Bill Wyman and Terry Taylor compiled a new 15-track Rhythm Kings studio album from leftovers ("previously overlooked and unheard gems"). Most interesting from a historical point of view are two tracks from March 1987 (with Nicky Hopkins on piano!) which preceed the formation of The Rhythm Kings and could therefore be considered as Willie And The Poor Boys-recordings (for a shelved second album?). Available here.

CD by Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings 'Studio Time' (Edsel Records EDSL0019).


Record Store Day brought us a rare 7" by Led Zeppelin with yet another mix of Rock And Roll (with Stu on piano). Here he is unfortunately less audble than in the other two available mixes of this great track.

7" single by Led Zeppelin 'Rock And Roll (Sunset Sound Mix) b/w Friends (Olympic Studios Mix)' (Rhino/Atlantic R7-566332).


Some new session work by Keith Richards. His friend Steve Jordan produced an album of Bob Dylan-covers with singer Bettye LaVette and KR plays guitar on Political World and It Ain't Me Babe. Available here.

CD by Bettye LaVette 'Things Have Changed' (Verve/Universal 6726785).


This new book about Brian Jones (France-only) concentrates on BJ's times in Marocco and his work with the Master Musicians Of Jajouka. For completists and French natives only. 238 pages, 20,-. Available here.

Book by Gaston Carre 'Un Rolling Stone dans le rif' (Editions Erick Bonnier, ISBN 978-2367601250).