Keith news round-up #3: A new 120 min. documentary from the Under Review-series has Keith as its subject. It consists of archival footage and talking heads like music journalists or ex-tour manager Tom Keylock discussing his career. Available here .
DVD "Keith Richards - Under Review" (Chrome Dreams 823564511092).


Keith news round-up #2: A new duet-album by Aretha Franklin also includes her 1986-rendition of Jumping Jack Flash, which was produced by Keith Richards. He also plays guitar on this, but Ronnie Wood's solos were wiped, so we have a new remix here. Available here .
CD by Aretha Franklin "Jewels In the Crown" (Arista Records 82876 78668-2, -US).


Keith news round-up #1: A documentary about Les Paul includes an interesting, probably improvised blues which he plays together with Keith Richards. The song in question was recorded in March 2000 and features KR on guitar and lead vocals. All in all six great minutes in the bonus section. Available here .
DVD by Les Paul "Chasing Sound" (Koch Vision KOC-DV-6432).


Keith Richards re-released his 1978 Christmas-song on i-tunes as a two-for-one- package, now backed with a previously unreleased song from his Toots & The Maytals-session in 2003. Run Rudolph Run is still a killer track, available in digital form for the first time ever, Pressure Drop is not as strong as Careless Ethiopians, but still fun to listen to. Recommended download. Available here .
Download-single by Keith Richards "Run Rudolph Run/Pressure Drop" (Mindless Music).


A very hard to find album from 1981 with Mick Taylor as sessioneer was just re-released on CD for the very first time. On the Japan-only album by Inoue Takayuki he plays on four out of eight tracks, one is even called Walking With Mick. Essential for Mick Taylor-aficionados. Available here .
CD by Inoue Takayuki "It's Never Too Late" (Sony Music Direct MHCL 1129, -Japan).


Christmas time is here again and Abkco needed something new to repackage. So they decided to overwork Rolled Gold and release it in three different incarnations to force collectors to dig deep into their pockets to buy product which they already own in so many other ways. Because neither on the CD-, jakebox- nor vinyl edition you find anything new, even if you compare stereo/mono-versions, fade outs, etc. - nothing new. And the cover work is the worst since Stone Age. Stones starters should stick to 40 Licks instead! Wait! There is one more edition of this and this is interesting, because it enters new ground: The complete album is also available on a USB card (click on cover to the left to see image)! CD available here // USB card available here .
2 CD's and USB card by The Rolling Stones "Rolled Gold +" (Universal 5303281, -CD's)/(Universal 5303289, -card).


Jerry Hall was host for Saturday Night Live in February 1986 and brought her boyfriend Mick Jagger along. Together they announced Stevie Ray Vaughan's performance of the song Change It and now this track (complete with MJ's announcement) found its way on an official SRV-release. For diehard collectors and SRV-aficionados. Available here .
CD by Stevie Ray Vaughan & Friends "Solos, Sessions & Encores" (Epic/Legacy 82876 87231 2).


The documentary film Family Meeting about the Finnish Wentus Blues Band includes lots of footage of Mick Taylor (as he took part in the three concerts which build the core of the film). Also a soundtrack was just released in Finland, on which Mick plays on three tracks, incl. Ventilator Blues. Available here (type in Family Meeting in the search engine).
2 CD's by Wentus Blues Band "Family Meeting" (Ruf Records RUF 1134, -Finland).


The second archive release from Ronnie Wood's own Wooden Records-company comes as a CD/DVD double disc edition and includes one of the legendary (and often-bootlegged) Kilburn-gigs from 1974. Ronnie Wood's band (with Keith Richards as its most prominent member) plays great debauched rock'n roll, the sound quality is slightly better than on boot and the video footage on the DVD is more complete than what was circulating before. Nothing is perfect (some tape flaws & wrong credits) on this release but I highly recommend it. Available here.
CD + DVD by The First Barbarians "Live From Kilburn" (Wooden Records CDWDN4).


Bluesbreakers re-release #1: Decca just re-released all four 60's-albums of John Mayall's Bluesbreakers which featured Mick Taylor on guitar. They include some interesting bonus tracks, nice booklets with rare photos and good liner notes. MT's debut with the Bluesbreakers was on Crusade, which now includes eight bonus tracks, of which only the two parts of Suspicions (which were only released on single at the time) are interesting for us Taylor-collectors. Available here.
CD by John Mayall's Bluesbreakers "Crusade" (Decca 984 217-5).


Bluesbreakers re-release #2: The double live-album Diary Of A Band was originally released on two separate albums (Vol. 1 & 2) and was now repackaged as a double album. There is no real upgrade to the sound. No wonder, the original recordings were done with a tape recorder which was placed on Mayall's organ. No bonus tracks. Available here.
CD by John Mayall's Bluesbreakers "The Diary Of A Band" (Decca 984 180-4).


Bluesbreakers re-release #3: Bare Wires includes six bonus tracks, four of them with Mick Taylor. They were all taken from the albums Primal Solos and Thru The Years. Available here.
CD by John Mayall's Bluesbreakers "Bare Wires" (Decca 984 217-8).


Bluesbreakers re-release #4: Blues From Laurel Canyon offers only two bonus tracks: A live recording from Sweden 1968, which is also on Primal Solos and the single version of 2401, which does not seem to be different at all, but is at least not melted in the album tracks before and after. Available here.
CD by John Mayall "Blues From Laurel Canyon" (Decca 984 083-9).


This new new DVD-compilation of AC/DC includes the formerly unavailable jam of Rock Me Baby where Angus and Malcom Young guested on stage of the Rolling Stones. Filmed live in Leipzig, Germany in Summer 2003. Available here.
2 DVD's by AC/DC "Plug Me In" (Sony BMG Music Entertainment 88697104179).


The second autobiography of a Rolling Stone (after Bill Wyman's) comes from Ronnie Wood. It includes some very nice unseen photos (on 32 coloured pages), many sketches of his art (incl. a great timeframe in the style of the inner sleeve of his first soloalbum) and lots and lots of anecdotes. Some of them already well-known from interviews and other books, but also a whole bunch of new and funny and interesting tidbits. 358 pages. Recommended. Available here.
Book by Ronnie Wood with Jeff Macdonald and Jeffrey Robinson "Ronnie" (Pan MacMillan Ltd., England, ISBN 978-230-70131-1).


DVD guest-review by Olaf Boehme: This is probably the shortest official released DVD I ever purchased. It contains only 11 minutes of film. The original telecast of this ABC programme was on June 20, 1978 and reports about the start of the Stones' 1978 US Tour. The footage was shot during the tour rehearsals in Bearsville and includes interviews with Bill, Ronnie, Keith and mainly Mick. The sound and picture quality of the footage is okay. Available here.
DVD "ABC News Classics - The Rolling Stones 1978" (Copyright 2007 ABC News Production, Inc, -US).


This new CD with cover versions of Jagger/Richards-songs comes from the US. It includes 11 covers (and Time Is On My Side) played in the style of lullabies. Available here.
CD by David Ari Leon "Rockabye Baby!" (Baby Rock Records CD 9629, -US).


The long awaited best-of Mick Jagger is most interesting for three previously unreleased tracks: The John Lennon-produced and often bootlegged Too Many Cooks, a blues track from the Red Devils-sessions and the Wandering Spirit-outtake Charmed Life (of which remixes are available via i-tunes). A must buy is the edition with accompanying DVD, which includes a new interview with Mick and 9 promo videos and TV appearances. Available here.
CD & DVD by Mick Jagger "The Very Best Of Mick Jagger" (Atlantic/Rhino 8122-79961-0).


Mick Taylor plays guitar and sings backing vocals on two tracks on the new album by Spanish group Pereza. Available here.
CD by Pereza "Aproximaciones" (RCA 88697141162, -Spain).


In January Bill Wyman took part in a memory concert for Jim Capaldi (best known for his work with Traffic). He plays bass on two songs and percussion on one more. Other notable guests are Steve Winwood, Jon Lord and Gary Moore. Also a DVD of the whole concert will be out tomorrow. Available here.
2 CD's by Various Artists "Dear Mr. Fantasy - A Celebration For Jim Capaldi" (Eagle Records EDGCD 364).


A new compilation with eight cool cover versions of Jagger/Richards-songs (and three covers of songs the Stones covered themselves) comes from Japan. Includes among others the first known cover of Sex Drive. Available here.
CD by Various Artists "Respect The Stones 2" (Geneon GNCL-1135, -Japan).


Another book about the Stones by Alan Clayson (who already did four biographies about individual members of the band and also one discography in the last three years!). This one concentrates on the early years of the band members before the success set in. Paperback, 272 pages, 8 pages with b&w pictures. Available here.
Book by Alan Clayson "The Origin Of The Species" (Chrome Dreams, Surrey, ISBN-978-184240-389 1).


Another obviously legal, but most probably unauthorised release (see also entry of August 5) includes a live concert of Mick Taylor from Hungary 2001. It includes five tracks of which I Wonder Why was already released on the Gastroblues-compilation from 2002. Available here, (type in Mick Taylor in the search device to the left).
CD by Mick Taylor "Little Red Rooster" (Woodstock Tapes WT 5109).


The brandnew issue of the great English rock magazine Mojo has Keith on its title, a fantastic interview with Mr. Richards inside and most special a free CD coming with the mag. It's called "Stoned" and includes 15 tracks. Either cover versions of Jagger/Richards-compositions or original versions of songs the Stones covered themselves. More info here.
Magazine plus CD "Mojo" (Issue 166, September 2007, -UK).


This show had seen many video releases and at least one more DVD-release to date. But now it is available for the first time as legal (but most probably unauthorised) CD-release: The great 1974 Faces Christmas-show from London-Kilburn with Keith Richards guesting on three songs. Available here. Also available from the same company on DVD.
CD by The Faces "Rod Stewart & Faces Live In London" (Immortal Audio IMM 104114, -US). DVD by The Faces "Rod Stewart & Faces Live In London" (Immortal IMM 940115, -US).


A new DVD from the US pays respect and tribute to the late great Ahmet Ertegun and the 60th birthday of his famous record company Atlantic Records. The DVD includes a conversation of Ahmet with his old friend Mick Jagger. Available here.
DVD "Atlantic Records: The House That Ahmet Built " (WEA/Rhino 0128892, -US).


To cash in with the current Telekom-ad on German TV, Decca just re-released its soundtrack-song Paint It Black, together with both B-sides (from the US and UK respectively) Available here.
CD-single by The Rolling Stones "Paint It Black/Stupid Girl/Long Long While" (Universal/abkco 0600753 015780, -Germany)


Massimo Bonanno, author of the well-acclaimed book The Rolling Stones Chronicle, just released his new book Aftermath through web-publishing. It repeats the story of the Stones from the beginning to nowadays by going from album to album, song to song. It's available as real book with 431 pages (lots of black & white-pictures inside) or for a much more reasonable price as pdf-file. Available here.
Book by Massimo Bonanno "The Rolling Stones Aftermath" (


Another unauthorized DVD, which includes five interviews from TV reports and press conferences, done between 1973 - 1995. All music was meticulously edited out, but most of the interviews are great, e.g. an interview with Keith in Australia 1973 or the famous Charlie-interview from 1986, where he sums up the first 25 years of the Stones as "five years hard work, twenty years hanging around". 104 minutes. Available here.
DVD "The Rolling Stones - Satisfaction Interviews" (Petal Productions PP 015, -US).


More great releases from Kurious Kurt's tribute to Ronnie Wood-project: Number one is a single with the late great Nikki Sudden, on which both cover the unreleased Ronnie Wood-composition Forever (which was played only at RW's two Kilburn-soloshows in 1974) and the rather unknown Faces B-side As Long As You Tell Him. Both songs are absolutely great! Number two is a mini-CD with three alternate takes from the album-sessions and includes lots of well-known guests like Rhythm King Albert Lee, Slide On This-drummer Wayne P. Sheehy or Alan Merrill (ex-The Arrows). Recommended (especially the Nikki Sudden-collaboration). Available here.
Single-CD by Nikki Sudden with Kurious Kurt & The ZugZug-Club "Don't Go Jazzy With Me/Forever/As Long As You Tell Him" (Kurious Rekords CDM-631203). Mini-single-CD by Kurious Kurt & The ZugZug-Club "Heart Hole Edition" incl. Breathe On Me, Little Girl & Ooh La La (Kurious Rekords CDS-631204).


A small new book from Germany, released from the distinguished publisher Reclam. Unfortunately this does not prevent the book from having lots of mistakes in its quick run through the Stones story from the beginning to A Bigger Bang. Paperback, 142 pages, 10 b&w pictures, 4,40. Available here.
Book by Georg Diez "The Rolling Stones" (Reclam's Universal Bibliothek #18494; -Germany, ISBN978-3-15-018494-3).


Even better than Four Flicks: The new DVD-boxset which covers the first two years of the A Bigger Bang-tour. It includes more than 50 complete tracks and lots of featurettes and bonus stuff on four DVD's, all in superb sound and picture quality. Unfortunately currently only available exclusively via Best Buy, USA. Recommended. Available here.
4-DVD-boxset by The Rolling Stones "The Biggest Bang" (Redline Entertainment Release 75002, -US ).


DVD guest-review by Olaf Boehme #5: For the umpteenth time we have to sit through the same Ed Sullivan Show- and other well-known 60's-clips. And none of the tracks will be shown in its completeness! On one side of a split screen we hear so-called experts refering about the Big Hits (High Tide And Green Grass)-album, on the other side we see the aforementioned clippings as silent films. After 60 minutes the mere nonsense is over, another unauthorized "Stones"-DVD with the same formula. In my opinion this is pure trash and I surely won't watch it for a second time. Available here.
DVD "Big Hits - The Ultimate Critical Review" (Ragnarock Films Ltd. CRP 2363).


A small new paperback-book, recommended for completists only, as it includes just a bunch of quotes and trivia on 64 pages. Available here.
Book by Fredrik Colting and Carl Gadd "Heroes - The Rolling Stones" (Nicotext AB; ISBN 978-91-85449-25-5).


Many well-known musicians did interviews for this 90-minute-plus documentary about the Stereophonics, among them Ronnie Wood. For die-hard collectors, also available in a limited edition steelbook-cover. Available here.
DVD by Stereophonics "Rewind" (Liberation Entertainment LIB6001).


The Hollywood Roses started out as a Guns And Roses-tribute band. Now they have released an album with their own work and covers of other artists than G'n'R. Among them a cover of Thin Lizzy's "Jailbreak" with Mick Taylor on guitar. Available here.
CD by Hollywood Roses "Dopesnake" (Cleopatra Records CLP 1797, -US).


Ronnie Wood plays guitar on three tracks on the new album of US R'n'B and Soul singer Beverly Knight. (Very nice old school cover work! Click on the cover-thumbnail to enlarge it). Available here.
CD by Beverly Knight "Music City Soul" (Parlophone 388 6172).


A new Stones-biography from Italy includes the Stones-story on 190 pages, with lots of black & white pictures, most of them contemporary live shots. Paperback, A5. For collectors only. Available here.
Book by Brian White "The Rolling Stones - The Story..." (Edizioni Ferdinando Lo Vecchio, Italy. ISBN 978-88-7333-150-5).


Author Christopher Hjort did a great book on Jeff Beck (Group) in 2000. In his new book he concentrates on three other British key guitarists of the late sixties, namely Eric Clapton, Peter Green and most notably Mick Taylor. The book is a day-by-day story mainly about these three guitarists and the groups they have played in. 352 pages, A4, paperback. Available here.
Book by Christopher Hjort "Strange Brew" (Jawbone Press, ISBN 978-1-906002-00-8).


Another new discovery for die hard collectors, found by Richard Read: In 1987 Bill Wyman played on a charity single which was released not only on two (7" & 12"), but on three different singles with many different mixes and remixes. A just discovered less common second 7"-single includes an elsewhere unavailable "Remix"-version.
7" single by GOSH! "Wishing Well (Remix) b/w Wishing Well Message" (PRT Records GOSH R1).


A new biography about Brian Jones, written by award winning screenwriter Gloria Shepherd. It comes as paperback with 386 pages incl. lots of photos (some unseen to date). Available here.
Book by Gloria Shepherd "Brian Jones - Straight From The Heart" (High Seas Publishing, ISBN 978-0-9742093-6-4).


Kurious Kurt did a great tribute-album to Keith Richards in 1992. 15 years later he strikes again with his tribute to Ronnie Wood. The album includes 13 songs written or co-written by RW and three other tracks related to him (incl. two stories). For the first time ever we see the official release of the RW-composition Forever, which RW only did at his two solo-gigs at Kilburn in 1974! Available here.
CD by Kurious Kurt & The ZugZug-Club "We've Got Our Own BEST OF To Do!" (Kurious Rekords CD631201).


A new discovery for Mick Taylor-collectors: This re-release from 2003 of Jack Bruce's How's Tricks-album includes a studio version of Without A Word (recorded by the short living Jack Bruce Band in 1974) as bonus track. This is the very first studio track which ever popped up from this ill-fated band project! (Thanks to Richard Read for this valuable info). Available here.
CD by Jack Bruce "How's Tricks" (Polydor 065 608-2).


Ronnie Wood took part in a recording of a TV special, filmed to tie in with Jerry Lee Lewis' "Last Man Standing"-project in September 2006. Finally available on DVD it features Ronnie playing guitar on 11 songs. Other guests are Tom Jones, Norah Jones, Kid Rock, Solomon Burke and Chris Isaak. Available here.
DVD by Jerry Lee Lewis "Last Man Standing - Live" (Artist First AFT-20009-9). 120 min.


DVD guest-review by Olaf Boehme #4: This documentary was done in 1997 for the History Channel, now it's also available on DVD. Contrary to many other unauthorized documentations about the Stones I have the feeling that this was put together by professionals who knew their subject. Therefore this DVD is destined to be watched more than once. Brian Knight, Dick Taylor, Gered Mankowitz and Gene Pitney are among the folks who get interviewed here. When Dick Taylor gets asked about Little Boy Blue And The Blue Boys, we hear a snippet of La Bamba from the embyronic Stones in the background. Also lots of rare films from arrivals on airports and similar footage make this documentation a worthwhile addition to collections. Available here.
DVD "Mick Jagger - The Rolling Stone" (IMC Vision IMC578D). 45 min.


This new coffeetable photobook from the UK includes many well-known and some great unseen pictures on 200 12"-sized pages. Hardcover and good printing quality. A nice one. Available here.
Book by Jason Draper "The Rolling Stones Revealed" (Flame Tree Publishing, London, ISBN 978-1-84451-732-9)


Backstage is Norway's rock'n roll-magazine and has been on the road for eight years now. One of their contributors is Chris Jagger by the way. Their brandnew issue has Keith Richards on its frontcover. To purchase a copy, send 10 euros (which includes airmail postage) to: Backstage, P.O. Box 1830, 7440 Trondheim, Norway. See also here for more detailed info.
Magazine "Backstage" Issue 1 - 2007 (Backstage Media Ltd., Norway)


Released for the first time on DVD: MJ's first proper and most probably his best movie, Nicolas Roeg's & Donald Cammell's cult-movie Performance from 1968. Bonus are two featurettes and the trailer. Available here.
DVD "Performance" (Warner Home Video 8122-79986-1)


A new discovery for Mick Taylor-collectors: Mick sings backing vocals on the A-side of a 1970 single by Jonathan Kelly. He does not play on his hard-to-find debut-album though. (Thanks to Karl J. Mueller for valuable info). 7" single by Jonathan Kelly "Make A Stranger Your Friend/Daddy Don't Take Me Down Fishing No More" (Parlophone R5830)


Bill Wyman's fourth and last solo-album to date was also just re-released in the UK with interesting bonustracks: It includes two previously never released before 12"-mixes and an unaired promovideo ("Stuff"). Available here.
CD by Bill Wyman "Stuff" (Sanctuary Records/Castle Music CMRCD 1365)


DVD guest-review by Olaf Boehme #3: Moving pictures in bad quality and hundreds of photos are trying to help a female voice from the off to visualize the life and times of the Rolling Stones. The producers found two eye-witnesses with Dick Taylor and (ex-roadmanager and driver) Tom Keylock as interviewees, but both can't dissipate my impression that this is a DVD which nobody needs. Available here.
DVD "Under Review" (Sexy Intellectual SIDVD506). 90 min.


DVD guest-review by Olaf Boehme #2: It seems as if someone took the time and effort, to unearth all Stones-related vintage news-reels from TV and cinema. The result is the history of the band in fast forward, basing on newscasts. Therefore their court cases play a central role on this DVD, but unforunately we don't hear any Stones-music here. At least some members of the Stones are the occasional interview-partner in the news-clips. The best things on this DVD are five uncut documentaries in the bonus section, such as the Pathe-newsreel "The Rolling Stones Gather No Moss" or all available film-material of the Jaggers' wedding in St. Tropez 1971. Available here.
DVD "Truth & Lies" (Eagle Rock Entertainment 90066595). 85 min.


DVD guest-review by Olaf Boehme #1: This DVD is from the makers of Get Yer Ya Ya's Out, which was released in the same (Rock Milestones-)series in 2005. Therefore cover-artwork and presentation are very similar. All Stones-songs can be seen full-screen only for a few seconds, then the picture changes to a 2-split-screen, with music journalists and unknown artists talking in the second screen louder than the music can be heard in the first one. In some cases we only see the music (mainy taken from Ed Sullivan-shows) on a TV-set in the background. Unnecessary. Available here.
DVD "Rock Milestones - The Rolling Stones Singles 1962-1970" (Edgehill Publ. Ltd. RMS 2206) 65 min.


Bill Wyman solo-album re-release #3: Sanctuary Records just released Bill's first three soloalbums with interesting bonustracks: Bill's third album comes with 4 bonus tracks, all of them rare single edits, which are available on CD for the first time. Too bad it does not include the sough-after bonus-track Lost Galaxy which is only on the Japanese edition of this album. Available here.
CD by Bill Wyman "Bill Wyman" (Sanctuary Records/Castle Music CMRCD 1364)


Bill Wyman solo-album re-release #2: Sanctuary Records just released Bill's first three solo-albums with interesting bonustracks: Bill's second album comes with 6 bonus tracks, four of them (outtakes) have already been on the Compendium-box, but two rare single mixes/edits are available on CD for the first time. Available here.
CD by Bill Wyman "Stone Alone" (Sanctuary Records/Castle Music CMRCD 1363)


Bill Wyman solo-album re-release #1: Sanctuary Records just released Bill's first three solo-albums with interesting bonustracks: Bill's first album comes with 8 bonus tracks, four of them (outtakes) have already been on the Compendium-box, but four rare single mixes/edits are available on CD for the first time. Available here.
CD by Bill Wyman "Monkey Grip Glue" (Sanctuary Records/Castle Music CMRCD 1362)