me/unknown 1/Crazy By Degrees/
                    Red House/”D.C. Lights”/unknown 2/You Gotta Move/You Got To Lose)

910426A  26th April: JAMES HARMAN BAND. Salt Lake City, Utah, Zephyr Club
910427A  27th April: JAMES HARMAN BAND. Salt Lake City, Utah, Zephyr Club
910504A  4th May: JAMES HARMAN BAND. Los Angeles, California, The Music Machine

910517A  17th May: US radio (Unistar Radio Networks) ‘The World's Greatest
                   Rock'n Roll Band’. Rolling Stones-special (180 min.). Host: Ed Sciaky. Incl.
                   - interview with MJ
                   - interview with BW
                   - interview with KR
                   - interview with MT
                   - interview with Chris Hillmann (about Altamont)
                   - interview with RW

910522A  22nd May: JAMES HARMAN BAND. Chicago, Illinois, Cubby Bear

910706A  6th July: JAMES HARMAN BAND. Pistoia, Italy, Piazza Del Duomo,
                    'Bluesin' Festival'
                    - Is It Yes? (James Harman/Jeff Turmes/Esten Cooke/Tom Morgan)
                    - Red House/Goin’ Down Slow (Jimi Hendrix)(James B. Oden)
                    - Worried About You (Chester Burnett)
                    Line-up: See early February.
                   Note: The whole show was aired on Italian TV (Videomusic). Also a private
                             video of the whole show exists.

910706B  6th July: Pistoia, Italy, Piazza Del Duomo, 'Bluesin' Festival'
                    - interview with MT by Riccardo D'Ancona (backstage)

910919A  19th September: Chicago, Illinois, China Club (1st show)
                    (I Wonder Why/Laundromat Blues/Red House/Hi-Heel Sneakers)
                    Note: Line-up: see 910919B. With special guest David Cassidy (voc) on
                              'Hi-Heel Sneakers'. 

910919B  19th September: Chicago, Illinois, China Club (2nd show)
                    (You Shook Me/Hideaway/Going Down/You Gotta Move/Instrumental/
                     Mustang Sally)
                    Line-up: MT (gtr, voc)/Chris Cameron (keyb, voc)/Carmine Rojas (gtr)/
                                   Joe Thomas (bass)/Doug Kelly (dr)

21st September - mid-October: CARLA OLSON & MICK TAYLOR. West Coast-gigs.
                    Probable line-up: MT (gtr, voc)/Carla Olson (voc, gtr)/George Callins (gtr, bvoc)/
                                                  Jesse Sublett (bass, bvoc)/Rick Hemmert (dr)

910921B  21st September: Los Angeles, California, The Palomino
910900A  late September or early October: Solana Beach, California, Belly-Up Tavern
910900B  late September or early October: Santa Barbara, California, Anaconda

911011A  11th October: San Francisco, Slim's (with Carla Olson), incl.
                   (Sway/You Can’t Move In/Running Back/Rescue Fantasy)

911000A  October: DRAMARAMA.
                   CD 'Vinyl' (Chameleon Records 61242-2 -USA). Producers: Don Smith with
                   Chris Carter and John Easdale. Sound engineer: Don Smith. Probably recorded
                   at Rumbo Studios, Los Angeles.
                   - Classic Rot (John Easdale) -Brian Macleod on drums and Lisa Haley on fiddle
                   - Volunteer, Please (John Easdale) -Jim Keltner on drums
                   Line-up: MT (gtr)/John Easdale (voc, gtr)/Pete Wood (gtrs)/Mr. E  (gtr, bvoc)/
                                  Chris Carter (bass, bvoc)/Benmont Tench (p)

911000B  October: JIM LACEY BAKER. Burbank, Devonshire Studios. Producer: MT.
                    - Bring Me Thru These Blues (Jim Lacey Baker) -unverified
                    - Lost At Sea (Jim Lacey Baker) -rehearsal
                    - Lost At Sea (Jim Lacey Baker) -demo
                    - Solace (Jim Lacey Baker)
                    - Sorry Baby (Jim Lacey Baker) -demo
                    + interview with MT & Jim Lacey Baker (regarding sessions)
                    Line-up: MT (gtr)/Jim Lacey Baker (voc, gtr)/Maggie Prell (bass)/Robert
                                   Gutierrez (dr)/Eric Mayron (p, org)/Kirsten Ford (bvoc)
                    Note: Videos footage from the mixing of Solace and Sorry Baby exists.

911102 A  2nd November: Los Angeles, California, Club Lingerie (with Nicky Hopkins)

911104 A  4th November: VARIOUS ARTISTS.
                    CD 'Guitar Speak III' (I.R.S. Records X2-13111 -USA). Recorded probably
                    in London in 1990. Producers: probably MT and Max Middleton. Incl.
                    - Red Shoes (Max Middleton) -by Mick Taylor
                    Line-up: MT (gtr)/Max Middleton (keyb)/Kuma Harada (bass)/Mick Driscoll (dr)
                    Note: One of six instrumentals MT recorded with Max Middleton in 1990.

911118A  18th November: US radio (MJI) 'Desert Island Discs'. Host: Tony Pigg.
                   - interview with MT
                   Note: MT's interview/choice of the Rolling Stones' Street Fighting Man was
                             repeated in a Desert Island Discs Stones-special on September 21, 1992.

911231A  31st December: Chicago, Illinois, China Club's Dragon Room