From Come On (1963) to One More Shot (2012) every officially released Rolling Stones-song gets described on one or two pages with production details and the stories behind the track. Some mistakes and omissions are unevitable of course, but from what I could oversee by now, the book seems well researched. And with its heavy weight (more than three kilos!) this hardcover-book with 704 pages (with about 500 photos) is quite impressive. Available here.

Book by Philippe Magotin & Jean-Michel Guesdon 'The Rolling Stones - All The Songs' (Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers. ISBN978-0-316-31774-0).


The great new Rolling Stones blues-themed studio album is a must have, of course. Apart from the vinyl, best version to buy is the small boxset which includes the CD and a nice 72-page hardcover-book. Available here.

CD & book by The Rolling Stones 'Blue & Lonesome' (Polydor Records 571 494-6).


This limited edition 10"-single (one-sided!) is the first official physical release with music from the upcoming Blue & Lonesome-album. Get it while it's there. Available here.

one-sided 10"-single by The Rolling Stones 'Ride 'Em On Down' (Polydor Records 571 775-2).


After more than 13 years in the works Dieter Hoffmann finally released his updated Recording Index. This time he needed 3 volumes (1605 pages!) for all the valuable info he collected. All released songs officially/unofficially, studio/live, group/solo in alphabetical order. Like its predecessor, this book is a must have for every collector. Available here.

3 books by Dieter Hoffmann 'Recording Index 1961 - 2016' (Basement News Distribution, Germany. ISBN 3-00-011346-0).


The Cuba-concert of March 25, 20416 in its completeness on DVD (or bluray) and 2 CD's. The DVD offers the five missing tracks from the movie as bonus tracks, the CD's has them built in in the correct running order. Available here.

DVD & 2 CD's by The Rolling Stones 'Havana Moon' (Eagle Vision EAGDV065).


The brandnew book of The Writing Twins - highly recommended for everyone who speaks German or likes Ronnie Wood or will enjoy the many rarely seen or previously unseen photos, ads, ticket stubs or clippings from vintage newspapers and magazines. Very nicely done. 376 pages, hardcover, 29,-. Available here.

Book by Gerd Coordes, Olaf Boehme & Franz Ostermeier 'The Rolling Stones & The Amazing Journey Of Ronnie Wood' (Edition Franz Ostermeier, -Germany. ISBN 978-3-00-054253-4).


The just released 40th Anniversary-boxset (1 bluray, 2 DVD's & 1 CD) of The Man Who Fell To Earth includes two more previously unreleased John Phillips-tracks, both with MT on guitar - the vocal version of Hello Mary Lou and a short instrumental titled Bryce (with MT all over it). Available here.

Boxset with CD by John Phillips 'The Man Who Fell To Earth (40th Anniversary Edition)' (Studiocanal OPTBD3085).


The second of three planned download-tracks in advance from the upcoming Rolling Stones blues album Blue & Lonesome (due out December 2) is a cover of Little Walter's Hate To See You Go. Available through download shops like i-tunes, amazon, etc.. Available in lossless quality here.

Download-track by The Rolling Stones 'Hate To See You Go' (Promotone B.V.).


The first of three planned download-tracks in advance from the upcoming Rolling Stones blues album Blue & Lonesome (due out December 2) is a cover of Little Walter's Just Your Fool. Available through download shops like i-tunes, amazon, etc.. Available in lossless quality here.

Download-track by The Rolling Stones 'Just Your Fool' (Promotone B.V.).


Abkco probably observed how much success the recent Beatles mono-boxset had and just released a similar project on the Stones 60's mono-catalogue. Unfortunately this 15-CD boxset is not half as interesting as its Beatles-predecessor, as it has less dedicated mono mixes, much more stereo fold-downs and (most interestingly to me) not much different music to offer (only a couple of songs e.g. Yesterday's Papers and Sympathy For The Devil run slighlty longer than its stereo counterparts). New is CD #15, a compilation titled 'Stray Cats', which is a collection of all monoaural non-album tracks. Available here.

Box with 15 CD's by The Rolling Stones 'The Rolling Stones In Mono' (ABKCO Records 018771834526).


Michael Putland's great Stones-shots have been available only in an expensive Genesis-book by now. An Italian publisher has now released a more reasonable collection of many of his outstanding photos (200 images on 160 pages). The book is available with two different frontcovers by the way (with either MJ or KR on the cover). Available here.

Book by Michael Putland 'The Rolling Stones By Putland' (Lullabit, -Italy) ISBN 978-88-99683-02-3.


It took 40 years to release this soundtrack and although David Bowie played the leading role, the soundtrack was mainly compiled from tracks of Stomu Yamash'ta and John Phillips. Phillips secured the help of Mick Taylor for the more demanding guitar parts and as far as I can make it out (the album comes with no detailed credits) MT plays at least on four tracks (Hello Mary Lou and the previously unreleased Window, America & Desert Shack). Available here.

2 CD's by Various Artists incl. John Phillips 'The Man Who Fell To Earth' (Universal Music 479 903-0).


Although the frontcover claims recorded live in New York City, this LP is a cut-and-paste job from three different concerts in NYC, Cincinnati and Oakland (in May 1979). Great music, but bootleg-like sound (no upgrade, if you already own the bootlegs). Also available as a limited edition CD with three bonus tracks (taken from the 10" which was released in April for the RSD). Available here.

LP by The New Barbarians 'Wanted Dead Or Alive' (MRI, -US).


This nice book is available as the official programme for Exhibitionism. Now it is also available online. Lots of great photos on 276 pages. Available here.

Book edited by Ileen Gallagher, John McAlley and Richard Havers 'Exhibitionism: The Rolling Stones' (no publisher info given).


The first compilation which presents highlights of Bill Wyman's solo career plus his work with his two bands Willie And The Poor Boys and The Rhythm Kings. Unfortunately it includes only one new collectable track, a new (2015) mix of his 1992 song Blue Murder (Lies). Available here.

2 CD's by Bill Wyman and Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings '(Si Si) Je Suis Un Rock Star' (Music Club Deluxe MCDLX 219).


Bill Wyman produced all but one album of his best friend's band Tucky Buzzard in the early 70's. Some of the albums are hard to find, here's all at once on a new compilation. Unfortunately it does not come with any bonus tracks of rare single edits or archive tracks. Available here.

5 CD's by Tucky Buzzard 'The Complete Tucky Buzzard' (Edsel Records EDSB4033).


On June 26, 2010 Ronnie Wood played a couple of tracks with Buddy Guy and Jonny Lang on Eric Clapton's Crossroads Guitar Festival. Although already released on DVD in 2010, now for the first time on CD is their rendition of Five Long Years. Note that this is an edited version. Available here.

3 CD's by Eric Clapton And Guests 'Crossroads Revisited: Selections From The Crossroads Guitar Festivals' (Rhino Entertainment Company 081227950675).


This re-release of Nikki Sudden's great album Treasure Island (originally released in 2004) includes a bonus-CD with alternate takes, incl. two tracks with Mick Taylor (Kitchen Blues & House Of Cards). Both songs include different guitar overdubs of MT (compared to the original versions). Available here.

3 CD's by Nikki Sudden 'Treasure Island' (Easy Action Recordings Ltd./Troubadour TRBCD031).


This nice book by Peruvian Stones-aficionado Cucho Penaloza comes with 200 pages plus 100 pages of (many rare and unseen) images, covering the Stones(-members) various visits in Peru between the years 1969 - 2016. You can order the book directly through the author, just write to penalozaq(at) .

Book by Cucho Penaloza 'Los Rolling Stones Y Sus Viajes Al Peru' (Grupo Editorial Mesa Redanda S.A.C., Lima, -Peru). ISBN 978-612-4300-10-3.


A new book from Italy (something for the completists), concentrating on Italian 7"-releases. 144 pages plus 32 pages of images (covers and labels), hardcover, 9,90. Available here.

Book by Dario Salvatori 'Satisfaction' (Sprea Music S.p.A, Torino -Italy). ISBN 9772039215311.


Today sees the brought forward release of the Japanese editions of Totally Stripped (a largely extended edition of 1995's Stripped) and the Super Deluxe edition is the one for collectors to get. It offers 4 DVD's (or bluray discs) with three 1995-club concerts (Amsterdam 26.05., Paris 03.07. and London 19.07.) a fourth DVD/bluray with a documentary and two CD's - a regular one with a collection of live tracks from these three concerts and a Japan-only bonus-disc with three more tracks. Available here.

Boxset with 4 DVD's or blurays plus 2 CD's by The Rolling Stones 'Totally Stripped (Super Deluxe)' (Sony Music Entertainment GQBS-90145-7, -Japan).


Rich Cohen is a journalist who really got to know the Stones. He accompanied the Stones on their 1994 US-tour as a writer for Rolling Stone Magazine and was later working with Jagger and Scorsese on what became the script for the Vinyl-series. If you liked the similar insights from the Greenfield- or Flippo-books, you will probably like Cohen's book too. Available here.

Book by Rich Cohen 'The Sun & The Moon & The Rolling Stones' (Headline Publishing Group. ISBN 978-1-4722-1-8018).


The makers of the Knebworth '76 Commemorative set were really pleased to see their Rolling Stones Knebworth-poster shown on television in early April when the BBC were interviewing the band at the Saatchi Exhibition. Whilst the exhibition is on, they have decided to give, free of charge, with their Knebworth Rolling Stones-set the signed, dedicated and numbered Knebworth 76 poster which was produced in a very limited edition of 100 and normally sells on their site for 25. Available here.

Memorabilia-set "1976 Rolling Stones Commemorative Set" (rock music Ltd.).


This new photo book compiles 1963 - 1965-photos of the two photographers Terry O'Neill and Gered Mankowitz. Both photographers already released books on their own (Mankowitz many more than one), so you won't find too much rare and unseen pics inside of the 240 pages. Most of the photos are great though. Available here.

Book by Terry O'Neill & Gered Mankowitz 'Breaking Stones' (ACC Editions. ISBN 978-1-85149-816-1).


To cash in with the Record Store Day an obscure US label (no info given on the sleeve or labels) released three New Barbarians-tracks on a bootleg-like 10"-single. The medley Am I Grooving You/Seven Days (live in NYC May 7, 1979) was cut apart in a most diletantish way and the rehearsal Hello Africa is misnamed as "Africa". Also the sound is not better than on various bootlegs. For completists and vinyl aficionados only. Check your local ebay or similar platforms to find it.

10" single by The New Barbarians 'Am I Grooving You b/w Seven Days & Hello Africa' (#FTP0017, -US).


The May issue of UK Mojo-mag has Jagger/Richards on the title, a 15-page feature inside (about the Stones in 1966 and Exhibitionism) and also includes a free Stones & 1966-themed CD with 15 tracks, incl.the Mick Jagger-produced soundtrack version of Chris Farlowe's Paint It Black (no Stones-music on the CD though...). Available here.

Magazine with CD by Various Artists 'Paint It Black' (Mojo issue 270, May 2016).


According to the press release for the first soundtrack album to the TV series Vinyl, the song Rotten Apple was co-written by Mick and James Jagger and recorded by the band Nasty Bits (a punk band which is featured in the TV series and includes Mick's son James). Already released as a download-album in February, the soundtrack is now also (appropriately) available on 2 LP's (with additional bonus-CD). Available here.

2 LP's (+ bonus-CD) by Various Artists 'Vinyl - Music From The HBO Original Series - Volume 1' (Atlantic Records).


This download-album from 2005 is a collection of interview bits and includes a short part of a phone-interview with Bill Wyman, probably recorded in January 1999. For completists only. (Thanks a lot to Crazy Mama for this info). Available here.

Download-album by Various Artists 'Music's Bottom Line' (Thunderous Records).


Producers Sly & Robbie recycled the rhythm track of Black Uhuru's Shine Eye (with Keith Richards on guitar) for Bitty McLean's song Running Over. Two versions are available on this 12", the regular version is also available on the CD 'The Taxi Sessions'. (Thanks again to Britney for this interesting info). Available here.

12" single by Bitty McLean 'Running Over-Nuh One A Dem (Disco Mix)/Running Over/[No Love]' (Taxi Records/Silent River SR006).


This obscure Australian release from the mid-80's includes a short spoken word recording of Mick Jagger (an appeal for an anti-hinger campaign, recorded in Summer 1969, while he was filming Ned Kelly near Canberra). (Thanks again to Britney for this valuable info). Check ebay, discogs or similar platforms for this rare album.

2 LP's by Various Artists 'The Wonderful Wireless - The Ads' (Telmak TMAK 1140, -Australia).


It took me nearly 15 years to find out that Ronnie Wood plays slide on the title track of Neol Davies' (The Selecter) solo-album 'Future Swamp'. (Thanks to Britney for this great info). Available here.

CD by Neol Davies 'Future Swamp' (Vomatic Records VMCD002).