970109A  9th January: DICK RIVERS. Paris, France, L’Olympia.
                   Line-up: Most probably the same as 970227A.

970201A  1st February: London, Roadhouse

970227A  27th February: DICK RIVERS. French TV (FR2) ‘Taratata’, La Plaine Saint Denis,
                   Denis, (near Paris), France, Air Production Studios. Filmed probably January 13, incl.
                   - Ho Maman, Merci (Patrick Coutin)
                   - Rip It Up (Robert Blackwell/John Marascalco)
                   - Band introduction
                   Line-up: MT (gtr)/Dick Rivers (voc)/Chris Spedding (gtr)/Henry Spinetti (dr)/
                                  David Levy (bass)/Franck Ridacker (dr)/Alain Labachy (gtr)/Slim
                                  Batteux (org)/Isabelle La Roche & Debbie Harris (bvoc)/Luc Bertin
                                  (keyb, perc)

5th - 8th March: Spanish Tour.
                  Line-up: MT (gtr, voc)/Robert Ahwai (gtr)/Michael Bailey (bass)/Hillary Briggs
                                 (keyb)/Jeff Allen (dr)

970305A  5th March: Madrid, Spain, La Sala
                   (You Gotta Move/I Wonder Why/You Shook Me/Blues In The Morning/
                     Boogie Man/Can’t You Hear Me Knocking/Band introduction)
                   Note: Soundboard recording was made.

970306A  6th March: Bilbao, Spain, Kafé Antzokia
970307A  7th March: Barcelona, Spain, Bikini
970308A  8th March: Zaragoza, Spain, Ctro. Cultural Delicias

970315A  15th March: London, Hounslow Civic Centre

                   CD ‘Vol. 1: File Under Subconscious’ (Bubblehead Records BH005).
                   Producer: Diana Armitage. Sound engineer: Dominic Gibbs. Recorded at
                   Alexandra Palace Studios, London. Incl.
                   - Element 47 (Stephen Parsons/Francis Haines) -with Chris Spedding on guitar
                   - Strange Companions (Stephen Parsons/Francis Haines/Richard Causon)
                   - Oasis/Gunship (Stephen Parsons/Francis Haines)
                   Line-up: MT (gtr)/Bob Sessions (voc)/Phil Mitchell (keyb)/Simon Etchell (keyb)/
                                  Richard Causon (keyb)/Francis Haines (keyb)/John Paracelli (gtr)

970414A  14th April: BLACK CAT BONE.
                   CD ‘Taylormade’ (Double Dutch Records MMCD 99006). Producers: Hans-Jörg
                   Müller and Uli Wagner. Recorded at Neckarsound Studios, Tübingen, Germany
                   on the 3rd and 4th December 1995. Incl.
                   - Wake Up Call (David Egan/David Love)
                   - The Stumble (Freddie King/Sonny Thompson)
                   - Blind Willie McTell (Bob Dylan) -MT on vocals, André Schnisa on organ
                   - Mick's Song (Hans-Jörg Müller) -Arno Haas on sax
                   - Slow Blues (MT)
                   Line-up: MT (gtr)/Hans-Jörg Müller (voc, gtr)/Linus Wahl (keyb)/Stephan
                                  Wegner (bass)/Uli Wagner (dr, perc)

970417A  17th April: UK radio (BBC2) ‘Paul Jones', London. Host: Paul Jones.
                    - The Stumble (Freddie King/Sonny Thompson) -London ‘97, part only
                    - Slow Blues (MT) -London ‘97, part only
                    - Little Red Rooster (Willie Dixon) -London ‘97
                    - You Gotta Move (Fred McDowell/Rev. Gary Davis) -London ‘97
                    Note: Specially recorded radio session for BBC2 radio.
                    Line-up: MT (gtr, voc)/Robert Ahwai (gtr)/Michael Bailey (bass)/Max Middleton
                                   (keyb)/Jeff Allen (dr)

970501A  1st May: Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, ‘Boogie Town Festival’
                   (You Gotta Move/I Wonder Why/You Shook Me/Goin’ South/Blind Wille McTell/
                    Can’t You Hear Me Knocking)

970503A  3rd May: Leverkusen, Germany, ‘Bluesfest Lev ‘97’
                   (Goin’ South/I Wonder Why/Can’t You Hear Me Knocking/Blind Willie McTell)
                   Line-up: MT (gtr, voc)/Robert Ahwai (gtr)/Hillary Briggs (keyb)/Michael Bailey
                                  (bass)/Jeff Allen (dr)
                   Note: The whole show was filmed and partly telecast on the 23rd September by
                             German WDR-TV and on the 9th January by German 3SAT TV.
                             The songs were released on promo CD in 2008 (see 081100A) and officially
                             in 2010 (see 100202A).

970515A  15th May: Cardiff, Wales, The Coal Exchange
                   (You Gotta Move/I Wonder Why/You Shook Me/Goin' South/Boogie Man/Little
                    Red Rooster/Can't You Hear Me Knocking/Band introduction/Blind Willie
                   Line-up: MT (gtr, voc)/Robert Ahwai (gtr)/Hillary Briggs (keyb)/Michael
                                  Bailey (bass)/Jeff Allen (dr)

970516A  16th May: Melksham, England, Assembly Hall

970523A  23rd May: LIGABUE.
                   Single-CD ‘Viva’ (WEA WE 739 / 063018569-2, -Italy). Producers: Fabrizio
                   Barbacci & Luciano Ligabue. Incl. one track recorded live in Italy in mid-1996:
                   - You Can’t Always Get What You Want (MJ/KR)
                   Line-up: MT (gtr)/Luciano Ligabue (voc, gtr)/Mel Previte (gtr)/Federico Capitan
                                  Fede Poggipollini (gtr)/Rigo Righetti (bass)/Robby Sanchez (dr)/Susan
                                  McMinamin (bvoc)

970613A  13th June: Sarpsborg, Norway, ABB-bygget, 'Gleng Musikkfestival'

970614A  14th June: Karlshamn, Sweden, 'Karlshamn Rock Festival'
                    Line-up: MT (gtr, voc)/Max Middleton (keyb)/Robert Ahwai (gtr)/Kuma Harada
                                   (bass)/Richard Bailey (dr)

970620A  20th June: LIGABUE.
                   2 CDs ‘Su E Giu’ Da Un Palco’ (WEA 0630-17805-2, -Italy). Producers:
                   Fabrizio Barbacci & Luciano Ligabue. Recorded live In Italy in June 1996. Incl.
                   - Hai Un Momento, Dio? (Luciano Ligabue)
                   Line-up: MT (gtr)/Luciano Ligabue (voc, gtr)/Mel Previte (gtr)/Federico Capitan
                                  Fede Poggipollini (gtr)/Rigo Righetti (bass)/Robby Sanchez (dr)

970620B  20th June: unidentified town, Ukraine,
970621A  21st June: unidentified town, Ukraine,
970623A  23rd June: unidentified town, Ukraine,

970600A  late June: THE TELNYUK SISTERS. probably Kiev, Ukraine, unidentified
                   studio, incl.
                   - Love In Vain (Robert Johnson)
                   Line-up: MT (gtr)/Halyna Telnyuk (voc)/Lesya Telnyuk (voc)/& others
                   Note: Released in 2008 on the download-only album '1994-1998 Archives'.

970700A  mid-1997: Ukrainian TV (Pro Ukraine TV), newscast, incl.
                   - footage of MT (on guitar) in the studio with The Telnyuk Sisters

970703A  3rd July: unidentified town, Spain,
970704A  4th July: unidentified town, Spain,
970705A  5th July: unidentified town, Spain,

970726A  26th July: VARIOUS ARTISTS.
                   CD ‘Knights Of The Blues Table’ (Bellaphon 290.25.001). Producer: Pete Brown.
                   Recorded at London, Church Studios, between October and December 1996, incl.
                   - You Shook Me (Willie Dixon/J.B. Lenoir) -by Mick Taylor And Max Middleton
                   Line-up: MT (gtr, voc)/Max Middleton (keyb)/Robert Ahwai (gtr)/Kuma Harada
                                  (bass)/Jeff Allen (dr)

970731A  31st July: unidentified town, Italy,
970807A  7th August: unidentified town, Netherlands,
970808A  8th August: Ayr, Scotland, Gaiety Theatre
970809A  9th August: Copenhagen, Denmark, 5-Oeren
970809B  9th August: Skanderborg, Denmark, RytmeHans, 'Smukkeste Festival 97'

970901A  1st September: Kiev, Ukraine, incl.
                    - Red House (Jimi Hendrix)
                    - Can’t You Hear Me Knocking (MJ/KR)
                    Line-up: MT (gtr, voc)/Michael Bailey (bass)/Jeff Allen (dr)/Max Middleton
                                   (keyb)/Jim Mullen (gtr)

970903A  3rd September: Kiev, Ukraine, incl.
                   (You Gotta Move/I Wonder Why/Boogie Man/You Shook Me/Goin’ South/Blind
                    Willie McTell/Band introduction)
                    Line-up: see 970901A.

970900A  probably September: UK TV (VH-1) 'Talk Music', incl.
                   - Blues In The Morning (MT)
                   - interview with MT
                   Line-up: MT (gtr, voc)/Michael Bailey (bass)/Jeff Allen (dr)/Max Middleton
                                  (keyb)/Jim Mullen (gtr)

970923A  23rd September: German TV (WDR3) ‘Blues Fest Lev ‘97’, incl.
                    - Going South (MT/Jon Young) -Leverkusen 3.5.97
                    - I Wonder Why (Albert King) -Leverkusen 3.5.97
                    Line-up: see 970503A.
                    Note: Also existing is another telecast from German 3SAT TV ‘Crossroads’
                              (airing date not known), incl.
                               - Going South (MT/Jon Young) -Leverkusen 3.5.97
                               - interview with MT
                               - I Wonder Why (Albert King) -Leverkusen 3.5.97
                               - Can’t You Hear Me Knocking (MJ/KR)
                               - Blind Willie McTell (Bob Dylan)

970924A  24th September: ALL STAR BAND. Athens, Greece, Lycabettus Theatre
                   Musicians: MT (gtr)/John Mayall (voc, harm?)/Max Middleton (p)/Jeff Allen
                                       (dr)/Kuma Harada (bass)/Snowy White (gtr)/Rick Wakeman (keyb)/
                                       Alvin Lee (gtr)/Hillary Briggs (org)/Michael Bailey (bass)
                   Note: MT served as member of an advising commitee (jury) for the European
                             Rock And Blues Competition.

970927A  27th September: St. Jakob, Italy,
                   (You Gotta Move/Boogie Man/Goin’ South/Red House/Blind Willie
                    McTell/Can’t You Hear Me Knocking)
                   Note: A private video of this gig exists.
                   Line-up: MT (gtr, voc)/Michael Bailey (bass)/Jeff Allen (dr)/Max Middleton (keyb)/
                                  Jim Mullen (gtr)

970929A  29th September: Warsaw, Poland, Palac Kultury i Nauki
                   (I Wonder Why/Boogie Man/You Shook Me/Goin’ South/Blind Willie McTell/
                     Fed Up With The Blues/Can’t You Hear Me Knocking)
                    Line-up: see 970927A.
                    Note: With special guest Snowy White (gtr) on Can’t You Hear Me Knocking.
                              Broadcast by Polish TV, probably on TVP1.

970900B  Autumn: MICK TAYLOR. Parkgate, Sensible Studios (six days) and Monnow
                    Valley Studios, Wales (five days). Producer and sound engineer: Tony Taverner.
                    Additional engineer (probably in Wales): Adam Vanryne. Recording of about 16
                    tracks. Incl.
                    - Love In Arms (MT/Jim Lacey-Baker) -unverified
                    - Separately (MT/KR)
                    + all tracks from the upcoming album A Stones’ Throw (see 981106A).
                    Musicians: MT (gtr, voc)/Max Middleton (p, clavinet)/Hillary Briggs (org)/Michael
                                        Bailey (bass)/Kuma Harada (bass)/Richard Bailey (dr)/Jeff Allen (dr)/
                                        Martin Ditcham (perc)/Robert Ahwai (gtr)/John ‘Rabbit’ Bundrick (org)/
                                        Andy MacIntosh (sax)/Lisa Daniel & Hazel Fernandes (bvoc)
                    Note: The songs were mixed from January 1998 onwards at Sensible Studios.
                               Separately was released as a Japan-only bonus track in 1999 (see 990421A).

971029A  29th October: ANTHONY THISTLETHWAITE.
                   CD ‘Crawfish And Caviar’ (Demon Records CDFIEND 937). Producer: Anthony
                   Thistlethwaite. Recorded at Melodiya Studios, Russia, St. Petersburg, in autumn
                   1995. With MT (gtr) on four tracks:
                    - Something Better (Anthony Thistlethwaite) -Karl Wallinger on organ, Yuri
                        Shevchuk on vocals, Angie Brown on backing vocals
                    - All The Way (Anthony Thistlethwaite) -Dmitry Galitsky on cembalo, Elina
                        Karokhina on balalaika, Roddy Lorrimer on trumpet, Boris Grebenshchikov
                        as stationmaster
                    - Enchanted Rock (Anthony Thistlethwaite) -Andrei Muratov on piano, Andrei
                        Surotdinov on violin, Marina Kapuro on backing vocals
                    - Colours (Anthony Thistlethwaite) - Gregory Varshavsky on organ, Sergei
                        Shurakov on accordion, Andrei Surotdinov on violin, Oleg Sakmarov on
                        recorders, psaltery by Marina Fonina
                    Line-up: MT (gtr)/Anthony Thistlethwaite (voc, gtr, sax, org, harp)/Vadim
                                   Kuryliev (bass)/Igor Dotsenko (dr)/Tanya Kapuro (bvoc)

971110A  10th, 18th & 25th November: US radio (Media American Radio) ‘Up Close’.
                    Host: Dan Neer. Rolling Stones-special in three weekly parts, incl.
                    - interview with MJ (in 1997)
                    - interview with KR by Ed Rudy 23.10.64
                    - interview with BJ by Ed Rudy 23.10.64
                    - interview with Eric Easton by Ed Rudy 23.10.64
                    - interview with KR (archival)
                    - interview with Pete Townshend (about BJ)
                    - interview with CW (archival)
                    - interview with CW (in 1997)
                    - interview with MJ (archival)
                    - interview with BW (archival)
                    - interview with MT (archival)
                    - interview with KR (in 1997)
                    - interview with MJ by Dick Cavett (New York City 25.07.72)
                    Note: MT's interview in this 3-part series was aired in part 2 (on November 18).

7th - 21st December: Italian and German Tour.
                  Line-up: MT (gtr, voc)/Max Middleton (keyb)/Jim Mullen (gtr)/Michael Bailey
                                 (bass)/Richard Bailey (dr)

971207A  7th December: Anagni (near Rome), Italy, ‘Night Of The Guitars’
971209A  9th December: Bari, Italy,

971210A  10th December: Foligno, Italy,
                    Note: Benefit-show for the victims of the earthquake in September 1997.

971211A  11th December: San Fior, Italy, Sonny Boy
                    (Blues In The Morning/I Wonder Why/You Shook Me/Goin’ South/You Gotta
                     Move/Boogie Man/Band introduction)

971212A  12th December: Acireale, Italy, Perla Jonica Music Hall

971213A  13th December: Italian TV (Telecolor/Italia7), incl.
                    - interview with MT by Domenico Trischitta (Acireale 12.12.97)
                    + footage from the gig in Acireale 12.12.97

971213B  13th December: Trapani, Italy, Astoria Theatre
971214A  14th December: Ogliate Comasco, Italy, Aurora Theatre

971216A  16th December: Hamburg, Germany, Fabrik. Soundcheck.
                    - Losing My Faith (MT/Hillary Briggs)
                    - Fed Up With The Blues (O.V. Wright)
                    - You Shook Me (Willie Dixon)
                    - Blues In The Morning (MT)
                    - Boogie Man (Chuck Blackwell/Leon Russell)
                    - Giddy Up (MT)
                    + lots of tuning and riffing

971216B  16th December: Hamburg, Germany, Fabrik
                    (Blues In The Morning/I Wonder Why/You Shook Me/Fed Up With The
                     Blues/Goin’ South/Band introduction/Blind Willie McTell/Boogie Man)

971217A  17th December: Munich, Germany,

971218A  18th December: Nuremberg, Germany, Hirsch
                   (You Gotta Move/I Wonder Why/Red House/Goin’ South/Band introduction/
                    Blind Willie McTell/Blues In The Morning/Boogie Man)

971219A  19th December: Erfurt, Germany, Rotplombe

971220A  20th December: Affalter, Germany, Gasthaus zur Linde
                   Note: The beginning of this show was filmed on private video (25 mins.):
                              - I Wonder Why (Albert King)
                              - You Gotta Move (Fred McDowell/Rev. Gary Davis)

971221A  21st December: Berlin, Germany, Quasimodo
                   (I Wonder Why/You Gotta Move/You Shook Me/Goin’ South/Band
                    introduction/Blind Willie McTell/Fed Up With The Blues/Blues In The
                    Morning/Can’t You Hear Me Knocking/Boogie Man)
                   Note: A private video of this show exists.