Nico and Johannes wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We'll be back in 2001 with more collector's news.


More news for magazine collectors. The new issue of the German 60's-80's music magazine Good Times has Keith Richards on the front cover and five pages about him inside. The article reveals nothing new and the added discography is way too incomplete for the die hards among us. It includes some nice pics though. For completists only.
Magazine 'Good Times', # 6/2000, DM 9,80, Good Times Verlag, Postfach 111321, 64228 Darmstadt, Germany


This book by Record Collector and Mojo staff writer Mark Paytress was intended for publication in 1999 but then the publisher went bankrupt and the tome was nowhere to be found. Recently the book popped up in the bargain bins of Barnes & Nobles and other assorted book shops. This is not just another photo book, as it includes hundreds of great 'unseen' photos (apparently recently rediscovered in the archives of the British newspaper, The Daily Mirror). The book consists of 160 pages, has a foreword by Chris Jagger and all photos (ranging from 1964 - 74) are in black & white. Highly recommended!
Book by Mark Paytress 'The Rolling Stones Files' (Bramley Books, London) ISBN 1-84100-141-4


A new book from fan to fans was recently published in Germany. Axel's tenth book, as usual, consists of newspaper reports and magazine clippings. This one (276 pages, A4 size, in German) concentrates on the gigs in Stuttgart, Imst, Landgraaf and Cologne in May/June 1999.
Book by Axel Schumacher "Zuschuss-Konzerte '99", private publication, Germany, 2000.


One week after the DVD-release of Gimme Shelter we also get the 'old-fashioned' VHS video-release. Of course the video does not include all the bonus items from the DVD, but it at least includes four (out of five) of the great bonus clips from the DVD (see last week's entry). The first 10,000 copies of the video-release are said to include a 20-page booklet with essays by Amy Taubin, Stanley Booth, Georgia Bergman, Michael Lydon, Sonny Barger, and Godfrey Cheshire.
Video (NTSC) Rolling Stones 'Gimme Shelter' (Criterion Homevision GIM 10, USA)


The talk of the week is the brand new DVD-release of the classic Rolling Stones movie, Gimme Shelter. It's not just the sharper picture, the crystal clear sound or the nice 44-page booklet which makes our hearts go faster, but the great bonus material. This consists of a running commentary (for the whole 91 minutes of the movie!) by the directors, the whole KSAN-broadcast from the day after Altamont and photo material from the ill-fated festival. There are also some fantastic movie-outtakes as well. Three more live tracks (Little Queenie, Carol and Prodigal Son), a backstage scene with Mick Jagger and Tina Turner (with Mick singing and playing Robert Johnson's Little Queen Of Spades). Plus 7 minutes of footage from the mixing sessions for Ya-Ya's in a London studio in January or February 1970 (MJ and KR working on vocal overdubs for Little Queenie). This DVD is must have!
DVD Rolling Stones 'Gimme Shelter'(Criterion Collection 99, USA)


Compiling a bunch of songs the Rolling Stones covered in their long career is not a new idea (there were also at least two similar releases in the 90's), but of course most of these songs are absolutely brilliant. So if you haven't already got them, just buy this mid-price release and listen to the originals, the songs that inspired your favourite group.You won't regret it. Features sleeve-notes by Chris Jagger.
CD Various Artists 'You Can Make It If You Try' (Conoisseur Collection Ltd. VSOP CD 296)


Another tribute album, this time with Bluegrass (!) versions of some of the best known Stones tracks. Studio musicians fingerpickin' their way on guitars, banjos, dobros and mandolins through the following songs: Honky Tonk Women (2x)/Paint It Black/Play with Fire/Jumping Jack Flash/Wild Horses/Start Me Up/Satisfaction/YCAGWYW/Mother's Little Helper/As Tears Go By/Under My Thumb/19th Nervous Breakdown. For die hard collectors only.
CD Various Artists 'Pickin' On The Rolling Stones' (CMH Records 8537)


I did not know that so many collectors had an interest in magazines with Rolling Stones cover stories. Apart from last weeks entry (Mojo Collections) and the current issues of Record Collector and Vanity Fair there's another title story. This one's from France and includes a four-page interview with Bill Wyman and bass notes to Rock And A Hard Place on another five pages. Along with the mag is a free CD including an instrumental backing track of RAAHP, recorded by studio musicians, but sounding very close to the original.
Magazine "Bass Collector's", September/October 2000-issue, Saint Denis, France.


The great British music magazine Mojo just released a special issue for record collectors. The title story has none other than Keith Richards and in a very interesting six pages article/interview we get to know lots of interesting tidbits about KR's home in Connecticut, his nowadays taste in music and especially his record collection. Also included are some very nice new pics from the man in his house, taken in July 2000. Did you know that KR has a framed photo of Charlie Watts on his piano (for inspiration!)?
Magazine "Mojo Collections", Winter 2000-issue, London, UK.


Jean Pierre Isaia's Histoire Naturelle Des Pierres-series of Stones annuals, consisting of clippings (in French), photos and listings gets currently treated with a revision and the first of the new "suprem" editions of the books was just released. This comprises the years 1962/1963 and also takes a look back into the pre-Stones years. The 112 page private publication is truly a labour of love, if you are interested in purchasing this book (or the other finished volumes 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968) then write to Jean Pierre Isaia, Rue Louis Bodin 56, 58640 Varennes-Vauzelles, France.

Book Jean Pierre Isaia Histoire Naturelle Des Pierres 62/63 Suprem Edition, Les Editions Naturelles, France.

Just re-released on CD: The Blues Band's live album Bye Bye Blues, recorded 18.12.82 in London, with special guest Ian Stewart on piano on four songs, incl. the two Chuck Berry compositions Nadine & Don't Lie To Me and the Jimmy Reed classic Big Boss Man. The CD was issued under a new title, with new liner notes, six bonus tracks (unfortunately none of them with Stu on piano) and remastered sound.

CD The Blues Band "Live" (BGO Records BGOCD496)


Judging from the books and TV specials about it, Performance has become one of the ultimate classics of British cinema. The second book in two years about the film has just been released in the Bloomsbury Movie Guide series. In my opinion better than the book by Colin McCabe, this book lists every important and trivia fact about the movie and it's shooting in detail. The author Mick Brown interviewed nearly everyone who had something to do with the making of the movie (e.g. Anita Pallenberg, James Fox, Michele Breton, David Cammell), though unfortunately not Mick Jagger and Nicolas Roeg. Interesting read. 202 pages, paperback, 8 pages of great photos

Book "Bloomsbury Movie Guide No. 6: Mick Brown On Performance", Bloomsbury Paperbacks, London, ISBN 0-7475-4223-6


Same proceeding as last year. Two new Rolling Stones calendars were issued, both in A3 size, spiral bound with an integral hanging loop, a different picture for every month, both coming from the UK. Oliver Books' calendar includes six solo shots of Mick Jagger, three of Keith Richards, one of The Glimmer Twins, one of Mick and Brian ca. 1967 and the same David Bailey shot already featured on the cover. No pictures of Charlie, Ronnie or even Bill or Mick Taylor.

Alligator Books' competing product has a better variety of shots with three solo MJ shots, one of each KR, BW and Woody, and also half a dozen group and live shots which also include the images of Charlie and even MT. I would recommend this one.
Calendar "Rolling Stones Two Thousand & One" (Oliver Books Ltd., London)

Calendar "Rolling Stones 2001 Calendar" (Alligator Books Ltd., London CAL 237) ISBN 1-84239-059-7


Thanks to a mail of Tony Rzepela on the Undercover Mailing List I found out that there's even more remixes from the song Airto of CW/Jim Keltner's recently released album. The plain black sleeved promo includes 7 remixes of this song all done by Modaji or Restless Soul. Four of these remixes were not on the bonus disc of the British release of Charlie Watts/Jim Keltner Project.
Double-12" promo-single Charlie Watts/Jim Keltner Project "Airto" (CyberOctave VHOLPDJ69)

An old release (1995) but a new discovery to me (not included in any reference book yet!) is the recording of Blue Turns To Grey which Andrew Oldham produced with the duo Dick & Dee Dee in December 1964. Their backing band and vocalists were no others than the Rolling Stones! (According to the liner notes they recorded three tracks at all, probably Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind amongst them). Blue Turns To Grey was originally the B-side of a single released in 1965 and was released for the first time on CD on this Best Of-collection.
CD Dick & Dee Dee 'The Best Of Dick & Dee Dee' (Varese Sarabande Records VSD 5576, -USA)

Just released in the UK: A worth-while six-CD box-set with all single releases (A & B-sides) of Andrew Oldham's short-lived 60's label Immediate. In all 162 tracks. (See the picture to the left for all featured artists). Most interesting for Stones-collectors are the songs in which one or more Stones had their hand in the production (e.g. Chris Farlowe, P.P. Arnold or Nicky Scott; the songs of the latter are very hard to find). Also interesting are the productions done by Oldham after he was sacked from the Stones in 1967 (e.g. for Duncan Browne or The Outer Limits). The box comes with a very nice 88-page booklet including the Immediate story and many interesting facts on all the tracks, releases and artists.
6 CD's Various Artists 'The Immediate Singles Collection' (Sequel Records NXTCD 324)

A new book not just for Jeff Beck fans, but also for Ronnie Wood and Rod Stewart fans is "Jeff's Book", a brandnew release about the career of Jeff Beck from 1965 - 1980. The day-by-day chronology includes 40 pages and lots of great pics from Woody's days with the Jeff Beck Group and reveals many facts for the first time. The book consists of 242 pages (A4-size) and costs $29,95.
Book "Jeff's Book" by Christopher Hjort and Doug Hinman (Rock'n Roll Research Press, USA) ISBN 0-9641005-3-3

Another compilation album with Jagger/Richards compositions was just released from the folks at Sequel Records. As with all of these compilations, some songs are interesting and most of them suck. This compilation is no exception. We get treated with five of Chris Farlowe's covers for the umpteenth time, but on the other hand they unearthed a cover of the unheard J/R-song Give Me Your Hand (done by some Teddy Green), which they originally wrote for The Beatles as thank you for the use of I Wanna Be Your Man.
CD Various Artists 'Let's Go Get Stoned' (Sequel Records NEMCD 377)

Charlie strikes again! Judging from his current releases, Charlie Watts is the Stone whose music appeals most to the youth of today. The British version of his new album includes a bonus disc with six remixes by such famous names as Cold Cut and Restless Soul!
2 CD's 'Charlie Watts Jim Keltner Project' (Cyberoctave VHOCDX69)

07/16/00 - 08/14/00
Nico and Johannes will be on summer holidays, separately of course). We will bring you more news after we have had some rest from all this news hunting...
Happy holidays!
..... and let's hope Johannes doesn't have to catch falling Stones again......

Now available in paperback is Ian McLagan's very enjoyable autobiography. Some revisions were made and a foreword (by John Peel) and a very useful discography were added (some guy called Nico Z. helped to compile it!). The Express called it "one of the best music books in years". They were damn right! Softcover, 408 pages, 50 black & white pictures
Book: Ian McLagan "All The Rage" (Pan Books, London; ISBN 0-330-37673-X)

With the Stones and their contemporaries coming of age we get treated with more and more autobiographies. Andrew Oldham's book is only partly about his days with The Stones (second and third volumes are planned), in fact only the second half deals with his Stones years. It's not a biography in the Bill Wyman vein, but more a collection of quotes by Andrew and people who were around at the time like Gene Pitney, Tony Calder, Pete Townshend, Keith Altham, John Paul Jones and Giorgio Gomelsky (yet he only uses second hand material from all members of the Stones and Marianne Faithfull). There are no sensational revelations, but the book is still a fascinating read. Hardcover, 374 pages, some black & white photos.
Book Andrew Loog Oldham "Stoned" (Secker & Warburg, London; ISBN 0-436-28866-4)

Leigh Stephens, in the 60's he was guitarist of Blue Cheer, recorded his first solo album with two of the best piano players ever: Nicky Hopkins and the sixth (who was in fact the second) Stone Ian Stewart. Stu's name is misspelt on the album sleeve as Ian Stuart, but I'm quite positive that it's him. Finally this album from 1969 was re-released on CD.
CD Leigh Stephens "Red Weather" (Akarma AK059, -Italy)

Final vinyl: The third non-CD release of Bill Wyman's protégées The End is a compilation of all leftovers from the years 1969/1970. As usual all songs were produced by Bill Wyman and with the exception of one song (which was released on an obscure Spanish single as a B-side) none of the songs ever saw the light of day before. Good liner notes and Ian Stewart plays piano on one track. Limited to 1000 numbered copies!
LP The End "The Last Word" (Tenth Planet TP047)

Although Mick Taylor thinks that the very first recordings he did were with John Mayall's Bluesbreakers, he'd already recorded one single with his first band The Juniors. He must have been 15 then! The two songs of the single (There's A Pretty Girl/Pocket Size) are now available for the first time on CD on a hard-to-find French compilation album. The booklet also includes a rare photo of MT with The Juniors!
CD Various Artists "Made In England Vol. 2 - British Beat Special 1964 - 69 (LCD 25-2, -France)

According to Paul Brady's website Mick Taylor did a slide overdub for Brady's song Travellin' Light in February 1999 in a London studio. More than one year later Brady's new album is out and includes the track in question. Nothing special, for completists only.
CD Paul Brady 'Oh What A World' (Rykodisc RCD 10490)

When Jim Keltner helped out on percussion during the B2B-sessions in 1997 he played some of his homemade tapes to Charlie Watts and then Charlie played between Stones sessions along to the tapes. After the European Tour in 1998 Charlie took the tapes to Paris to edit and mix them and two weeks ago (May 23) the project was finally released in the US. The 9 tracks on the finished album are all titled after Charlie's and Jim's drums heroes. The music is not traditional Jazz or something similar as one could have expected but techno and World Beat-influenced! There's two guest spots of MJ on keyboards and KR on guitar, but this surely doesn't make this album a Stones thing!
CD "Charlie Watts Jim Keltner Project" (Cyberoctave Music cocd 48695, USA)


I guess this could get a very rare collector's item. This months Guitarrista-magazin from Spain includes a free CD supplement which includes an otherwise unavailable track from Mick Taylor. Unfortunately the instrumental called Blues Road is very short - it clocks in at 1.10. (This CD was also released in another Guitarrist-mag from either USA or the U.K. in March 2000 together with a short MT-interview!)
Magazine "Guitarrista" Numero 21 (May 2000) with free CD (GTR 021 CD, Spain)


Last Monday saw the release of the third official Rhythm Kings-album. With nearly the same cover layout as the single you have to look twice if you buy the real thing. The executives from the new record company seem to be funny blokes as they put Mick Taylors name on the front cover, although Mick plays on just one track (which was already available on the single). Did they mix him up with Terry (or Martin?) Taylor who is all over the album or do they try to fool the purchasers, faking some kind of reunion from ex-Stones?

Anyway, the sound is even more retro, sometimes sounding like Willie And The Poor Boys and sometimes like lounge music. Although this is not a bad album I prefer their second one (Anyway The Wind Blows).

CD Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings ' Groovin' ' (Roadrunner Records RR 8544-2)


Sometimes it has to take more than ten years before your session work pops up on an official release. Mick Taylor did his part for Majic Ship's cover version of the Jagger/Richards-ballad Tell Me in New Jersey in 1990. The song was now released as bonus track on the brandnew Majic Ship-CD which you can order through their website. Other musicians included on this track are the late great Nicky Hopkins and Cher (!) on lead vocals.

CD Majic Ship "Songwaves Project" (CBM Records CBM001, -USA)


New Millennium, who were digging deep in the archives of Ronnie Lane in recent years and also re-released Mahoney's Last Stand with five Faces-outtakes (disguised as Mahoney's leftovers) as bonus tracks are back on track with another Ronnie Wood-release. Although there was the official live album Slide On Live from Woody's 1992 US tour/1993 Japan-tour, we get treated here with another one, although this is probably more of an official bootleg. The songs on the album were recorded for a WNEW radio show in New York's Electric Lady Studios and live in San Diego, although the cover claims Austin as source instead. The first 5000 copies get delivered with a 5-track bonus-CD with three more tracks from San Diego and two tracks from New York, The Ritz taken from an audience recording (!). All songs were already available on a variety of underground releases so it's doubtful if Ronnie Wood was personally involved in the compilation of this album, although the "thanks to Ronnie Wood"-credit tries to make us believe.

- Show Me (Electric Lady Studios, New York City, 2.11.92)

- Flying (Electric Lady Studios, New York City, 2.11.92)

- Testify (Electric Lady Studios, New York City, 2.11.92)

- Pretty Beat Up (Electric Lady Studios, New York City, 2.11.92)

- Always Wanted More (Electric Lady Studios, New York City, 2.11.92)

- Breathe On Me (Electric Lady Studios, New York City, 2.11.92)

- Silicone Grown (Electric Lady Studios, New York City, 2.11.92)

- Black Limousine (Electric Lady Studios, New York City, 2.11.92)

- Little Red Rooster (Electric Lady Studios, New York City, 2.11.92)

- Stay With Me (Electric Lady Studios, New York City, 2.11.92)

- Josephine (San Diego, California 16.11.92)

- I'm Losing You (San Diego, California 16.11.92)

- It's Only Rock'n Roll (San Diego, California 16.11.92)

- Flying (San Diego, California 16.11.92)

- Silicone Grown (San Diego, California 16.11.92)

- Stay With Me (San Diego, California 16.11.92)

- Somebody Else Might (New York City, The Ritz 31.10.92)

- I Can Feel The Fire (New York City, The Ritz 31.10.92)

CD Ronnie Wood "Live And Eclectic" (Burning Airline Records PILOT 70)

2 CD's Ronnie Wood "Live And Eclectic" incl. Bonus-CD (Burning Airline Records PILOT 70X)

Note: Thanks to Chris M. for many of the informations used above. Visit his recommended website.


Johannes already mentioned the Rhythm Kings official bootleg CD. It was available on the merchandising table during the recent Rhythm Kings-tour. The price was very reasonable (on DM 25,-, normally CD's sell in Germany between DM 30 - 35) and you will like what you get. It includes nine tracks from the 1998 European Tour, from different venues, so we can assume that most (or all?) gigs in October 1998 were professionally recorded. Probably for contractual reasons the cover doesn't mention the official group name Rhythm Kings. Contents:

- Let The Good Times Roll (Copenhagen 21.10.98)

- Stagger Lee (Copenhagen 21.10.98)

- Mystery Train (Paris 12.10.98)

- Rockin' Pneumonia And The Boogie Woogie Flu (Cologne 15.10.98)

- Hit The Road Jack/Fever (Copenhagen 21.10.98)

- Georgia On My Mind (Oslo 24.10.98)

- Land Of 1000 Dances/Tequila (Copenhagen 21.10.98)

- Good Golly Miss Molly (Copenhagen 20.10.98)

- Tear It Up (Copenhagen 21.10.98)

CD The Rhythm Kings "Bootleg Kings Live In Europe" (Ripple Records RIPCD 001)


Happy Easter! Nico's moving to another flat, so we will be back with new collector's items next week. If you get the chance to see the Rhythm Kings live somewhere, buy the Bootleg Kings CD. It's worth it.


Last Monday saw the release of The Rhythm Kings single Groovin'. This is not only interesting for Bill Wyman-fans but also for the Taylorites as it includes the second of his contributions to the Rhythm Kings (the first was on Anyway The Wind Blows). If we can believe the sleevenotes only Groovin' will be on the upcoming album, so this single is a must for collectors to get the two other tracks Can't Get My Rest At Night and Gambler's Lament (with Terry Taylor on lead vocals for a change).

CD-single: Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings "Groovin'" (Roadrunner Records RR 2104-3)


Maybe this is not the newest release but I haven't seen it before. A shaped CD (group shot ca. 1994) with a Jagger/Watts interview done by Tom Donahue in March 1971, shortly before the release of Sticky Fingers. The interview lasts only 17 minutes and isn't very interesting from today's point of view but the shape looks quite nice and is limited to 10000 copies.

Shaped-CD "An Interview With The Rolling Stones" (Sonotec S1130, -Germany)


Among the songs Mick produced for ex-Ikette P.P. Arnold in 1966/67 was also a duet with the (by then)  rather unknown singer Rod Stewart. The song remained unreleased until it popped up on an obscure Faces (!) compilation-album in 1975. Later it resurfaced as a CD-only bonus-track on a hard-to-find Immediate compilation. Now it was released for the third time on a brandnew Rod Stewart- compilation which consists of all known Rod releases (with exception of the Jeff Beck Group-tracks) from the 60's. Guitar and bass on the song in question (Come Home Baby) plays Keith Richards which makes this song even more interesting.

The two CD's include also two of the three known tracks from Quiet Melon, the embyronic Faces-outfit from 1969, with Ronnie Wood on guitar.

This nice compilation also comes with a bonus CD-Rom with Rod Stewart-photos and a 48-pages booklet full of great liner notes, photos and interviews.

2+1 CD-box Rod Stewart "1964-1969" (New Millennium Communications PILOT 44)


Over his website Pete Townshend has released a boxset worth of songs dedicated to the glory of Meher Baba, Pete's longtime spriritual leader. Among the songs on CD 3 "with love" is a very clean version of Just For A Moment, which is a Ron Wood/Ronnie Lane-song that many of you already know from Mahoney's Last Stand. Apart from the great (direct from the mastertape?) quality Stonesfans won't find anything new on Pete's set of mostly unreleased gems. By the way, Pete isn't even credited on Mahoney's for playing on this track (but on two others). So this is either a mistake or Pete put a song on his album on which he isn't even playing.  The box is limited to 2000 copies.

4-CD-Box: Pete Townshend "Avatar" (1999 Eel Pie Recordings Productions Ltd.)


1998 saw the European release of Mick Taylor's A Stones' Throw with ten songs and an ugly cover. 1999 saw the release of a Japanese version with two bonus tracks and a beautiful cover shot and this year we get the third different release of this album, this time from the USA with a mediocre cover shot, the same 10 songs as on the European release, but two songs (Never Fall In Love Again + Lost In The Desert) in different (remixed) versions. Can't wait for 2001 when Australia will release it's own version...

CD: Mick Taylor "A Stones' Throw" (Cannonball Records CBD 29113, -USA)


Another Japanese release came in: The re-release of the very useful compilation The Rolling Stones Works. It includes many of the compositions the Stones gave in the 60's to other artists and also some tracks with their involvement, like the famous Stu-Ball. All in all 18 tracks. This album was already released in 1989, here's the chance to get it when you missed it 10 years ago.

CD: Various Artists "The Rolling Stones Works" (Deram POCD 1990, -Japan)


Everyone talks about the Sister Morphine release Could You Walk On Water?, a release with interesting mid-60's stereo takes. Many of you will remember that there was a VGP-release some years ago with (nearly) the same title which IMO is much more interesting for it's contents (never heard before 70's-outtakes) but the sound (speed problems) sucked. By coincidence VGP just released an upgrade of their Could You Walk On The Water? under the title Fast Talking in much better sound. Apart from the title track we get gems like You Should Have Seen Her Ass, an early Waiting On A Friend (with great falsetto singing) and a bunch of instrumentals in never heard quality (although still far from perfect).

CD: The Rolling Stones "Fast Talking" (Vinyl Gang VGP-237).


A new compilation was released in Japan on the 2nd February which includes 16 tracks which are connected with the Rolling Stones in one way or another, either with former bands, as composers, producer, sessions guests, you name it. It includes 4 songs by Woody's first band The Birds, 5 songs of Mick Taylor with John Mayall's Bluesbreakers, 3 songs of Bobbie Miller produced by Bill Wyman, two Marianne Faithfull tracks and more. Some of the songs are rare (Bobbie Miller), some aren't (Mayall). This CD is worth-while but no must-have.

CD: Various Artists "The Rolling Stones Connection" (Deram POCD-1558, Japan)


Of course, THIS book review is a must for me: Stoneware Publ. just released the second update of my own book about all known sessions, concerts, releases, TV and radio appearances of the Stones and solo in 1962 - 1975, similar to my website, but with some specials like very helpful indexes and more. The new edition has now 267 pages and should be helpful to all collectors of records, videos, tapes, etc.

You can order this book by writing a snail mail letter to Stoneware Publishing, P.O.Box 13 03 07, D-20103 Hamburg, Germany or by e-mail. DM 35,- + postage.

Book: Nico Zentgraf "The Rolling Stones Complete Works Vol. 1, 1962 - 1975 - Update 2000" (Stoneware Publishing, Hamburg)


Lots of Stones collectors also collect the work of The Faces. Just out in England is a new book about Rod Stewart, which, as most Rod-books do, concentrates on the years 1964-1976. As everyone knows Woody spent his time with Rod in two bands (Jeff Beck Group 1967 - 69 and The Faces 1969-75) before he joined the Stones and also played on all of Rod's soloalbums from 1969 - 1974. This means that the story in this book is partly also Woody's story, it also includes many photos with Woody. 144 pages, hardcover, 16.99 English pounds.

Book: Lloyd Bradley "Rod Stewart - The Illustrated Biography" (Aurum Press Ltd., London), ISBN 1-85410-657-0.


Thanks to Felix I learned that between the flood of new John Mayall releases there's one double-CD which includes two minutes of new live material with Mick Taylor. It was recorded (or better filmed) in June 1969 on Mick's last tour with The Bluesbreakers, only one good week before he was presented to the media as the new Stones guitarist. The problem with the song in question (Parchman Farm) is that the quality sounds worse than on most circulating bootlegs and it isn't even complete (it's only the song's ending bit). Recommended for completists only!

Double-CD: John Mayall "The Masters" (Eagle Records EDM CD 071, -U.K.)


Waka and Werner made me aware of a Best Of-CD from Billy Preston which was released in Japan-only in March 1998 and includes two live tracks recorded on the Stones 1973 European Tour, where Billy was the all night supporting act and had no other than Mick Taylor on lead guitar. This CD includes two songs which weren't on the official live album from 1974 (which has sadly not been re-released on CD until today): an alternate take of Let It Be and a longer version of That's The Way God Planned It (this was already released in a shorter version on the hard to find Best Of-album "The Best" in 1982, but also on vinyl-only).

CD: Billy Preston "Digitally Remastered Best" (A&M Records POCM-1580, -Japan)


Think I have to buy a new shelf. The continous string of book releases doesn't seem to end. Just got a new book from the US 'The People In The News'-series. This series deals with throwaway biographies about people like Bill Gates, Steven Spielberg, Michael Jordan, etc. and now with The Rolling Stones. This hardcover book, simply titled "The Rolling Stones" has the whole career of the Stones covered on just 96 pages, covering nearly every important subject like Brian's death or Altamont on one or two lousy pages. Of course this book must be crap and it is!

Book: Stuart A. Kallen "The Rolling Stones" (Lucent Books, San Diego) ISBN 1-56006-435-8


Everyone talks about this book and my mailman just rang twice and brought me a parcel from with the Classic Rock Albums-book about one of my (and probably everybody's) favourite Stones album Exile On Main St. Author John Perry narrates the story behind the album, interviewed among others Anita Pallenberg, goes through all the songs and collected some interesting contemporary reviews of the album. As with most books I had no time to read it yet, but it looks very interesting at first sight.

Some more facts: paperback, 140 pages, $14,95, about twenty black & white pictures, among them some interesting shots from the 1972 US tour.

Book: John Perry "Exile On Main St." (Schirmer Books, New York City). ISBN 0-02-865063-8.


The link between The Dirty Strangers and Keith 'n Ronnie is their old pal Prince Stash Klossowski who produced the Strangers first album in 1987 (and even produced two accompanying promofilms in Woody's house). The original album (called 'The Dirty Strangers') had KR on guitar on six tracks and Ronnie on three others.These 9 tracks were now re-released (on the 6th September) with the rest of the original first album and a second live bonus disc.

Double-CD: The Dirty Strangers 'Diamonds' (Almaframe Alma CD8, -UK).


Out now for the first time on CD (as far as I know) is Ian Stewart's earliest sessionwork for another group, The Downliners Sect. He was brought in to the Sect through Andrew Oldham to play piano on One Ugly Child, a song which ended up on their debut album "The Sect" in 1964. This album has now been re-released (together with their second album) on CD.

BTW Leader of The Downliners Sect was Don Craine who plays nowadays with Art Wood in The Quiet Melon (see entry for 06/01/99).

CD: Downliners Sect "The Sect/The Rock Sect's In" (See For Miles Records SEECD 697)