Nico, Johannes and Kevin wish you a very merry Christmas and a Happy 2011! We'll be back with more news in early January! Click on the painting to enlarge.

Painting by Richard Thibaud 'Stones (In The Street)' (acrylique/canvas 250/130cm) .


The makers of British Uncut Magazine released a must-have 148-page special issue on the Stones, incl. lots of great vintage interviews (taken from the archives of Melody Maker and NME), all albums newly reviewed (in detail) and with many rare and unseen photos. Available here.

Magazine from the makers of Uncut 'Ultimate Music Guide Issue 4 - The Rolling Stones'.


If you need a worthwhile Christmas present for yourself or a fellow Stones collector, don't miss out on part three of Christoph Maus' excellent Stones-discography. This comprises ALL worldwide released original albums (from Argentina to Zimbabwe!) from the Decca/London-period 1963 - 1971 on 386 pages with more than 1000 photos of sleeves and labels. A labour of love and a must have for every serious collector. In english, hardcover, 38 euros. Available here.

Book by Christoph Maus 'Rolling Stones Worldwide III' (Maus Of Music Books MoM - 008, -Germany. ISBN 978-3-9809137-6-8).


Book-news #3: Another unauthorized biography from the US as part of the "The Story Of The Band"-series. Another quick run-through through the history of the Stones - for completists only. 160 pages, hardcover, 10 b&w photos. Available here.

Book by Murry Nelson 'The Rolling Stones - A Musical Biography' (Greenwood ABC-CLIO LLC, Santa Barbara, -US. ISBN 978-0-313-38034-1).


Book-news #2: An unauthorized biography from the US as part of the "Rebels Of Rock"-series. Normally the author writes children's books. Nuff said... 112 pages, paperback, ca. 20 pictures. For completists only. Available here.

Book by Heather Miller 'The Rolling Stones' (Enslow Publishers, Berkeley Heights -US. ISBN 978-1-59845-209-9).


Book-news #1: This nice new coffeetable-book compares the Beatles and the Stones during the Sixties and early 70's. Lots of nice photos and pictures of memorabilia. 192 pages, hardcover, worth-while. Available here.

Book by Jim DeRogatis & Greg Kot 'The Beatles Vs. The Rolling Stones' (Voyageur Press, Minneapolis -US. ISBN 978-0-7603-3813-1).


Ronnie Wood plays lap steel on two tracks on the new CD of Frankie Gavin's band DeDennan. Among them is an instrumental cover version of RW's composition Gasoline Alley. Available here.

CD by Frankie Gavin & DeDannan 'Jigs, Reels & Rock n' Roll' (Celtic Collective CC201001, -Ireland).


More DVD-news # 1: Taken originally from Irish TV, this documentary about Rory Gallagher includes an interview with Bill Wyman. Available here.

DVD by Rory Gallagher 'Ghost Blues' (Eagle Vision EREDV 804).


More DVD-news # 2: This new Jimi Hendrix-doumentary is focusing more on Hendrix' guitar-playing than on his life and times. It includes an interview with Mick Taylor. Available here.

DVD by Jimi Hendrix 'The Guitar Hero' (Image Entertainment ID3248ISDVD).


DVD-news #1: Most interesting items in the deluxe version of the Ladies & Gentlemen-DVD are the third DVD (including the well-known Dick Cavett Show of July 1972 and 3 previously unreleased interviews from Sydney February 1973. It does not include the announced private film from MSG72 though!) and a 60-page book with pictures of Ethan Russell and Bob Gruen. Available here.

Boxset with 3 DVD's, book, scarf, concert-poster & more by The Rolling Stones 'Ladies & Gentlemen (deluxe)' (Eagle Vision EREDV815).


DVD-news #2: In November 1968 the Stones played Sympathy For The Devil on David Frost's UK TV-show Frost On Saturday. Now a 2 DVD-set with the seven surviving episodes from the ITV-archives were released and luckily includes this great lost performance on one of them. Available here.

2 DVD's by Various Artists 'Frost On Saturday' (Network DVD 7953109).


DVD-news #3 (guest-review by Olaf Boehme): My expectations for this release about the Knebworth Fair festival from August 1976 were high, but the final product is disappointing: The documentary is a new interview with the festival's promoter Freddie Bannister, interrupted with just four songs from the festival: one track from Lynyrd Skynyrd, one from 10cc and two Stones-tracks (Honky Tonk Women and Wild Horses). Only real highlight is the nice 28-page booklet. Available here.

DVD by Various Artists 'Knebworth Fayre 1976' (Voiceprint VPDVD70).


Just released on DVD and Bluray is a part of this years Crossroads-Festival, where Ronnie Wood jammed with Buddy Guy, Jonny Lang, Eric Clapton and B.B. King. Two of the four tracks with Ronnie Wood made it on this release. Available here and here.

2 DVD's and 2 Bluray's by Various Artists 'Crossroads - Eric Clapton Guitar Festival 2010' (Rhino Records, -US).


Mick Jagger guested with U2 on last year's 25th Anniversary Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Concerts, doing one U2-song and Gimme Shelter. The latter also with Fergie and of Black Eyed Peas. Now the concert is available on CD and also on DVD. Available here and here.

3 DVD's and 4 CD's by Various Artists '25th Anniversary Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Concerts' (Time Life Entertainment, -US).


After Bill Wyman and Ronnie Wood, Keith Richards is the third Rolling Stone who did his autobiography. Of course it resembles more Ronnie Wood's than Bill Wyman's memoirs, but it has lots of interesting anecdotes, some of them even unheard to date. There's also lots of great unseen photos inside. All in all a good read and a must have. (Don't go for the translations, most of them suck!). Available here.

Book by Keith Richards, with James Fox 'Life' (originally from Hachette Book Group, New York).


Jerry Hall's second autobiography (after 1985's Tall Tales) is focused more on photos than on the writing. It includes lots of marvellous unseen shots of her life and times with Mick Jagger, both professional photos and private snapshots, e.g. Mick with false mustache in front of the Taj Mahal, photos from Mick's and Jerry's Balinese wedding, photos from their costume parties at La Fourchette (MJ dressed in drag, dressed as a 16th century Lord, etc.) and many many more. Hardcover, 256 pages. Available here.

Book by Jerry Hall, curated by Jonathan Phang 'My Life In Pictures' (Quadrille Publishing Ltd., London. ISBN 978-1-84400-880-3).


A new biography about Keith Richards from Italy. No photos inside, 160 pages, paperback, Italian language. For completists only. Available here.

Book by Massimo Del Papa 'Happy - L'Incredibile Awentura Di Keith Richards' (Meridiano Zero, Padova, Italy. ISBN 978-88-8237-173-9).


For the first time officially released on DVD, the legendary 1972 US-tour concert-film Ladies & Gentlemen. Music and picture was remastered and restored, bonus stuff is (with the exception of a new MJ-interview) well-known (but still great to watch). Available here.

DVD by The Rolling Stones 'Ladies & Gentlemen' (Eagle Vision EREDV807GV).


Mick Taylor guests on guitar on the just released album by Pete Brown & Phil Ryan on the two tracks Flag A Ride and 13th Floor. Available here.

CD by Pete Brown & Phil Ryan "Road To Cobras" (Proper Records PRP CD 055).


The new Ronnie Wood-soloalbum is out in Japan since Wednesday and in Germany since Friday, it will be released in the UK tomorrow and in the US on Tuesday. Get it, it's another good one! Collectors should watch out for the Japanese edition with two bonus tracks (early versions of two of the album tracks) and for two more bonus-tracks (alternate versions) available as i-tunes downloads. Click here for the Japanese edition.

CD by Ronnie Wood "I Feel Like Playing" (Eagle Records/Ward Records VOCD 10200, -Japan).


The first release from Ronnie Wood's new soloalbum is a download-only single-track of Lucky Man. It's an otherwise unavailable version/Radio Edit. Check your local i-tunes store for it or try to download it for free here. US customers only..

Download-track by Ronnie Wood "Lucky Man" (Eagle Records).


The waiting is over. After five long years Dieter Hoffmann finished the seventh volume of his fantastic Schwarzbuch (Blackbook)-series. On more than 300 pages (among them fifty pages in colour) Dieter meticulously reviews CD's, LP's, EP's and DVD's of independent origin. A must have for every collector. Check this .pdf for all other info..

Book by Dieter Hoffmann "Schwarzbuch Teil 7/Blackbook Part 7" (Basement News, ISBN # 3-00-001938-3, -Germany).


Same as on 2006's Last Man Standing-album, Jerry Lee Lewis gathers loads of famous guests on his new album. Among them Mick Jagger (on a cover version of Dead Flowers), Keith Richards (cover version of Sweet Viginia) and Ronnie Wood (on the title track and on Middle Age Crazy). Other guests include Ringo Starr, Eric Clapton, John Fogerty, Slash and Sheryl Crow. Available here.

CD by Jerry Lee Lewis "Mean Old Man" (Verve Forecast/Universal B0014674-02, -US).


Calendar #2, same concept as the product of Dream International, but at least 12 different pictures. (I'm sure there will also be a third/an official Rolling Stones calendar...) Available here.

Calendar "Rolling Stones 2011 Calendar" (Red Star).


The new Rolling Stones calendars for the next year are as usual already available in Summer of the year before. This is version #1 with twelve A3-posters, one for each month of the year. Available here.

Calendar "Rolling Stones Calendar 2011" (Dream International).


Fender just released a DVD, praising their second most famous guitar - the telecaster. Including a new interview with one of its most prominent players - Keith Richards. Available here.

DVD "Leo Fender’s Telecaster -The Original Twang" (Headstock Productions Ltd.).


Keith Richards plays guitar, bass, piano and a drum on one track on the new album of Lee 'Scratch' Perry. Probably a leftover from the "Scratch Came, Scratch Saw, Scratch Conquered"-sessions, but nevertheless a nice track with an interesting groove. Available here.

CD by Lee 'Scratch' Perry "Revelation" (Megawave Records MEGW 0342, -US).


Already available for download is the second album of the Wingless Angels. Keith Richards is all over it on guitar, bass and backing vocals. As a bonus you will get a file with a short film about the WA, which also includes some footage of KR. (The CD-release will be on September 23). Available here.

Download-album by Wingless Angels "Wingless Angels II" (Mindless Records).


A second rare promo CD-single with one of the Exile bonus-tracks just surfaced. Most interesting for collectors is the elsewhere unavailable (shorter) Radio Mix of Following The River.

Promotional CD-single by The Rolling Stones "Following The River (Radio Edit)/Following The River (Album Version)" (Universal Music CATR-05231-2).


A new biography about Brian Jones was just released in Spain: Softcover, 212 pages (incl. 30 pages of black & white photos). Available here.

Book by Mariano Muniesa "Brian Jones - El Stone Maldito" (Quaretena Ediciones, Spain. ISBN 849378801-5).


Before Mick Taylor went on tour with Stephen Dale Petit in 2009 they first went into the studio and recorded for SDP's upcoming studio album. Today the album in question was released and MT plays guitar on the track Slide. (You can also hear Ronnie Wood's voice on the start of the song 3 Gunslingers). Available here.

CD by Stephen Dale Petit "The Crave" (333 Records 2953-11).


Today sees the UK-release of Sheryl Crow's new studio album. Keith Richards guests on guitar and backing vocals on the reggae-flavored song Eye To Eye. US-release will be tomorrow (July 20). Available here.

CD by Sheryl Crow "100 Miles From Memphis" (A&M 0602527433943).


The story of The Rolling Stones as comic, on 256 (!) pages and in French. Similar comic-books from the same publisher are also available about The Beatles, Nirvana, Bob Marley and Elvis. Available here.

(Comic-)Book by Céka, Serge Carpentier & Collectif "The Rolling Stones - En Bandes Dessinées" (Petit A Petit Editions, -France. ISBN 978-2-84949-200-0).


These unauthorised two DVD's include no collectable news apart from comments by talking heads, connecting lots of well-known stills and clips from the 60's (e.g. Hyde Park, Ed Sullivan, Arthur Haynes, R'n'R Circus, TAMI Show, etc.). For completists only. Available here.

2 DVD's "The Rolling Stones - The Brian Jones Era" (Anvil Media Ltd. ANV3278).


This privately published book presents short bios of all musicians involved with the Stones (as well as the Stones themselves) and discographies with solowork and collaborations. Each musician will be portrayed on about 3 pages (incl. Lisa Fischer, Wayne Perkins, Billy Preston, Tony Chapman etc.). 158 pages, no pictures, paperback. Available here.

Book "The Rolling Stones Members" (Books LLC. ISBN:978-1-155-58973-2).


Already available on DVD is Stephen Kijak's making-of-Exile-documentary. There's some nice unseen footage in it, like a great short blues jam of KR and MJ doing Chuck Berry's 'Run Around' or super 8 private footage, most probably provided from the Stones themselves (60 min.). The bonus footage includes some more one-liners by the interviewees (incl. RW, who is not in the docu) and extended footage of the entertaining studio visits by MJ & CW. (80 min.) Available here.

DVD by The Rolling Stones "Stones In Exile" (Eagle Vison EREDV786GV).


Ex-Rolling Stones-producer Chris Kimsey produced the debut-album of Saint Jude and Ronnie Wood guests on the track Garden Of Eden on slide guitar. The album is finally available via i-tunes. Available here.

Download-album by Saint Jude "Diary Of A Soul Fiend" (Saint Jude Records).


Ronnie Wood guested for the Stereophonics live in London in February 2008, playing guitar on the Beatles-gem Don't Let Me Down. A professional film of this performance can be found on this Best Of Stereophonics-DVD. Available here.

DVD by Stereophonics "Decade In The Sun" (V2 Music 1783762).


The brandnew album of German blues singer/songwriter Crazy Chris Kramer includes two more tracks from his sessions with Mick Taylor on guitar. Available here.

CD by Crazy Chris Kramer "Chicago Blues" (Sony BM10c404, -Germany).


Julian Dawson's biography about keyboard-player par excellence Nicky Hopkins was just released in Germany in german language. Non german-speaking fans should wait for the UK and US versions in September/March. 400 pages, hardcover, ca. 60 photos. Available here.

Book by Julian Dawson "Nicky Hopkins: Eine Rock-Legende" (Edition Elke Heidenreich bei C. Bertelsmann, Germany. ISBN 978-3-570-58001-1).


Today is the first official release date of the newly remastered Exile On Main St. with ten previously unreleased bonus tracks (leftovers and alternates from the sessions that led to Exile On main St.) on a second disc. A must have. Available here.

2 CD's by The Rolling Stones "Exile On Main St." (Universal 273 429-5).


Ronnie Wood did two BBC radio sessions as bassplayer for Arthur Brown in 1967 and 1968. A part of the show from 1968 was just released as bonus for Brown's re-released debut album. Available here.

CD by The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown "The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown" (Esoteric ECLEC22178).


UK customers can exclusively download a fantastic alternate take of All Down The Line from This week it's even free of charge. Get it while you can! Available here.

Download-track by The Rolling Stones "All Down The Line (alternate take)" (Universal Music/Polydor).


Something new for the collectors of coversversions: This new release includes 15 tracks, among them 13 Jagger/Richards-songs. Most of them seem to be recorded especially for this compilation. Click on the front cover to see the tracklisting and artists. Available here.

CD by Various Artists "Top Musicians Play The Rolling Stones" (San Juan Music/United Audio Entertainment PFB95232).


This rare promo-CD includes two versions of Plundered My Soul: the single/album-version and a special Radio Mix.

Promotional CD-single by The Rolling Stones "Plundered My Soul (Radio Mix)/Plundered My Soul (LP-version)" (Universal Music CATR-05230-2).


A limited edition 7" good-old-fashioned vinyl single with one of the archive tracks of the upcoming Exile-remaster was released today. Plundered My Soul is a weird mishmash of early 70's backing track and 2009 overdubs. MJ's mature voice is a little bit irritating at first, but if you get used to it, it's a nice "new" song. It's B-side All Down The Line is the normal Exile-version, no new take or the alternate version which was the flipside to Happy in 1972. The single will most probably be sold out when you read this. Download available here.

7" and download-single by The Rolling Stones "Plundered My Soul/All Down The Line" (Universal Music 14162-21).


The blu-ray version of this concert film includes the one track with Mick Taylor (California) which was omitted from the DVD-release in 2003 due to space reasons. Available here.

Blu-ray by John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers "70th Birthday Concert" (Eagle Rock Entertainment/Eagle Vision ERBRD5032).


Nico, Johannes and Kevin wish you all a Happy Easter!
We'll be back with more weekly collector's news on April 11.


This is already the second CD-re-release of Chris Farlowe's album, which Mick Jagger produced in 1966. It has the same 11 bonus tracks (single A- & B-sides and one alternate take) as their first re-release of 1992. Nothing new. Available here.

CD by Chris Farlowe "The Art Of Chris Farlowe" (Repertoire Records 5133).


Today sees the release of the DVD with the complete TAMI Show (recorded in Santa Monica in October 1964). The Stones play a fantastic live set of five songs (and also participate in the closing jam). Other notable artists on this movie are James Brown and Chuck Berry. Available here.

DVD by Various Artists "The T.A.M.I. Show Collector's Edition" (Shout! Factory SF11742, -US).


Check your news stalls for the current issue of UK's Uncut magazine. It has Keith Richards on cover, a 12-pages article about Exile On Main St. inside and comes with a free CD (with the Stones on cover) including "16 tracks in the spirit of The Rolling Stones". CD-cover and contents here.

Magazine & CD "Uncut" (Magazine: issue April 2010, CD: UNCUT201004).


Mick Taylor's live-recordings (and interviews) from Leverkusen, Germany 1997 were formerly only available on a promotional CD. Now it is officially available (with new coverartwork) as download album. Available here.

Download album by Mick Taylor "Live In Leverkusen" (Sensible Records).


Ian Stewart did a boogie woogie session with Bob Hall and George Green (and Jack Bruce on bass) in Germany in May 1981. An album with STU on four tracks was released in 1982. Now there's a CD-re-release with a lot of bonus tracks (leftovers and alternate versions) and STU plays piano on five more of them. Available here.

CD by Various Artists "Blues & Boogie Explosion" (Jeton Records JET 60007).


Sasha Gracanin re-released his 1995 album with Mick Taylor on i-tunes and added two interesting bonus tracks: the rare Someday (previously only available as bonus track on the Japanese edition of the album) and the previously unavailable Just Another Girl. Available here.

Download-album by Sasha Gracanin & Mick Taylor "Shadow Man" (Sasha Gracanin Music).


EarBooks released a 4 CD-box accompanied with a 120-pages book with ten interviews, done by famous rock journo Roy Carr. Among them interviews with Mick Jagger (25 min.) and Keith Richards (24 min.). Available here.

4 CD's plus book by Roy Carr "Talk On The Wild Side" (EarBooks, ISBN: 978-3940004291).


Time Life has also released a great 9 DVD-boxset with more than two hours worth of Stones-related inductions and performances from the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame-ceremonies 1986 - 2009. We see MJ, KR, RW, MT jamming with many all star bands, nearly all inductions they did and some backstage and rehearsal-footage, most of it unseen to date. Recommended. Available here (but US-only).

9 DVD's "Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Museum Live" (Time Life 24629X, -US).


Something for the completists. A "40th Anniversary"-edition brought it to light: The "Ian Stuart" working as sound engineer on one track on Procol Harum's successful 1969-album A Salty Dog is in fact Rolling Stones piano-player Ian Stewart. (The song Juicy John Pink was recorded at the Stones' rehearsal space in Bermondsey.) Available here.

CD by Procol Harum "A Salty Dog" (Union Square Music Ltd. SALVOCD 020).


Wienerworld raided the archives of ITN and unearthed many interesting interviews and features on the Stones from 1964 - 2007. You won't get any music of the Stones on this DVD, but lots of (as the title promises correctly) rare and unseen footage, all in good picture quality. 64 min. Nice collection. Available here.

DVD "The Rolling Stones Rare And Unseen" (Wienerworld Ltd. WNRD 2480).


Charlie Watts does some touring with Axel Zwingenberger, Ben Waters and Dave Green as The ABC & D Of Boogie Woogie. On their current (short) European Tour they sell a studio-CD with 19 boogie woogie-tracks at the gigs (although Ben Waters is for whatever reasons absent on this recording). Hopefully this album will also be in the shops soon. Available here (from March 12 onwards).

CD by Axel Zwingenberger, Dave Green, Charlie Watts "The Magic Of Boogie Woogie" (Vagabond VRCD 8.10035).


This nice new book covers The Stones' activities in Spain: their Spanish concerts 1976 - 2007, their Spanish releases and history. 260 pages, hardcover, many colour photos, 40 Euros, in Spanish. Available here.

Book by Mariano Muniesa "Los Rolling Stones En Espana" (Quarentena Ediciones, Spain. ISBN: 978-84-936707-8-8).


Author Williams was friends with Jimmy Page, Brian Jones, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards before they went famous. Although this book concentrates on Page, its highlight is his eyewitness-account on all these young musicians driving to the first American Blues Festival in England in 1962. 128 pages, softcover, some b&w photos. Available here.

Book by David Williams "First Time We Met The Blues" (Music Mentor Books, England. ISBN 978-0-954-70681-4).