Nico, Johannes and Kevin wish you a Cosmic Christmas and and a great Stones-year 2007.
We'll be back with more collector's news in early January.


It took a long time to finally re-release this hard-to-find Ben Sidran-album from 1971. Charlie Watts drums (along to Peter Frampton on guitar) on one track called The Blues In England. Available here.
CD by Ben Sidran "Feel Your Groove" (Acadia/Evangeline Records ACA 8120)


Eagle just re-released John Mayall's last four albums in a boxset. Most interesting is an added fifth disc which includes previously unreleased live recordings from Mayall's personal collection of soundboard recordings. Mick Taylor plays on two of these tracks: Help Me from 1969 and an instrumental shuffle from 1983. Available here.
5-CD-box by John Mayall "Essentially" (Eagle Rock Entertainment 119.0340.030)


A very nice new photo book for the X-mas market: It includes 365 A5-sized photos, many unseen and an anecdote to each, many unread to date. Hardcover, 740 pages, recommended. Available here.
Book by Getty Images & Simon Wells "365 Days - The Rolling Stones" (Harry N. Abrams Inc., New York, ISBN 0-8109-3088-9)


This new interview-disc from the UK includes a 90-minute interview with Keith Richards by Kris Needs, done in March 1983 at Savoy Hotel, London to promote the Let's Spend The Night Together-movie. Available here.
CD "Keith Richards - The Classic Interview" (Chrome Dreams CIS 2015)


This new Stones In The Park-release from the UK is as interesting as its French counterpart (see entry of May 28). Restored picture and the three new tracks, but also some interesting bonus stuff, which is different to the bonus on the French release: An unseen interview with Wyman and Watts from March 1971, Jagger's famous "World In Action" TV-interview of May 1967 and some more. Available here.
DVD by The Rolling Stones "The Stones In The Park" (Network 7952512)


Some new sessionwork by Ronnie Wood. He plays on the debut album of US guitarist Jimmy McIntosh on five tracks (mostly instrumentals, incl. a cover version of Slave). Other guests on the album are Jeff Beck and Ivan, Cyril & Art Neville. Available here.
CD by Jimmy McIntosh "Orleans To London" (ESC Records ESC 03713-2)


The New Barbarians Go Nutz! One of the all-time classic bootlegs is finally officially available, on Ronnie Wood's own Wooden Records label. Unfortunately the only source to this great concert seems to be soundtrack to a professional shot film of this gig. So we get a remastered version of this soundtrack instead of a properly mixed multi-track recording. So what, this is rock'n roll at its most debauchering, the band sounds totally wired and wasted, but great. Like a punk outfit with a funky ryhthm section. Absolutely fabulous! Get it if you don't already have it. Available here.
2 CD's by The New Barbarians "Buried Alive - Live In Maryland" (Wooden Records CDWDN2)


Book-news round-up #1: Robert Greenfield wrote the must-have cult-book Stones Touring Party in 1974. More than 30 years later he did another book about his times with the Rolling Stones (1971/72). This one's about the notorious Exile-sessions. Unfortunately it's not as comprehensive and interesting as S.T.P., some mistakes, but still a good read. Hardcover, 258 pages, only five photos (by Michael Cooper). Available here.
Book by Robert Greenfield "Exile On Main St. - A Season In Hell With The Rolling Stones" (Da Capo Press, Cambridge, ISBN 978-0-306-81433-4)


Book-news round-up #2: Alan Clayson already did a whole series of biographies on each member of the Stones. Now he released a discography, which comes in a CD-sized paperback with 464 pages. Most interesting for me are the line-ups which are given here to every released song. Clayson won't reveal his sources, but has interesting infos about bass-players, keyboardists and percussionists for example. But can we trust him, when he lists Jagger as lead vocalist for Coming Down Again or Wyman as bass-player on Fingerprint File? Probably not. Available here.
Book by Alan Clayson "The Rolling Stones Album File & Complete Discography" (Cassell Illustrated , London, ISBN 1-84403-494-1)


Book-news round-up #3: The first Rolling Stones-book on demand. It's available either as a reasonable download in .pdf or as rather expensive hardcover book. It includes remembrances, concert reviews and pictures by the author on 213 pages. For die hards. Available here.
Book by Ronald Blank "Rolling Stones Rule! 1965 - 2006" (ISBN 978-1-4116-9886-4)


The expanded version of Keith Moon's soloalbum includes three more tracks from the sessions which Ronnie Wood attended at Clover Studios, L.A., in early September 1975. For die hard Woody-collectors. Available here.
2 CD's by Keith Moon "Two Sides Of The Moon" (Castle Music/Sanctuary CMEDD1068)


The first book about the great but short living Jeff Beck Group. It includes many interesting tidbits and facts about Ronnie Wood's days with them, as he was playing bass there for most of the time of 1967 - 1969. Paperback, 202 pages, but only four pages of b&w pictures. Available here.
Book by Dave Thompson "Truth... Rod Stewart, Ron Wood And The Jeff Beck Group" (Cherry Red Books, London. ISBN 1-901447-60-X)


One more for the shelf: This new Stones-book comes as part of the "Rough Guides"- series. A series of books which gives a first overlook about an artist without going too much into the deep. It includes a run through the history and chapters about Stones albums, aides, places, women, myths, websites, you name it. All on 304 pages in a 7" paperback. For starters and die hards only. Available here.
Book by Sean Egan "The Rough Guide To The Rolling Stones" (Rough Guides Ltd., London. ISBN 1-84353-719-2)


The Killer is back! It took about four years to complete this great Jerry Lee Lewis & Friends duet-album, but it came out very well. Most interesting for Stones-fans is his duet with Mick Jagger on MJ's own composition Evening Gown (also Ronnie Wood on guitar!) and his duet with KR (who also plays guitar) on That Kind Of Fool. Other guests include Rod Stewart, Bruce Springsteen, Kid Rock (duetting on Honky Tonk Women), Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, John Fogerty and many other great artists. Recommended. Available here.
CD by Jerry Lee Lewis "Last Man Standing" (Artists First AFT-20001-2, -US)


The best Rolling Stones singles-discography since the Weissbuch was just released here in Germany. In this hardcoverbook you will find all singles-releases of their Decca/London-period from 50 different countries (incl. such less-known markets like Iran, Congo and Bolivia!) on 370 pages, with 1100 (!) colour photos of all interesting front- and backcovers and labels, and of course with all relevant info accompanying them. This is an absolute must have and I can't wait for volume 2 (due out in Fall 2007 with all singles beyond Decca/London) Available here.
Book by Christoph Maus "Rolling Stones Worldwide I - An Anthology Of Singles & EP Releases 1963 - 1971" (Maus Of Music Books MoM 004. ISBN 978-3-9809137-3-7)


For the first time in more than a decade Bill Wyman and Charlie Watts worked together as a rhythm unit. They recorded two instrumentals in 2005, backing their old friend Peter Frampton. One of these tracks (titled Cornerstones) was just released on Frampton's new album. Available here.
CD by Peter Frampton "Fingerprints" (Steamhammer/SPV 97872 CD)


This new DVD includes a 76 min.-documentary from 2005 about Brian Jones. It includes lots of well-known footage from the 60's, but also a new
Bill Wyman-interview and in the bonus section a rare and unseen 17-minute Charlie Watts-interview in colour from 1966. Available here.
DVD by Richard Driscoll "Brian Jones & Les Rolling Stones" (dts
FI314272, France)


This nice new compilation includes nearly all known Jagger/Richards-cover versions in German language incl. many rare ones which have never been put to compact disc before. The CD includes 23 covers from German, Austrian and Swiss artists and comes with a big booklet (40 pages) with background infos to all those songs (of which some are cool, some okay, some dreadful). Available here.
CD by Various Artists "Ein Herz aus Stein - Rolling Stones Songs auf deutsch" (Bear Family Records BCD 16667)


Reg King, ex-singer of 60's outfit The Action, released his first solo album in 1971. Mick Taylor plays on one track (Savannah). This album was finally released now on CD and includes a previously unavailable twelve minute long version of this song (unfortunately substituting the orginal take). Available here.
CD by Reg King "Reg King" (Circle Records CPW C106)


Book news round-up #3: Photographer Bent Rej was on tour with the Stones from March 65 thru May 66. This great photo book has 300 photographs on 320 pages which are according to Bill Wyman: "The finest single collection of Stones photographs I have ever seen". Available here.
Book by Bent Rej "Rolling Stones - In The Beginning" (Mitchell Beazley Books, ISBN 1-84000-648-X)


Book news round-up #2: This very nice coffeetable book could be found in the merchandising stalls on the current tour. It includes lots of great photos on excellent paper. You could say it's the extended version (88 pages) of the official A Bigger Bang Tour-tourprogramme. Available here.
Book "The Rolling Stones A Bigger Bang" (Uptownedition)


Book news round-up #1: This new discography was just released in Japan and includes all info and colour photos of front sleeves, back sleeves, inner sleeves and labels of all US and UK vinyls from their first album in 1964 up to Rarities in 2005 on 168 pages. Available here.
Book by D-ji Nakano "The Rolling Stones Vinyl Made In UK & US" (Strange Days, - Japan. ISBN 03-3524-4330)


Tribute CD's news round-up #4: This tribute album (dedicated to Jimmy MIller!) includes the first known cover version of Hand Of Fate which is an evidence for good taste. The songs were sung in by an unnamed soul diva and include Mel Collins on sax. Available here.
CD by Uncle Ray "In Line With Mr Jimmy" (Singer Records 202)


Tribute CD's news round-up #3: This cheapo tribute album can be found in the shelves of your local super market. A studio band trying to let the 15 cover versions sound just like the originals. There is no point in buying this crap, unless you are a die hard collector. More info here.
CD by The Lip Sticks "The Music Of The Rolling Stones" (Promo Sound Ltd. PS 1732 CD)


Tribute CD's news round-up #2: This new compilation of cover versions from various artists through the years includes 16 tracks. Although one of the tracks (Gimme Shelter by Baby Rasta Band) is just a namesake and no Jagger/Richards-composition, the other 15 tracks include some nice and some rare tracks. Available here.
CD by Various Artists "Tribute To The Rolling Stones" (Euro Trend CD 142.221)


Tribute CD's news round-up #1: This Japanese album was just released to tie in with the Stoned-movie in tribute to Brian Jones and includes eight tracks dedicated to Brian. They are not cover versions but originals with titles such as Golden Stone or Like A Broken Stone. Available here.
CD by Various Artists "A Tribute To Brian Jones" (Avex Entertainment AVCF-22939, -Japan)


A nice promo-CD was given out by tour sponsor American Express in cooperation with EMI. An eight-track-CD in a digi pack with studio and live songs ranging from Exile to A Bigger Bang (click on the photo to the left to see the tracklist).
Promotional CD "The Rolling Stones" (EMI 3648712.0094636487120)


Something for the die hard collectors: An Italian magazine for starters of the English language has Keith Richards on the cover of its current issue, a three pages-interview inside and even more interesting a supplementary CD which includes the interview as a 3-minute audio file. More info here.
Magazine with CD "Speak Up" (Promedia 2000 Srl, issue July 2006, no7 (256), -Italy)


Keith Richards' sister-in-law Marsha Hansen just released a book about spirituals with an accompanying CD. The first seven songs on this CD were recorded at KR's homestudio in Connecticut and feature the man himself on guitar. The spirituals sound roughly like Just Wanna See His Face meets The Wingless Angels. Available here.
Book with CD by Marsha Hansen "My Soul Is A Witness" (Augsburg Books, -US. ISBN 0-8066-5285-3)


Just re-released on DVD was Taylor Hackford's great documentary about Chuck Berry, filmed mostly in Fall 1986, around Chuck's 60th birthday, especially at two concerts given for the occasion. Musical director and second guitarist of Chuck's band was none other than his admirer Keith Richards. This new release comes with a bonus-DVD with many more footage of KR playing and rehearsing with Mr. Berry, who gave KR (according to his words in this docu) more headaches than Mick Jagger! Recommended. Available here.
2 DVD's by Chuck Berry "Hail! Hail! Rock'n Roll" (Image Entertainment 3080THDVD, -US)


A third single from A Bigger Bang was timed in with the start of the European Tour. We can argue about the choice for the A-side, but most interesting for collectors are the two previously unreleased-on-CD B-sides (both songs were officially released on the Four Flicks-DVD though) Dance and Before They Make Me Run live from Paris, Olympia July 11, 2003. Available here.
CD-single by The Rolling Stones "Biggest Mistake" (Virgin VSCDX 1914)


An interesting compilation album of Ronnie Wood's solo and band activities which gives a great overview over his complete career of 40+ years was just released on two discs. Most interesting are two previously unreleased tracks, one of them with Rod Stewart on lead vocals. Available here.
2 CD's by Ronnie Wood "Anthology - The Essential Crossexion" (EMI 5639552)


Just re-released was Ronnie Lane's and Pete Townshend's collaboration from 1977. Ian Stewart and Charlie Watts are on two of the album's regular tracks. This new edition has three interesting bonus tracks, albeit without any detailled credits in the booklet about the personnel on them. Judging by ears it is very likely that at least Silly Little Man has Ian Stewart on piano, but Charlie Watts could also be on at least one of them as well. A lot of specualation, but a good album anyway. Available here.
CD by Pete Townshend & Ronnie Lane "Rough Mix" (Revisited Records REV 036/SPV 304 852 CD)


French book news round up #3: A very nice new photo book containing lots of nice live shots and memorabilia from the 1982 European tour on 102 pages, fully coloured. Available here.
Book by Marine Guillier "Fan Des Rolling Stones - Carnet De Concerts" (Cheminements, France. ISBN 2844783945)


French book news round up #2: A small pocket paperback with the Rolling Stones history on mere 78 pages and 8 photos. For die hard collectors only. Available here.
Book by Philippe Margotin "Il Etait Un Fois... The Rolling Stones" (Editions de la Lagune, France. ISBN 2-84969-031-7)


French book news round up #1: Some kind of A-Z Rolling Stones encyclopedia. From A Bigger Bang to Zulu/Zip Mouth Angel this book explains many characters, songs, albums, etc. from the Rolling Stones history. 318 pages on paperback, many nice photos. Available here.
Book by Daniel Ichbiah "L'Integrale Rolling Stones" (City Editions, France. ISBN 2-915320-98-5)


A new archive recording with supposedly Ronnie Wood on guitar: On Rick Danko's retrospective compilation Cryin' Heart Blues is one track with the guitars credited to Ron, Eric and Pete. We can guess that those guitarists are surnamed Wood, Clapton and Townshend. Recorded in 1976 or 1977 during recording sessions for either Eric Clapton's or Rick Danko's then contemporary releases, but unreleased until now. Available here.
CD by Rick Danko "Cryin' Heart Blues" (Other Peoples Music CD-OPM-6601)


Austrian bluesband Bluespumpm just released a 30th anniversary double album with lots of guests, among them Mick Taylor on three live tracks from 2004 (incl. No Expectations). Available here.
2 CD's by Bluespumpm "Dirty Thirty - Open Hearts" (edel-musica 0000824X, -Austria)


DVD News-Round-Up #5: The A.I.M.S-concert of February 1988 was now re-released on DVD and includes some bonus footage: An introduction by Bill Wyman and footage from the rehearsals. Also with Ronnie Wood on guitar and some vocals. Available here.
DVD by All Star Band "The A.I.M.S. Gala - Live At The Royal Albert Hall" (Warner Music Vision 2564 63166 2)


DVD News-Round-Up #4: A documentary about Chess Records then and now. Most interesting for Stonesfans: Some footage from Robert Frank's film Cocksucker Blues which was not officially available by now. Available here.
DVD by Mark Levin "Godfathers And Sons" (SDVD 546)


DVD News-Round-Up #3: In September 1965 German filmmaker Jürgen Roland filmed the arrival of the Stones in Germany and put this footage in his movie "4 Schlüssel (4 Keys)". The movie of 1966 was just released on DVD for the first time. Available here.
DVD/movie "4 Schlüssel" (e-m-s 115 952, -Germany)


DVD News-Round-Up #2: A cheap new 1-hour documentary from the US about the history of the Stones. As the producers don't have any copyrights for Stones-music, we only see stills of the Stones and hear no Stones music at all! For completists only. Available here.
DVD The Rolling Stones "On The Rock Trail" (Delta 82859, -US)


DVD News-Round-Up #1: Just re-released was the all-time-classic "The Stones In The Park" from Granada TV. For the first time it's said to include some interesting bonus footage: three unedited songs, an interview and a documentary. Only available in France by now, but soon also in the UK. Available here.
DVD The Rolling Stones "The Stones In The Park" (Naive Vision 3 298490 970027 , -France)


Bill Wyman News-Round-Up #5: All Willie And The Poor Boys-songs from their two albums (studio 1985 and live 1992) have just been re-relaesed on one double-album. Again, no rarities, no unreleased tracks. Available here.
2 CD's by Willie And The Poor Boys "Poor Boy Boogie - The Willie And The Poor Boys Anthology" (Castle Communications CMQDD1307)


Bill Wyman News-Round-Up #4: A new compilation of BW's solorecordings was just released on 2 CD's. Disc 1 comprises a choice of songs from his first three solo albums, disc 2 from his albums with his two bands Willie And The Poor Boys and The Rhythm Kings. Unfortunately no new or rare songs... Available here.
2 CD's by Bill Wyman "A Stone Alone - The Solo Anthology 1974 - 2002" (Sanctuary Records SMEDD234)


Bill Wyman News-Round-Up #3: Bill's self-produced movie of 1983 sees finally a release on DVD. Most interesting apart from the movie itself is the bonus section with a making-of and new interview with BW about the filming. Available here.
DVD/movie by Bill Wyman "Digital Dreams" (1983) (Classic Pictures DVD 8054 X)


Bill Wyman News-Round-Up #2: Bill produced Moon's Train, the band of the first Stones drummer Tony Chapman and Peter Frampton in the mid-60's. There is already a good compilation on CD (Moon's Train, Inakustik, 1996), but this includes four more tracks, which were only available on vinyl by now. Available here.
CD by Moon's Train "The Life I Lead - Rare Recordings 1965 - 1967" (Castle Communications CMQCD 1250)


Bill Wyman News-Round-Up #1: Recently re-released was a Tucky Buzzard-compilation with all tracks of their first three albums. Their first album was produced by BW and includes sessionwork on two tracks by Mick Taylor. Their second album was also produced by Wyman. Only their third album lacks any Stones-relations. The title of the album is a joke, as all songs were recorded in 1970/1971. Better get the real single albums in the shop on, but if you need this compilation then check here.
2 CD's by Tucky Buzzard "Time Will Be Your Doctor - Rare Recordings 1972 - 1973" (Castel Communications CMEDD 1249)


A new DVD-version of French film-maker Jean-Luc Godard's movie One Plus One was just released in France under it's alternative title, this time with interesting bonus stuff: the rare documentary film Voices about Godard which is said to include some alternative footage from the Sympathy-sessions (incl. the burning Olympic Studios). Available here.
DVD/movie by Jean-Luc Godard "Sympathy For The Devil" (1968) (Carlotta Films 794905, France)


Bill Wyman and his "Rolling With The Stones"-co-author Richard Havers compiled a nice book with about 150 caricatures and cartoons about The Rolling Stones. Also added are some explanations by Bill and some collected quotes of The Stones and contemporaries. Hardcover, 160 pages. Available here.
Book by Bill Wyman & Richard Havers "The Stones - A History In Cartoons" (Sutton Publishing, -England. ISBN 0-7509-4248-7)


An interesting new DVD from Sweden includes some previously unseen footage from a colour private movie, showing Mick, Keith and Brian on a party in Malmo in late June 1965. The rest of the 1-hour documentary shows some more Stones in Sweden-footage from TV-sources and interviews with Stonesfans who met the Stones in Malmo 1965. Available here.
DVD "Rolling Like A Stone" (Auto Images, -Sweden)


A brandnew bootleg guide from Japan lists and displays more than 1.000 underground records up to the year 1995 (Voodoo Lounge [Tour]). 436 pages, ca. 1000 black & white covershots. A nice reference book, even if you don't speak Japanese. Available here.
Book by Hara Katsushi "The Rolling Stones Bootleg Guide 1961 - 1995" (Art Days, -Japan. ISBN 4-86119-055-X)


Nico, Kev and Johannes wish you all a Happy Easter!
Rabbits Delight


Some weird collectors item from Germany: A greeting card (!) which includes a VCD with a short (5 minutes!) biography about Mick Jagger (with fast edited footage from the last 40 years). It gets sold in drugstores and similar outlets.
Greeting card with VCD "Mick Jagger - Video-Biografie" (Intergreeting O. Schott Verlag Starkarten SK15, -Germany)


For the first time available on compact disc: The long deleted album by B.B. Blunder from 1971, which includes one track with Mick Taylor on slide (New Day). Available here (type in Blunder in the search-engine on the upper left).
CD by B.B. Blunder "Workers' Playtime" (Long Hair LHC00046, -Germany)


Finally released (but unfortunately only in Japan by now) is Ronnie Spector's long awaited comeback-album. Keith plays guitar on two tracks. He also speaks Ike Turner's part on It's Gonna Work Out Fine, which sounds cool as cool can. Recommended. Available here.
CD by Ronnie Spector "The Last Of The Rock Stars" (Victor VICP-63339 , -Japan)


Chris Jagger just release a new album with his band Atcha. Not only the nice duet with his brother Mick (who also plays the harmonica) but the whole album is excellent. Available here.
CD by Chris Jagger's Atcha "Act Of Faith" (SPV 78572, -Germany)


Bernard Fowler, backing singer with the Rolling Stones entourage since 1989, just released his first proper solo album in Japan. Ronnie Wood plays guitar on two tracks, other guests are Lisa Fischer, Darryl Jones, Ivan Neville, Kid Rock, Doug Wimbish, Waddy Wachtel and many others. Also on the album is a cover version of Wild Horses (but without RW). Available here.
CD by Bernard Fowler "Friends With Privileges" (Village Records VRCP 12002, -Japan)


The 3-song halftime show of the Stones from the NFL Super Bowl was just released on DVD in the US. Available here.
DVD "NFL Super Bowl XL - Pittsburgh Steelers Championship DVD" (Warner Home Movie 80199, -US)


Two more albums with cover versions, both just released in Japan: Paint It Black is a compilation with 20 tracks through the years from well known artists and Respect includes 12 brandnew tracks from Japanese artists. See for tracklistings here and here.
CD's by Various Artists "Paint It Black" (Toshiba TOCP-67880, -Japan) & "Respect The Stones" (GNCL-1049, -Japan)


Q and Mojo are probably the two best (rock-)music magazines in the world. Together they just released a special issue on the Rolling Stones in the U.K. Available here. 148 pages, lots of rare and unseen photos. Recommended.
Magazine by Q/Mojo "The Rolling Stones, Classic, Rare & Unseen" (EMAP Metro Ltd., England)


A new cheap "tribute"-album, including some previously rarely or never covered tracks like Mixed Emotions, Anybody Seen My Baby, Hot Stuff or Don't Stop and also 10 other songs we prefer to hear from the Stones. It's sold in Schlecker-drugstores in Germany or via their website (type in "Brown Sugar Guys" in the "suchen"-search-engine). Available here. Collectors only.
CD "The Brown Sugar Guys Perform Hits Of The Rolling Stones" (Sony/BMG 82876 78517 2, Germany)


A nice new photo book documents the very first Rolling Stones-shows in Germany. It consists of 92 pages with black & white-photos from their two shows in Munster on September 11, 1965. Available here.
Book by Axel Schollmeier "The Rolling Stones" (Aschendorff Verlag, Germany. ISBN 3-402-00394-5)


Another documentary DVD: A one-hour programme about the Stones' classic live album Get Yer Ya Ya's Out, narrated by less known musicians and music journalists, added with incomplete footage from well known films like Stones In The Park and Gimme Shelter. Available here.
DVD "Rock Milestones -The Rolling Stones' Get Yer Ya Ya's Out" (Lace International Ltd. RMS 1930)


A new unauthorised DVD about the beginnings of the Stones includes extracts of many TV performances of the 60's and the Stones-story of these years narrated by less known people (music critics and record producers). Bonus: A disc with five Ed Sullivan Show-tracks and an image gallery plus a 48-page book with track-by-track-reviews of all 60's Stones-albums. Available here.
2 DVD's + book "The Rolling Stones - Music In Review 1963 - 1969" (Classic Rock Legends CRP 1858)


Mick Taylor did sessionwork for blues artist Champion Jack Dupree in 1969. An album plus a single with two non-album tracks were resulting. These sought after single tracks were now released on CD on a new Dupree-compilation. Available here.
CD by Champion Jack Dupree "The Complete Blue Horizon Sessions" (Sony 5185162)


Mick Taylor and Peter Karp toured the East Coast of the US in November 2003. Now, two years later, Karp released an official live album via his website.
CD by Peter Karp "Live At The Bottom Line" (PKCD04, -US)