This nice The End-boxset includes their one and only official album Introspection and three more posthumous albums, which were previously only available on vinyl. Also the box includes four bonus tracks, which have never been released before. All of them produced by Bill Wyman in the late 60's. Available here.

4 CD's by The End 'From Beginning To End...' (Edsel Records EDSB 4028).


This cheap compilation album from Mexico includes some interesting tracks, i.e. the first CD-release of Mick Taylor and Robin Millar's 1974 collaboration Catch As Catch Can or the track High Roller by Leslie West with Mick Jagger on rhythm guitar. See for a complete tracklist by clicking on the image. Available here.

3 CD's by Various Artists 'The Many Faces Of The Rolling Stones' (Music Brokers MBB7201, -Mexico).


This From The Vaults-release is really aspecial one: Live In Leeds July 25, 1982 is not only the last concert with Ian Stewart, it's also the first complete pro shot video of a complete 1982 concert. The filming is odd (almost only close ups), but this makes it special too (we already have Rocks Off and Hampton'81 from that era, filmed in a more traditional way). And the band plays tight and great. A must have. Available here.

DVD plus 2 CD's by The Rolling Stones 'Live In Leeds 1982' (Eagle Vision EAGDV053).


A nice new book from England: Richard Houghton collected the reports of 500 fans who saw the Stones live in the 60's, starting with a gig at Studio 51 in November 1962 and finishing with 11 eyewitness reports of fans who attended the Hyde Park-gig in July 1969. Paperback, 288 pages (incl. 12 pages of pictures). Available here.

Book by Richard Houghton 'You Had To Be There! The Rolling Stones Live 1962 - 69' (Gotta Have Books, Great Gransden, England. ISBN 978-0-9933781-1-9).


The just released Japanese edition of Bill Wyman's new solo-album is the first physical release which includes the previously download-only Exciting as bonus-track. Available here.

CD by Bill Wyman 'Back To Basics' (Respect Records Ltd. RES-272, -Japan).


Earlier released than in the rest of the world - the new From The Vaults-release with audio and video live in Tokyo, February 26, 1990. The additional bonus-DVD includes only about 15 minutes of footage of the arrivals of the Stones on Tokyo Airport. Available here.

2 DVD's & 2 CDs by The Rolling Stones 'Live At The Tokyo Dome' (Eagle Vision/Ward Records GQBS-90059-2, -Japan).


An Australian documentary about DJ Ward 'Pally' Austin (originally titled "What's On the Flipside") found its way on this DVD-compilation (together with a documentary about The Easybeats by Peter Clifton). It has only 5 minutes of footage of the Stones (live on stage in Sydney'66, dubbed with I'm Moving On) and was deceptively renamed (as we all can guess - for marketing reasons). Available here.

DVD 'The Easybeats: Easy Come, Easy Go/The Rolling Stones: In Oz 1966' (Umbrella Entertainment DAVID 3363, -Australia).


A new biography on the early years of the Stones by acclaimed writer Simon Goddard ("Ziggyology"), written in a stilted British english. For english natives and completists. 352 pages, hardcover. Available here.

Book by Simon Goddard 'Rollaresque' (Ebury Press/Penguin Random House, London. ISBN 978-0-09-195835-0).


On the opening song Bramble Rose on Don Henley's new country album, Mick Jagger and Miranda Lambert share vocal duties with Henley. MJ also plays some great harmonica on the track. Available here.

CD by Don Henley 'Cass County' (Capitol Records).


The third studio album of Keith Richards is a must have - watch out for the Japanese edition or the US Best Buy-edition with its bonus track Love Overdue (alternate version, with additional toasting by Lee 'Scratch' Perry). Available here.

CD by Keith Richards 'Crosseyed Heart' (Mindless Records).


A replica of Ronnie Wood's handwritten diary of 1965, just released through Genesis in a 1.965 copies deluxe version and (which is new to Genesis Publications) also a reasonable "poor man's"-version. The nice book/diary was propped up with photos, notes, drawings, etc. and also has a foreword by Charlie Watts. Last not least it has a download code for RW's 2015 re-recording of the 1965 Birds-song How Can It Be (the deluxe version sports an additional picture single with both versions). Available here.

Book by Ronnie Wood 'How Can It Be? A Rock & Roll Diary' (Genesis Publications Ltd., Guildford, England. ISBN 978-1-905662-36-4).


The new live-set by Robert Cray (producer: Steve Jordan) includes an accompanying DVD which has a short interview with Keith Richards. Available here.

2 CD's & 1 DVD by Robert Cray '4 Nights Of 40 Years Live' (Mascot Label Group PRO74635).


After the great Five Guys Walk Into A Bar we get treated with another interesting Faces boxset: the five CD's include the four newly remastered studio albums and a fifth disc with 9 non-album 7"-tracks and 17 bonus tracks (outtakes, BBC recordings and live-tracks), of which 15 weren't officially released before. For every Faces-aficionado this is a must have. Available here.

5 CD's by Faces '1970 - 1975: You Can Make Me Dance, Sing Or Anything' (Rhino Entertainment Company/Warner Music Group 081227954239).


The first comprehensive biography about The Godfather Of British Blues is now available, written by blues musician and aficionado Dinu Logoz. The book illuminates not only Mayall's life and career, but also providing deeper, more detailed insights into the development of his many fellow musicians (i.e. Mick Taylor). Apart from the biography, the great book includes appendixes with a detailed discography, "bandography", an overview of Mayall's instruments, etc.. 272 pages (plus 32 pages of pictures), hardcover. Available here.

Book by Dinu Logoz 'John Mayall - The Blues Crusader' (Edition Olms, Zurich, Switzerland. ISBN 978-3-283-01228-1).


The current issue of Mojo has Keith Richards on the cover and a 11-page article/interview inside. Also as a supplement the magazine offers a nice CD-compilation which is called 'Life Companion - 15 tracks that shaped Keith Richards'. Available here.

Magazine with additional CD by Various Artists 'Life Companion' (Mojo issue #262, September 2015).


The From The Vault re-release of Stones In The Park is a disappointment as it (unlike all the other releases in this series) doesn't offer anything new. At least it's the first standalone release which offers the enhanced stereo sound (formerly only available as a part of one of the Sweet Summer Sun-boxsets). Available here.

Bluray or DVD by The Rolling Stones 'From The Vault: Hyde Park 1969' (Eagle Vision).


A rare promotional CD-single with three different Trouble-versions exists: The 4.17 album version, a 3.17 radio edit and an elsewhere unavailable instrumental version. Check ebay or similar platforms for availability..

promotional CD-single by Keith Richards 'Trouble' (Radio Edit/Album Version/Instrumental)(Mindless Records).


Today sees the release of the first track from the upcoming Keith Richards solo-album (Crosseyed Heart, out on September 18). The song Trouble is not the famous Leiber/Stoller-track, but a nice new track in the vein of his first two solo albums, penned and produced by KR with Steve Jordan. Available in lossless quality here.

Download-track by Keith Richards 'Trouble' (Mindless Records).


Edsel Records compiled a nice boxset with BW's first four solo albums, with additional 24 bonus tracks (four of them previously unreleased) plus a DVD with a new interview about the making of the project plus seven promo videos and a couple of BBC appearances. Available here.

4 CD's + DVD by Bill Wyman 'White Lightnin' - The Solo Box' (Edsel Records EDSB4023).


Albert Lee celebrated his 70th birthday live on stage with two special gigs at London's Cadogan Hall on March 1&2, 2014. He played there with a variety of old friends and bands, incl. two tracks with Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings. The show of the second day was professionally filmed and is now available on DVD. Available here.

DVD by Albert Lee '70th Birthday Celebration' (Palm Bridge Productions 0013964830675).


New available as a download album on your local i-tunes are the ten Sticky Fingers live-tracks from the clubgig in L.A. (May 20, 2015). Available here.

Download-album by The Rolling Stones 'Sticky Fingers Live' (Promotone B.V.).


Bill Wyman's fifth solo album and the first since Stuff (Japan-only) in 1992 has a nice flow and a couple of great songs (What & How & If & When & Why, I Got Time). Watch out for the download-only bonus-track Exciting. Available here.

CD by Bill Wyman 'Back To Basics' (Proper Records PRPCD125).


Already released in Japan is the third edition of the From The Vaults-series. Together with the very first official release of the clubgig at London's Marquee 26.3.1971 (on DVD and CD), Ward Records offers another rare CD-release of A Brussels Affair (Brussles 17.10.1973, 1st and 2nd show). Available here.

DVD & 3 CD's by The Rolling Stones 'Marquee Club Live In 1971' (Ward Records GQBS-90009, -Japan).


This new boxset is a must have. CD1 is the 2009 remaster of the regular Sticky Fingers. CD2 includes 10 bonus tracks (5 alternate takes and 5 fantastic live tracks from London 14.3.1971) and CD3 has the complete gig from Leeds 13.3.1971. Additional goodies in the boxset are a 120-page book, a re-pressing of the Brown Sugar/Bitch-7" and a DVD with two teaser tracks for the upcoming Marquee 1971-release. Available here.

Boxset with 3 CD's, DVD, 7"-single and book by The Rolling Stones 'Sticky Fingers (Super Deluxe Edition)' (Universal International Music 376 484-2).


The current issue of German Rolling Stone-magazine offers a great supplement - a 7" vinyl-single with the "new" acoustic version of Wild Horses (backed with the regular album version of Dead Flowers). According to the magazine's editorial it took 12 weeks to negotiate this world exclusive deal. The magazine itself has the Stones on the title page and also 10 pages (and a 1-page ad) about the upcoming Sticky Fingers re-release inside. Available here.

Rolling Stone Magazine 06/2015 with 7" by The Rolling Stones 'Wild Horses (Acoustic Version)/Dead Flowers (album version)' (Polydor/Universal International Music b.v.).


As fifth and probably last teaser for the upcoming Sticky Fingers Deluxe-releases (due out June 05/08/09 in Germany/UK/USA) the Rolling Stones released the previously (officially) unavailable alternate take of Brown Sugar (with Eric Clapton and Al Kooper, recorded on KR's birthday on Dec. 18, 1970) as a download-single. Available in lossless quality here.

Download-track by The Rolling Stones 'Brown Sugar (Alternate Version)' (Promotone b.v./Universal International).


As a fourth teaser for the upcoming Sticky Fingers Deluxe-releases (due out June 05/08/09 in Germany/UK/USA) the Rolling Stones released the previously unavailable alternate take of Dead Flowers as a download-single. Available in lossless quality here.

Download-track by The Rolling Stones 'Dead Flowers (Alternate Version)' (Promotone b.v./Universal International).


Bill Wyman, Beverly Skeete, Terry Taylor and Nick Payn play on two tracks (Poison Ivy & I'm A Hog For You Baby) on Mick Abrahams' (ex-Jethro Tull) new album, which is already availabale through the website of the record company (although it says that the release date is June 29). So it's no wonder that these tracks sound very much like (very good!) Rhythm Kings-tracks. Available here.

CD (plus DVD) by Mick Abrahams 'Revived!' (Gonzo Media Group HST277CD).


The first physical release of one of the upcoming Sticky Fingers Deluxe bonus tracks is on an exclusive CD-single, sold only through the US electronics retail Best Buy. It's a package of a black XL-sized t-shirt and a Cd-single with two versions of Wild Horses - the regular album version and the acoustic version (the latter was previously only available as a download). Available here.

CD-single (plus t-shirt) by The Rolling Stones 'Wild Horses (album version)/Wild Horses (acoustic version)' (Universal Music 4730721, -US).


Mick Jagger (bvoc, harm) and Ronnie Wood (gtr) can be heard on a charity download-track in benefit for the Save The Children’s Nepal Earthquake Appeal. Nick Mason produced, Matt Clifford wrote the song and Beverly Knight sings the lead vocals. Available here.

Download-track by The Save The Children Choir 'Save The Children (Look Into Your Hear)' (Specific Music).


As a third teaser for the upcoming Sticky Fingers Deluxe-releases (due out June 05/08/09 in Germany/UK/USA) the Rolling Stones released the previously unavailable (longer, embryonic) alternate take of Bitch as a download-single. Available in lossless quality here.

Download-track by The Rolling Stones 'Bitch (Extended Version)' (Promotone b.v./Universal International).


The newest book from the great Maus Of Music publishing company focuses on all UK-solo releases of all eight Rolling Stones members. If you know Julian Hardiman's first book (on group releases) you can be sure that you will get another fantastic and complete reference book on the Stones solo-output here. The book includes all solo vinyl-, cassette- and CD-releases of the last 50+ years on 402 pages and with over 1600 colour images. To fill the book up it has two appendixes about UK-bluray/DVD/VHS/etc.-releases (band) and UK-book-releases (band & solo). Available here.

Book by Julian Hardiman 'The Rolling Stones On Their Own, On Film And In Print 1964 - 2014' (A Maus Of Music Book MoM 013, -Germany. ISBN 978-3-9809137-9-1).


As second teaser for the upcoming Sticky Fingers Deluxe-releases (due out June 05/08/09 in Germany/UK/USA) the Rolling Stones released a previously unavailable (shorter, embryonic) alternate take of Can't You Hear Me Knocking as a download-single. Available in lossless quality here.

Download-track by The Rolling Stones 'Can't You Hear Me Knocking (Alternate Take)' (Promotone b.v./Universal International).


As a teaser for the upcoming Sticky Fingers Deluxe-releases (due out June 05/08/09 in Germany/UK/USA) the Rolling Stones released a previously unavailable acoustic version of Wild Horses as a download-single. Available in lossless quality here.

Download-track by The Rolling Stones 'Wild Horses (Acoustic Version)' (Promotone b.v./Universal International).


Guest-review by Olaf Boehme: Ronnie Wood's full contribution to the work of the band The Creation is still in doubt. We know he joined the band from ca. late 1967 to March 1968 and did at least one recording session and a tour with them. Now a nice little collector's item - a boxset with all eleven 7"-singles of The Creation was released and includes re-releases of the three singles with RW on the cover.Their first single with him (Midway Down/The Girls Are Naked) was taken from the last recording session for the band in January 1968. Their last two singles were only released in Germany and used leftovers from previous sessions. We learn from the back cover that not RW (but Herbie Flowers) appears on their second to last record (Bonny Moroney/Mercy, Mercy, Mercy), but RW is back again on their very last single (For All That I Am/Uncle Bert)! Available here.

Boxset with eleven 7"-singles by The Creation 'The Singles Boxset' (Demon Records CREATIONBXRSD).


Glyn Johns autobiography includes lots of chapters about his work with the Rolling Stones, but also about his mid-60's flatsharing with Ian Stewart, his trip to Morocco with Brian Jones in 1968, his work on the A.R.M.S.-project in 1983, etc. And of course lots about his work with contemporaries like The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Who, Kinks and even The Clash. Interesting read. 316 pages, hardcover, some b&w photos. Available here.

Book by Glyn Johns 'Sound Man' (Blue Rider Press, ISBN 978-0-399-16387-6).


Rocket 88's guitarist Danny Adler released a couple of download albums in his Legacy-series, among them a live recording of Rocket 88, originally recorded in London for a BBC broadcast in December 1979. It has CW on drums and Stu on piano (both probably not on all tracks). Ian Stewart is also credited as producer. Available here.

Download-album by Rocket 88 'The Danny Adler Legacy Series Vol. 11 - Rocket 88 Live 1979' (Roogolator Ltd.).


The US bluray-release of Get On Up includes interviews with producer Mick Jagger in three of the bonus features. (The US DVD-version includes only two of these features). Available here.

Bluray 'Get On Up - The James Brown Story' (Universal Pictures Home Entertainment, -US).


The deluxe editions of Led Zeppelin's just re-released Physical Graffiti also contain a previously unavailable alternate take of Boogie With Stu with (as the track's title indicates) Ian Stewart on piano. Available here.

3 CD's by Led Zeppelin 'Physical Graffiti (Deluxe Edition)' (Atlantic/Swan Song 8122795794).


The Ronnie Lane Memorial Concert of 2004 was also released on a 2CD-set, Ronnie Wood plays on three tracks. See DVD-entry in August 2014 for more info. Available here.

2 CD's by Various Artists 'Ronnie Lane Memorial Concert' (Angel Air SJPCD450).


Two tracks from the John Mayall Bluesbreakers-tour of 1984 (with Mick Taylor on guitar) were recently released on this compilation live-album with tracks which were all recorded at Tipitina's in New Orleans between 1977 - 1989. Available here.

2 CD's by Various Artists "Blacktop Blues A-Rama: Live At Tipitina's New Orleans 1977-1989" (Rockbeat RBCD3269, -US)