Fed up with hearing Wham's Last Christmas from everywhere? Here comes salvation: Little Steven compiled a CD with cool Christmas songs, among them Keith Richards Run Rudolph Run, which is available on CD for the first time ever! Merry Christmas everybody! We'll be back with news in 2009! Available here.

CD by Various Artists "Little Steven's Underground Garage Presents Christmas A Go Go" (Wicked Cool Records, -USA).


DVD guest-review by Olaf Boehme: In December 2006 the first season of Saturday Night Live was published on DVD in far away America. At last, two years later the Rolling Stones fans got their 7-DVD-box with the legendary performance of the band at SNL back in 1978. Charlie and Ronnie played perfectly the dissatisfied patrons in a Greek restaurant ending up with a huge boot out. Don't ask Ronnie about peppering his meal once more! Of course the highlight of the season was the three song performance of the Rolling Stones at NBC Studio 8H. Saturday Night Live - The Complete Fourth Season is one of the best historical DVD issues ever. Available here.

7 DVD-box "Saturday Night Live - The Complete Fourth Season" (Universal 61102145, -USA).


So many interesting variations of the Shine A Light-DVD got released in various countries. This one comes from Italy and includes a book as supplement - a paperback with 128 pages, but unfortunately no photos inside. )The DVD itself holds no extras which are unavailable elesewhere). Available here.

DVD & book "Shine A Light"/"Il Tempo È Dalla Nostra Parte - 45 Anni Con I Rolling Stones" by Mauro Zambellini" (BIM Distrubizione/Feltrinelli Real Cinema, -Italy). ISBN 978-88-07-74043-5.


The UK versions of Shine A Light-DVD's include some bonus footage which is not available in other countries. The normal DVD-version has Jumping Jack Flash as special multi angle-track on it, the Blu-Ray-version includes even three more multi angle-tracks: Some Girls, Far Away Eyes & All Down The Line. Available here.

DVD/Blu-Ray DVD "Shine A Light" (Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment).


Ian Stewart's own band Rocket 88 featured many of his friends in different line-ups. Charlie Watts was very often on the drums with them and it's him drumming on this official live-album from 1981 (recorded in late 1979). Among the other players are Alexis Korner and Jack Bruce. Finally this album was re-released on CD, but unfortunately it includes no bonus tracks. Available here.

CD by Rocket 88 "Rocket 88" (Wounded Bird Records WOU 9293, -US)


DVD guest-review by Olaf Boehme: During the last tour a French film maker brought a welcome change to the routine of the fans. He was about to do a documentary about the Stones fans and travelled to lots of gigs to meet and interview the die hards. He also asked them to send him self-made films about themselves and their passion for the Stones. The finished documentary was added in France to Shine A Light and there is even a second bonus DVD added to the set, with a 30-minute monologue by French journalist Philippe Manoeuvre about the history of the Stones and the making of Shine A Light. Available here.

3-DVD-set by The Rolling Stones "Shine A Light" (Wild Side Video EDV 1382, -France)


In June 1986 Ronnie Wood took part in a all star jam with Ray Charles, Fats Domino and Jerry Lee Lewis. It was filmed for US TV and later released on video and DVD respectively. Now the Ray Charles-part was released for the first time on CD. It has RW on guitar on five tracks. Available here.

CD by Ray Charles "The Legend Lives On" (Immortal IMA 104128, -Netherlands)


On her brandnew album, Mrs. Faithfull secured the help of many guests like Nick Cave, Sean Lennon, Rufus Wainwright and Keith Richards. Keith helps out on guitar and backing vocals on Merle Haggard's Sing Me Back Home. Available here.

CD by Marianne Faithfull "Easy Come Easy Go" (Naive NV914411, -France)


Sam Cutler was the tour manager of the Stones on their 1969 tour, he hired the Hell's Angels for Altamont and he honked during the first bars of Country Honk. Now this man wrote his autobiography, although it seems to be only available in his new home country Australia by now. Available here.

Book by Sam Cutler "You Can't Always Get What You Want" (Random House Australia, ISBN 978-1-74166-609-0)


This show from 1985 with Ronnie Wood guesting on on five songs (two with Chuck Berry, three with Bo Diddley) was already released on video in 1989 and on DVD in 1999. Now it was also released on CD for the very first time. Available here.

CD by Bo Diddley & Chuck Berry "Rock'n'Roll All Star Jam" (Peppercake/ZYX Music PEC 2042-2)


Photographer Nobby Clark went to all Earls Court-shows in 1976 to make photos for the Evening Standard. Only about three were printed then. Since then he was sitting on all those unseen photos which he now displays in this nice 12" coffeetable-book. Many of them are grainy, half of them b&w, but it's a pleasure to look at them. 132 pages, hardcover. Available here.

Book by Nobby Clark "Starf*cker" (Oberon Books Ltd., London) ISBN 978-1-84002-839-1.


A small hardcover book with 90 pages of quotes by Keith Richards. Sometimes only one short quote on a whole page. Who needs this? Probably no one, but it's a fun book anyway. Available here.

Book compiled by Mark Blake "Stone Me - The Wit And Wisdom Of Keith Richards" (Aurum Press Ltd., London) ISBN 978-1-845113-377-1.


Keith Richards plays guitar on the new album of Reggae and Dub-legend Lee Scratch Perry on two tracks. Available here.

CD by Lee Scratch Perry "Scratch Came, Scratch Saw, Scratch Conquered" (Megawave Records MEGW 0302, -US).


Stones-sideman/sax player Tim Ries recorded his second Stones-project all around the world during the last Stones-tour and managed to get to play all four Stones on at least one of the tracks. Jagger and Wood play on one track, Richards on two and Charlie Watts even on five. All of them (bar one) are coverversions of Jagger/Richards-songs. Available in Japan (with two bonus tracks!) and soon (Oct. 21) in the US. Available here.

CD by Tim Ries "Stones World - Rolling Stones Project II" (Tames Music Group XNYY-10004-5, -Japan).


Christoph Maus strikes again. Finally we get the second volume of his great worldwide singles discography. This one spans the years 1971 - 2008, displaying all 7", 12", EP and CD-singles of that period. Hardcover, 334 pages, includes hundreds of cover and label images from Argentina - Zambia. Highly recommended. Available here.

Book by Christoph Maus "Rolling Stones Worldwide II" (A Maus Of Music Book Mom 005, -Germany). ISBN 978-3-9809137-4-4


More from the estate of 'Papa' John Philips: Just released was a second album with tracks recorded in 1976/77 with Jagger, Richards, Taylor & Wood. The mixes are said to be the original ones (and differ from Pay, Pack & Follow), the liner notes are much more accurate and we get a bunch of previously unreleased tracks, among them two tracks from the John Phillips/Mick Taylor-sessions for the soundtrack of the Bowie-flick 'The Man Who Fell To Earth'. Available here.

CD by John Phillips "Pussycat" (Varese Sarabande Records 302 066 903 2, -US)


DVD guest-review by Olaf Boehme: This Scandinavian 3-DVD-box is now available all over Europe. Disc 1 includes both versions of Godard's 1968- movie "One Plus One"/"Sympathy For The Devil". Disc 2 is the documentary "Voices", a kind of "making of" of "One Plus One", which includes some footage of the Stones which is not in the movies. (This docu was already released as a bonus to the French version of "One Plus One", see news entry of May 14, 2006). Added to the package on disc 3 is another documentary titled "Rolling Like A Stone", which was formerly only available through the Brian Jones fanclub in Cheltenham. Available here.

3 DVD-box "The Rolling Stones - The Documentary Collection" (DVDG 20179, -Sweden)


Just released on DVD was the six year old Jimi Hendrix All-Star Tribute-show done in San Diego in September 2002. Mick Taylor plays Red House on it, backed by the band Indigenous. Available here.

DVD by Various Artists "Experience Hendrix" (Image Entertainment 88697336819, -US)


A new book chronicles the story of Andrew Oldham's record label, which he ran from the mid til the late 60's. The book gives you a lot of interesting informations, but also bears some avoidable mistakes, which slightly spoil the good read. 192 pages, paperback, UK: £19.95 / US: $29,95. Available here.

Book by Simon Spence "Immediate Records: Labels Unlimited" (Black Dog Publishing, London. ISBN 978-1 906155 31 5)


The album title reveals the concept. And finally we get the second of Jones' duets with Keith Richards from 1994. Not as strong as Say It's Not You, but still a nice track with a strong country flavour. Available here.

CD by George Jones "Burn Your Playhouse Down - The Unreleased Duets" (Bandit Records 79842-2, -US)


I just learned that the USB stick format of the Shine A Light-soundtrack includes some bonus content: a 10 page pdf-booklet, 2 jpg-posters, 2 color setlists from the Beacon Theater-shows, 2 pictures in jpg-format and 8 laminates for the A Bigger Bang-Tour. Available here.

USB stick by The Rolling Stones "Shine A Light" (Interscope Records, -US)


Michael Davis plays trombone in the Rolling Stones touring band since 1994. He has released another jazz-influenced trombone project and has Charlie Watts guesting on drums on two tracks. Available here.

CD by Michael Davis "Absolute Trombone II" (Hip-Bonemusic M107, -US)


The bonus section of the DVD-release of Shine A Light includes four more songs and a featurette with parts from the rehearsals at Beacon Theater. Non-Americans need a region free DVD-player or some more patience though. (Also available on blu-ray disc). Available here.

DVD by The Rolling Stones "Shine A Light" (Paramount 35187, -US)


This new documentary about photographer Annie Leibovitz includes interviews with Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. Available here.

DVD "Annie Leibovitz - Life Through A Lens" (Kinowelt Home Entertainment, -Germany)


DVD guest-review by Olaf Boehme: The annnoucement of a 2DVD-release from this event brought hope, assuming we get treated with the complete concert at least. But unfortunately this DVD-set includes only 21 tracks (the 2-CD-set from 1993 had 28 tracks), leaving out performances by Neil Young, Eric Clapton and Ronnie Wood's great rendition of Seven Days. So on this DVD we see Ronnie only as part of an all star band playing Knockin' On Heaven's Door. Available here.

DVD by Bob Dylan "30th Anniversary Celebration" (Ragnarock Film Ltd., CRP2610)


More repackaging from Jack Bruce. This 6-CD-boxset includes among others one track with CW/Stu/Rocket 88 from 1979 (for the first time on CD), one song with CW & Blues Inc. from 1962 (previously available on Alexis Korner's "Bootleg Him"-album) and the bonus track from Jack Bruce's "How's Tricks"-re-release (a studio track of the Jack Bruce Band with Mick Taylor from 1974). Available here.

6 CD-boxset by Jack Bruce "Can You Follow?" (Esoteric Recordings ECLECBOX1)


The publisher Steidl is currently releasing the complete catalogue by photographer and director Robert Frank. Just relaesed was Vol. 3 with previously unseen footage (about 8 minutes) of the Stones in the streets of L.A. in early 1972, filmed during the making of the Exile-cover. Vol. 4 (due out in Fall) should include the long awaited Cocksucker Blues-movie! Available here.

DVD by Robert Frank "The Complete Film Works. Vol 3: Keep Busy, About Me: A Musical " (Steidl, ISBN 978-3-86521-591-8 )


Book discovery #2: This Mick Jagger-biography comes all the way from Colombia! So it's written in Spanish and for die hard collectors or Spanish spoken fans only. Hardcover, 148 pages plus a section of a few colour fotos. Available here.

Book by Sandro Romero Rey "Mick Jagger - El Rock Suena: Piedras Trae" (Panamericana Editorial, -Colombia. ISBN 978-9583014598 )


Book discovery #1: This small paperback from France includes on 120 pages an A to Z of The Rolling Stones, a short chronology and a small discography. No photos. For completists only. Available here.

Book by Hubert Allin "The Rolling Stones de A á Z" (Les Guides Music Book, Group Expresseditions, -France. ISBN 2-84343-291-X)


What a useful compilation: Japanese A&M put together both versions from Billy Preston's great live album (with Mick Taylor) on one disc. In fact it combines the original 1974 vinyl-album, recorded during Preston's support-slot on the Stones 1973 European Tour plus the Japanese CD-edition from 2002, which used totally different songs and takes (with exception of The Bus). All in all 18 tracks/80 minutes and Billy and Mick shine all over them. Recommended. Available here.

CD by Billy Preston "Live European Tour" (A&M Records UICY-93458, -Japan)


This DVD about the career of Solomon Burke includes an interview with Bill Wyman, which he did for a BBC TV-special in 2006. Looks like this DVD is the TV programme with some extra footage (ca. 85 min.). Available here.

DVD by Solomon Burke "Everybody Needs Somebody" (Snapper Music SMADVD053X)


Our DVD guest-reviewer Olaf Boehme and his mate Gerd Coordes collected tons of newspaper articles, magazine clippings and private pictures (from all countries) during the Bigger Bang-tour and displayed the most interesting of them on 636 (!) pages in their very nice new (hardcover-)book in the best possible way. Recommended! Available here.

Book by Olaf Boehme & Gerd Coordes "The Rolling Stones - A Bigger Bang On Stage 2005-2007" (Edition Olaf Boehme, ISBN 978-3-023711-9 -Germany)


This new book comes as a part of a 17-book-series of biographies on the most famous rock stars of all time. The Stones-volume includes their history in short and a small discography on only 64 pages. Hardcover, ca. 25 pictures, collectors only. Available here.

Book by Ethan Schlesinger "Popular Superstars Of Yesterday And Today - The Rolling Stones" (Mason Crest Publ., ISBN 978-1-4222-0194-7 -US)


Stones sidekick Chuck Leavell just released a double live album from his last year's tour through Germany. Among others it includes three coverversions of Stones songs (Honky Tonk Women, Rip This Joint & Tumbling Dice). Available here.

2 CD's by Chuck Leavell "Live In Germany - Green Leaves & Blue Notes Tour 2007" (Evergreen Arts 05, -US)


A new book is coming from Brazil. It features the story of the Rolling Stones on 352 pages with lots of photos incl. labels of Brazilian singles. Available here.

Book by José Emilio Rondeau & Nélio Rodrigues "Sexo, Drogas E Rolling Stones" (Agir -Brazil. ISBN: 9788500022586)


A nice new compilation with Mick Taylor-related Carla Olson-tracks was just released in the US. It includes the complete Live At The Roxy-album from 1990 (incl. the previously Japan-only bonus-track You Gotta Move) and a second CD with various studio cuts of Carla Olson (all with help by Mick Taylor) including a previously unreleased alternate take of Winter (from June 2000). Available here.

2 CD's by Carla Olson & Mick Taylor "Too Hot For Snakes Plus" (Collector's Choice Music WWCCM09252, -US)


DVD guest-review by Olaf Boehme: Another DVD where journos and self-proclaimed music-historians analyse the music of the Stones in front of incomplete split-screen performances, taken once again from often-seen sources like Ed Sullivan, Dean Martin and Tami Show. At least the picture quality of the footage is really good. Quite interesting is the representation of the evolution of the song Satisfaction, shown by two examples from their performances at Shindig and Ready Steady Go. Strangely Ronnie Wood's pic was put on the cover of this DVD, although the docu ends with footage from Ladies And Gentlemen-movie from 1972(!). In the bonus section we find a 32-minute interview with Pretty Thing and embryonic Rolling Stones-member Dick Taylor. 65 min. (+ bonus) Available here.

DVD "The Rolling Stones In Performance" (Storm Bird Ltd. STB2142)


The 1975 BBC TV-performance of the Jack Bruce Band was already released officially on CD in 1998, but unfortunately omitting one track. This track (Without A Word) has now finally been made available on this new Jack Bruce BBC-boxset. Available here.

3 CD's by Jack Bruce "Spirit - Live At The BBC 1971 - 1978" (Polydor 5305568)


Formerly only available as download, now officially released on the soundtrack to the movie "21" is the Soulwax-remix of You Can't Always Get What You Want. Available here.

CD by Various Artists "Music From The Motion Picture 21" (Columbia Records 8697 22777-2)


From all the different variations of the Shine A Light-soundtrack, the Japanese 2-CD version is the most interesting one to get as it includes the elsewhere unavailable bonus-track Undercover Of The Night. Out on April 9. Available here.

2 CD's by The Rolling Stones "Shine A Light" (Universal Music UICY-90794, Japan)


On their very first US tour in 1964 the Stones did a stop on the long running Mike Douglas Show doing Not Fade Away live. Finally this historical piece of film was officially released on DVD. Available here.

DVD "Mike Douglas - Moments & Memories" (Standing Room Only, US)


Have a nice Easter-weekend!

We'll be back with collectors news in the next week.


DVD guest-review by Olaf Boehme: This re- release of the French DVD "Brian Jones & Les Rolling Stones" (see news-entry of Oct. 9, 2006) focuses on the life and times of Brian Jones. It starts with footage from his funeral in his hometown Cheltenham and ends with some minutes from Hyde Park. In between it gets worse: a cover band plays the songs of the Stones to stills, the rest is interviews and footage from well-known 60's films and clippings. The best thing on this DVD is a 17-minute bonus-film of an interview with Charlie Watts in very good picture quality. It was done in the garden of his home The Old Brewery House in Lewes in mid-1966. Available here.

DVD "The Swinging 60's" (Pinnacle Vison MCPS OMT 1001)


DVD guest-review by Olaf Boehme: This DVD includes the Stones show from Tokyo March 12, 1995. Unfortunately the picture quality of this release is a mess. In Japan this show was already available on laser disc and video in perfect quality. This DVD-release comes with blurred and dull pictures instead. So beware and wait for a better transfer. Available here.

DVD by The Rolling Stones "Voodoo Lounge In Japan" (Wow 5465281937349,Japan)


DVD guest-review by Olaf Boehme: Together with the 2 CD's of the tribute concert for the late Traffic-drummer Jim Capaldi (see news entry Sept. 16, 2007) Eagle also released this show on DVD. Track listing and running order are the same (Bill Wyman plays on three songs), but the DVD also includes a bonus section where we get some additional music of Wyman from the rehearsals with Jon Lord. Available here.

DVD by Various Artists "Dear Mr. Fantasy - A Celebration For Jim Capaldi" (Eagle Vision, EREDV649).


A new photo book comes from Japan. All pics are made by Japanese photographer Mikio Ariga. High quality thick book with 200 pages in a hard cardboard container. Available here.

Book by Mikio Ariga "Live Album 1990 - 2006" (Music Magazine, Japan. ISBN: 978-4-9438689-26-7)


Another new book. This one is coming from Germany and displays Stones-related paintings by some Olga Stozhar (who already did a similar project about Deep Purple). Beware: You won't find a new Sebastian Kruger here! 216 pages. For completists only. Available here.

Book by Olga Stozhar "Rolling Stones In Art" (Edition Braus/Wachter Verlag, Germany. ISBN 978-3-89904-271-9)


Finally released was this book about the Beggars Banquet-sessions by Alan Clayson, who already did half a dozen other cut-and-paste jobs about the Stones. So you probably won't find a lot of new insight here. Paperback, 256 pages, 24 black & white pictures. Available here.

Book by Alan Clayson "The Rolling Stones Beggars Banquet" (Flame Tree Publishing, London. ISBN 978-1-84451-296-6)


More rare takes from early Ronnie Wood/Rod Stewart-collaborations can be found on this obscure Dutch compilation. It includes a previously unknown short remix of the Rod Stewart/P.P. Arnold-track Come Home Baby (here misnamed as Baby Come Home) and a shortened version of the alternate take of Little Miss Understood (which was only available on another hard-to-find LP-compilation from 1975). Thanks to Richard Read for this info and last month's Quiet Melon-discoveries.

CD by Rod Stewart "The World Of Rod Stewart" (Trace Records 0402232, Netherlands, 1993)


Rare Jagger-promo #1: It took some time to find out that there are two interesting promotional discs for Charmed Life. All in all they include 15 (!) different remixes. Not that anyone needs them, but sure enough we will try to collect them... (Click on the image to the left to read the track list). it was available here....

Promotional CD with ten remixes by Mick Jagger "Charmed Life" (Atlantic/Rhino)


Rare Jagger-promo #2: This one is even rarer and includes five radio edits. it was available here....

Promotional CD with five remixes by Mick Jagger "Charmed Life" (Atlantic/Rhino)


Two more rare alternate takes of Quiet Melon can be found on this download-only Rod Stewart-release. Here the takes include additional brass overdubs. Available here.

Download-CD by Rod Stewart "Pop Masters - Up Above My Head" (Carinco AG/Rhapsody Music)


Between the Jeff Beck Group and The Faces, Ronnie played in the short-living project Quiet Melon, some kind of embryonic Faces. The two songs they recorded for a single in May 1969 were finally released in 1995. On each of these two compilations we find an alternate take of one of those two single-tracks.

Available here   and here .

CD by Various Artists "Sugarlumps" (Acid Jazz AJXCD161, -Germany) & Sugarlumps 2 (Acid Jazz AJXCD187, -Germany)