940224A  24th February: Solana Beach, California, The Belly Up Tavern (with Terry Reid)
                   (You Gotta Move/I Can't Stand The Rain/Rich Kid Blues/The Whole Of The
                    Moon/The Road We Chose/You Shook Me/Without Expression/unknown/
                    Bad Habit/Secrets/A Natural Woman/One Night/Everybody Needs Somebody
                    To Love)

940225A  25th February: Los Angeles, California, The Palomino (with Terry Reid)
                   Line-up: MT (gtr, voc)/Terry Reid (voc, gtr)/Rick Rojas (bass)/Phil Jones
                                  (dr)/Bruce Malament (keyb)
                   Note: With special guest Jim Lacey-Baker on guitar on two or three songs.

                   CD 'The 1982 Reunion Concert' (Repertoire Records REP 4393-WY).
                   Producers: John Mayall and Don Nix. Sound engineer: David Hewitt.
                   Recorded live in Washington, Wax Museum, 17.6.82 (1st & 2nd show).
                   More recordings from the Return Of The Bluesbreakers-LP (see 850000A). Incl.
                   - Hard Times Again (John Mayall) -1st show
                   - You Never Can Be Trusted (John Mayall) -1st show, previously released
                   - Howlin' Moon (John Mayall) -1st show, previously released
                   - Ridin' On The Santa Fe (John Mayall) -1st show, previously released
                   - I Should Know Better (MT/John Mayall) -1st show
                   - My Time After Awhile (Robert Geddins/Ronald Badger) -1st show, previously
                   - She Can Do It (John Mayall) -1st show
                   - Lookin' For Willie (John Mayall) -1st show, previously released
                   - Room To Move (John Mayall) -1st show
                   - Get Me Some Dollars (John Mayall) -1st show
                   - Have You Heard (John Mayall) -2nd show
                   Line-up: MT (gtr)/John Mayall (voc, keyb, harm, gtr)/John McVie (bass)/
                                  Colin Allen (dr)
                   Note: Hard Times Again is the same song as An Eye For An Eye with early lyrics.

4th March - 6th April: British gigs.
                  Line-up: MT (gtr, voc)/Zoot Money (keyb, voc)/Snowy White (gtr)/Kuma
                                 Harada (bass)/Jeff Allen (dr)

940304A  4th March: London, Brentwood Theatre
940305A  5th March: London, Brentwood Theatre

940300B  March: Saint Helier, Jersey (Channel Islands), La Buvette
940312A  12th March: Guernsey (Channel Islands), England,
940324A  24th March: Newcastle, England, University Students' Union

                  (You Gotta Move/I Wonder Why/You Shook Me/Can't You Hear Me
                   Knocking/Let The Good Times Roll/Sticks And Stones/Little Red Rooster/
                   Parchman Farm/Band introduction/Jumpin' Jack Flash)

940325A  25th March: Middlesbrough, England, Town Hall
940326A  26th March: Allendale, England, King's Head Pub
940327A  27th March: Workington, England, Carnegie Theatre
940328A  28th March: Allendale, England, King's Head Pub
940329A  29th March: Ayr, Scotland, Ayr Gaiety

940406A  6th April: London, Roadhouse
                   (You Gotta Move/I Wonder Why/Boogie Man/You Shook Me/It Ain’t Right/
                    How Many More Years/Can't You Hear Me Knocking/Blind Willie McTell/
                    Let The Good Times Roll/Sticks And Stones/Laundromat Blues/Jumpin' Jack
                   Note: With Graham Bell on harmonica.

940427A  27th April: THE SACRED HEARTS. Hollywood, California, The House Of
                   (Love Me Like A Man/Shaky Ground/You Shook Me/Fed Up With The Blues/
                     You Gotta Move)
                   Line-up: MT (gtr, voc)/Jimmie Wood (harm)/Mike Welch (gtr)/Steve ...
                                  (gtr)/Larry Lee Lerma (bass)/Tony Braunagel (dr)/Danny Federici
                                  (org)/J.J. Holiday (gtr)/Meredith Marshall (voc)

940502A  2nd May: BARRY GOLDBERG REUNION. Los Angeles, California, The Roxy
                   (Band introduction/Love Me Like A Man/You Shook Me/Shaky Ground/You
                    Gotta Move/Evil/It Hurts Me Too)
                   Line-up: MT (gtr, voc)/Barry Goldberg (org)/Jack Sherman (gtr)/Mark
                                  Goldberg (bass)/Meredith Marshall (voc)/Lili Haydn (violin)/
                                  Stan Behrens (harm, voc)/Gary Mallaber (dr)

940519A  19th May: Oslo, Norway, Rebekka West

940520A  20th May: Notodden, Norway, Sliperihallen
                   (You Gotta Move/I Wonder Why/You Shook Me/Blind Willie McTell/
                    Can’t You Hear Me Knocking/Jumpin' Jack Flash)
                    Line-up: MT (gtr, voc)/Snowy White (gtr)/Kuma Harada (bass)/Tim Hinkley
                                   (keyb, voc)/Jeff Allen (dr)

940617A  17th June: Los Angeles, California, The Roxy (with Melora Hardin)

940620A   20th June: DEAD AMANDA.
                    EP-CD ‘Why’ (Shattered Music SHA004-2, -US). Producer: Eric Pressly.
                    Recorded at different sessions in L.A. in 1993. Maybe with MT on guitar on:
                    - Turns To Gold (Hasty)
                    Line-up: MT (gtr)/Hasty (voc, gtr)/Dizzie Reed (keyb)/Dick Ritchie (dr)/& probably
                                   Matt Lang, Bruce Watson, Paul Mirkovich and El Erin on the other
                    Note: Three more versions with MT on guitar were recorded. One of them
                              (probably produced by Bobby Owsinski) was used as a bonus track on
                              ‘Live At 14 Below’ (2WA Entertainment 2WA-002, -Japan) and a
                              re-release of ‘Coastin’ Home’ (see 950701A for more info).

940623A  23rd June: Solana Beach, California, Belly Up Tavern

940626A  26th June: Gateshead, England, The Stadium Bowl, 'Music Festival'

940701A  1st July: London, England, The Bottom Line

940709A  9th July: Aarschot, Belgium, ‘Rockschot Festival’
                   Line-up: MT (gtr, voc)/Snowy White (gtr)/Kuma Harada (bass)/Tim Hinkley (keyb)/
                                  Jeff Allen (dr)

940715A  15th July: Vienna, Austria, Hohe Warte Stadion
                    (You Gotta Move/I Wonder Why/You Shook Me/Fed Up With The Blues/
                      If I Had Possession Over Judgement Day)
                    Line-up: MT (gtr, voc)/Micky Moody (gtr)/Kuma Harada (bass)/Tim Hinkley (keyb)/
                                   Jeff Allen (dr)

940719A  19th July: Koper, Slowenia, Stadio di Caposistria

940730A  30th July: Klazienaveen, Netherlands, Markt, ‘Hutspop’
                    Line-up: MT (gtr, voc)/Mick Moody (gtr)/Kuma Harada (bass)/Zoot Money (keyb)/
                                   Jeff Allen (dr)

940731A  31st July: Australian TV (Channel 2) ‘Rage’ “The Rolling Stones In Australia”.     
                   Re-broadcast of an ABC TV special of March 5, 1973, incl.
                   - Brown Sugar (MJ/KR) -Melbourne 17.02.73, overdubbed with studio version
                   - footage from press conference in Melbourne 16.02.73
                   - arrival on Melbourne's Tullamarine Airport 15.02.73
                   - Bitch (MJ/KR) -Melbourne 17.02.73, overdubbed with studio version

940800A  August: CARLA OLSON.
                   CD 'Reap The Whirlwind' (Watermelon CD 1026, -US). Producers: Carla Olson
                   and Charles Rook. Sound engineer: Charles Rook. Recorded at Entourage
                   Studios in Northern Hollywood, California, on April 16 & 17, 1994. Incl.
                   - Reap The Whirlwind (Carla Olson/Saul Davis)
                   - Kinderwars (Carla Olson)
                   - Honest As Daylight (Carla Olson/Bobby McDonald/Rick Hemmert)
                   Basic line-up: MT (gtr)/Carla Olson (voc, gtr)/Bobby McDonald (bass)/
                                           Rick Hemmert (dr)
                   Additional musicians: Ian McLagan (p)/Jim Lacey-Baker (gtr)/George Callins (gtr)/
                                           Tom Junior Morgan (sax)/Joyce Rooks (bvoc)/Mikael Rickfors (voc)/
                                           Todd Wolfe (gtr)/Percy Sledge (voc)/Dominic Carmadello (org)/
                                           Joe Sublett (sax)/Darryl Leonard (tp)

940800B  August: San Sebastian, Spain,

940818A  18th August: Norwegian radio (Radio 8000), Notodden.
                    - interview with MT

940818B  18th August: Notodden, Norway, Sliperihallen, ‘Blues Festival’
                    (You Gotta Move/I Wonder Why/You Shook Me/Boogie Man/Can’t You Hear Me
                     Knocking/Laundromat Blues)
                    Line-up: MT (gtr, voc)/Snowy White (gtr)/Kuma Harada (bass)/Tim Hinkley (keyb)/
                                   Jerry Conway (dr)
                    Note: Broadcast by Norwegian NRK1 radio (omitting 'Can’t You Hear Me
                              Knocking') on October 20.

940823A  23rd August: PERCY SLEDGE.
                   CD 'Blue Night' (Sky Ranch Records 7243 8398712 2, -France). Producers:
                   Saul Davis & Barry Goldberg. Sound engineer: Charles Rook. Recorded
                   at Cherokee Studios, Los Angeles. Incl.
                   - Your Love Will Save The World (Barry Gibb/Robin Gibb)
                   - Going Home Tomorrow (Antoine Domino/Alvin E. Young)
                   Musicians: MT (gtr)/Percy Sledge (voc)/Greg Leisz (gtr)/Bob Glaub (bass)/
                                    Ed Greene (dr, perc)/Mike Thompson (org, p)/Barry Goldberg (p)/
                                    Maxine, Julia and Oren Waters (bvoc)/Joe Sublett, Tom Junior
                                    Morgan and Greg Smith (sax)/Darryl Leonard (tb)

940800C  late August (or later) Canadian TV (MuchMusic) 'The New Music', incl.
                   - interview with KR by Terry David Mulligan (backstage Giants, mid-August)
                   - interview with MJ by Terry David Mulligan (backstage Giants, mid-August)
                   - interview with CW by Terry David Mulligan (backstage Giants, mid-August)
                   - interview with RW by Terry David Mulligan (backstage Giants, mid-August)
                   - interview with BW by Christopher Ward (at BW's home in London, 11.07.85)
                   - interview with MT (probably Toronto, 31.10.89)

940800D  Summer: THE ROLLING STONES.
                    5 CDs ‘The Mick Taylor Years’ (Vinyl Experience Ltd.). Boxset incl. the
                    official CDs of Sticky Fingers, Exile On Main St., Goats Head Soup and
                    It’s Only Rock’n Roll and a bonus disc with a previously unreleased radio
                    interview of December 1974 (see MT741200A).
                    - interview with MT and Jack Bruce by James Johnston

940900A  September: CHAMPION JACK DUPREE.
                   CD ‘Scoobydoobydoo’ (Blue Horizon/Columbia COL 475974-2, -France).
                   Producer: Mike Vernon. Recorded on the 3rd & 4th February 1969,
                   probably in London. Incl. the previously unavailable bonus track:
                   - Ba' La Fouche (MT/Jack Dupree) -edit version
                   Line-up: MT (gtr)/Jack Dupree (voc, dr)/Gary Thain (bass)/Mike Vernon (perc)

941014A  14th October: Zaragoza, Spain,
                     MT plays with Vargas Blues Band.

941020A  20th October: Norwegian radio (NRK1) 'På Konsert med Mick Taylor'.
                   Broadcast of live-tracks from Notodden, Norway 18.08.:
                   - You Gotta Move (Fred McDowell/Rev. Gary Davis)
                   - I Wonder Why (Albert King)
                   - You Shook Me (Willie Dixon)
                   - Boogie Man (Chuck Blackwell/Leon Russell)
                   - Laundromat Blues (Sandy Jones)

941200A  December: JIM LACEY-BAKER. JLB’s house, Los Angeles. Rehearsals
                   for the upcoming TV show (see 941200B), incl.
                   - Lost At Sea (Jim Lacey-Baker)
                   - Stop Draggin’ Me Down 1 (Jim Lacey-Baker)
                   - Stop Draggin’ Me Down 2 (Jim Lacey-Baker) -working out chord changes
                   - Stop Draggin’ Me Down 3 (Jim Lacey-Baker) -instrumental
                   - Worldwide Losses (Jim Lacey-Baker)
                   - Earthquake Jam (Jim Lacey-Baker)
                   + talk, riffing and tuning

941200B  December: JIM LACEY-BAKER. US TV (local L.A.-area station ) 'Not Just
                   Another L.A. Music Show', Los Angeles.
                   - Earthquake Jam (Jim Lacey-Baker)
                   - interview with MT and Jim Lacey-Baker by Charles Andrews
                   - Lost At Sea (Jim Lacey-Baker)
                   - Worldwide Losses (Jim Lacey-Baker)
                   - Stop Draggin’ Me Down (Jim Lacey-Baker) -unaired?
                   Line-up: MT (gtr)/Jim Lacey-Baker (ac gtr, voc)/David Olsen (bass)/Dani
                                  Francis (bvoc, perc)
                   Note: Shown in Los Angeles-area and New York.

                   CD 'Let's Go Get Stoned' (Mirror Records MIRROR 19, -US). A Living Eye
                   Production. Sound engineer: Jeff Cary. Recorded at GFI Studios, Ontario,
                   Canada in spring 1994. Incl.
                   - I'm Not Talking (Mose Allison)
                   Line-up: MT (gtr)/Greg Prevost (voc)/Paul Rocco (gtr)/Andy Babiuk (bass)/
                                  Brett Reynolds (dr)
                   Note: MT plays also guitar on an unverified outtake of Can’t Believe It
                             (authors: MJ/KR).

941218A  18th December: Canadian TV (MuchMusic) 'Spotlight'. Rolling Stones-
                    special (30 min.), part three, incl.
                    - interview with KR by Terry David Mulligan (probably Toronto, June/July)
                    - interview with MT (probably Toronto, 31.10.89)
                    - interview with RW by Terry David Mulligan (probably Toronto, June/July)
                    - interview with CW by Terry David Mulligan (probably Toronto, June/July)
                    - interview with MJ by Terry David Mulligan (probably Toronto, June/July)
                    - Pretty Beat Up (MJ/KR/RW) -RW-soundcheck, Toronto 30.11.92, part only

941200D  late 1994: PETER SCHLEICHER.
                   CD 'Steinzeit' (VM Records VM CD 316245, -Austria). Producers: Peter
                   Schleicher and Georg Hrauda. Recorded at Tonstudio Benkö, Austria. Incl.
                   - Die Beisl Hua (MJ/KR)
                   Line-up: MT (gtr)/Peter Schleicher (voc, keyb)/Robby Musenbichler (gtr)/Robert
                                  Altmann (gtr)/Georg Hrauda (bass)/Hardy Auer (dr)/Chris Fichtinger &
                                  Tini Kainrath (bvoc)
                  Note: Coverversion of 'Honky Tonk Women' in Austrian language.

941231A  31st December: Los Angeles, California, Cat Fiddle Pub