Ronnie Schneider, nephew of Allen Klein, worked as tour manager on the Stones US tours of 1965, 1966, 1969 and on the European tour of 1970. (He also had his hand in the production of the Gimme Shelter-movie.) Being a confidante on these tours, we get a rare glimpse behind the scenes of the Stones in their most interesting era. The author als kept loads of letters, telegrams, agreements and other correspondence which build a 240-page appendix to the book. All of them unseen and many of them very interesting. Beatles and other topics are minimal, this book is 90% about the Stones and highly recommended. 490 pages, hardcover. More info here. Available here.

Book by Ronnie Schneider 'Out Of Our Heads - The Rolling Stones, The Beatles And Me' (ISBN 978-0-9981663-1-5).


As a Japan-only release this From The Vaults "Extra"-issue includes the Tokyo-gig from February 24, 1990 (the February 26-gig with identical setlist was already released in 2015). Bonus footage on the DVD is just 5 minutes of the Stones (without BW) backstage and entering their cars leaving for the press conference on February 9. Available here.

DVD & 2 CD's by The Rolling Stones 'From The Vaults Extra - Live In Japan Tokyo Dome 1990.2.24' (Ward Records GQBS-90274-6).


The fourth and probably last Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings archive-boxset on Edsel finally has some very rare and also unreleased music for us collectors. The live-recording on the audio-CD was only available on DVD before, the first of the three DVD's (Embassy Rooms 1999) was previously only released through a web shop for a short period of time and was rare as hen's teeth and the second DVD (Montreux 2001) was previously unreleased. The price for the 4-disc-box is a bargain by the way. Available here.

CD & 3 DVD's by Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings 'The Kings Of Rhythm Vol. 4: Race With The Devilí (Edsel EDSB 4032).


A little bit late and without the promised foreword by Ronnie Wood, the long awaited New Barbarians-book by Rob Chapman is finally available. The accompanying CD is identical with the standalone 10-track CD 'Wanted Dead Or Alive' which was released in August 2016 (although now without any coverwork), but the hardcover book is very nice, with many photos and images of memorabilia on 202 pages. Available here.

Book by Rob Chapman (+ CD) 'New Barbarians - Outlaws, Gunslingers And Guitars' (Voyageur Press, Quarto Publishing Group USA Inc.. ISBN 978-0-7603-5014-0).


This new magazine from Japan has not only KR on cover and 18-pages of Stones-related articles inside, it also has an accompanying CD with a previously unreleased Keith Richards-interview from November or December 1985 (done by Mat Snow for NME Magazine). Available here.

Magazine + CD 'Player' (issue #612, February 2017, -Japan).