Already recorded in June 2016 and finally released: Sheryl Crow's cover version of the Voodoo Lounge deep track The Worst. It's main-composer Keith Richards plays guitars, bass and piano (and does some vocals), producer Steve Jordan also plays drums and Sheryl plays keyboards and sings. That's the whole line-up - very good version, but not as outstanding as the original. Available here.

CD by Sheryl Crow 'Threads' (Big Machine/The Valory Music Co. 00843930041411).


1969 was a highly interesting year for the The Rolling Stones (line-up change, death of Brian Jones, Hyde Park, triumphant live comeback on the US tour with it's anti-climax Altamont, Let It Bleed-album, Muscle Shoals-recordings, etc.). Author Patrick Humphries depicts all these events in detail in this interesting read on 332 pages (incl. 16 pages of photos). Paperback, 14.99. Available here.

Book by Patrick Humphries 'Rolling Stones 69' (Omnibus Press, ISBN 9781787601680).


The newest release in the From The Vaults-series includes the complete show from Bremen, Germany, September 2, 1998 on audio and video and four regular (worldwide) bonus tracks (video-only) from Chicago September, 23, 1997. Note that the Japanese edition has got a fifth (exclusive) bonus track (Little Queenie, also from Chicago 23.09.1997)! Available here.

DVD & 2 CD's by The Rolling Stones 'Bridges To Bremen' (Eagle Vision UIXY-75009, -Japan).


This re-release of the Rock And Roll Circus includes some previously unreleased audio and video tracks which weren't available on the first two editions of 1996 and 2004. Most notably a rehearsal of Lennon's Revolution (audio only) and a video of an alternate take of Yer Blues (both by the all star band The Dirty Mac with KR on bass). Available here.

Boxset with bluray/DVD/2 CD's by Various Artists 'The Rolling Stones Rock And Roll Circus' (Polydor 773 188-0).


Most interesting part of the new greatest hits-album Honk (36 tracks of the post-Abkco era) is an additional third disc with 10 previously unreleased live-tracks from the years 2013 - 2018 (with notable guest artists Florence Welch, Dave Grohl, Ed Sheeran and Brad Paisley). Available here.

3 CD's by The Rolling Stones 'Honk' (Polydor 773 188-0).


A limited edition one-sided 10"-single in coloured vinyl is the most interesting release of the Stones to tie in with Record Store Day in 2019. The 2017 live version of She's A Rainbow is the first taster for the soon to be released best-of-plus-additional-live-album Honk. More info here.

10"-single by The Rolling Stones 'She's A Rainbow' (Polydor 773 480-9).


The 30th anniversary re-release of KR's first solo album comes with a bonus-CD with six leftovers from the Talk Is Cheap-sessions, with lots of guests on it, most notable Mick Taylor on two tracks, but also Johnnie Johnson, Bootsy Collins and Bernie Worrell. Available here.

2 CD's by Keith Richards 'Talk Is Cheap' (Mindless Records/BMG CAT349DCDX).


A Japan-only From The Vaults-release to tie in with the Exhibitionism-exhibitition in Tokyo, another release from the Voodoo Lounge Tour (after Miami 25.11.94), this one was filmed/recorded in Tokyo on March 12, 1995. Available here.

DVD & 2 CD's by The Rolling Stones 'Voodoo Lounge In Japan' (UIBY-15094, -Japan).


After 45 years this "lost" album finally sees the light of day thanks to a dedicated small label in the Netherlands. Mick Taylor produced the album of his then brother in-law Robin Millar and also plays guitar on it. Other notable guests are Nicky Hopkins, Bobby Keys and Billy Preston. Available here.

CD by Robin Millar 'Cat's Eyes' (Apcor Books And Records CD02).