MT played two shows with Corky Laing's All Stars in June 1988 (not in 1998 as the liner notes say) which were recorded quite well by a taper from the audience. Laing just released the second day's show (June 4) in its entirety, now billed to Corky Laing Mick Taylor (check Carla Olson's January 31-release for a similar stunt). Available here.

2 CD's Corky Laing Mick Taylor 'Live At Club Tip Toe' (Gonzo Multimedia HST567CD).


This gigantic John Mayall 35-CD boxset was compiled from nearly all available and many previously unavailable recordings he did in the years 1965 - 1974. It includes all official John Mayall's Bluesbreakers recordings with MT from that period and many previously unreleased BBC and live tracks. A must have for every John Mayall-fan and also a very interesting (but also very expensive) release for every Mick Taylor (Peter Green, Eric Clapton, ...)-fan. Available here.

35 CD boxset John Mayall 'The First Generation 1965 - 1974' (Madfish SMABX1140).


A new best of Carla Olson on vinyl, trying to cash in on her days with Mick Taylor (early to mid-90's). The only new track we get is a live version of Sway, recorded in San Francisco in 1991. The song is a truncated audience recording with speed problems (great playing though!), something you would expect on a third-rate bootleg, not on an official release. Available here.

LP 'Sway - The Best Of Carla Olson & Mick Taylor' (Sunset Boulevard Records SBR-79902LE, -US).