Woodwork 1964

Note: All entries are from The Birds except otherwise noted.

640000A  early 1964: THE THUNDERBIRDS. Yiewsley, England, Community Center,
                   "The Nest Club" (once a week on Saturday nights)
                   Line-up: RW (gtr, bvoc)/Tony Munroe (gtr, bvoc)/Ali MacKenzie (voc, harm)/
                                  Kim Gardner (bass)/Bob Langham (dr)
                   Note: Their set included songs of The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Chuck Berry,
                              Bo Diddley, Howlin’ Wolf and Motown-stuff, among others:
                              - I'm A Man (Ellas McDaniel)
                              - Maybelline (Chuck Berry)
                              - St. Louis Woman (James Oden)
                              - Talkin’ ‘Bout You (Chuck Berry)
                              - Too Much Monkey Business (Chuck Berry)

640300A  early March: THE YARDBIRDS. Richmond, England, Crawdaddy Club
                   - RW plays a set with The Yardbirds for Keith Relf who was ill.
                   Line-up: RW (harm)/Eric Clapton (gtr)/Paul Samwell-Smith (bass)/Chris Dreja (gtr)/
                                  Jim McCarty (dr)

640328A  28th March: THE THUNDERBIRDS. West Drayton, England, Women's Institute

Spring: THE THUNDERBIRDS. Tour Of The Midlands of England.
                 Line-up: see 640000A.

640400A:  April: Harrow, England, Technical College
640400B:  Spring: Coventry, England,
640400C:  Spring: Wolverhampton, England,
640400D:  Spring: Birmingham, England,

640400E:  Spring: THE THUNDERBIRDS. Uxbridge, England, Women's Insitute Hall,
                      ‘Blues Festival’, “Battle of The Bands”
                      Note: Last gig with Bob Langham on drums.

640500A  May: THE THUNDERBIRDS. West Drayton, England, Townmead School, 'May
                    Fayre' (1st show)
640500B  May: THE THUNDERBIRDS. West Drayton, England, Townmead School, 'May
                    Fayre' (2nd show)
                    Line-up: RW (gtr, bvoc)/Tony Munroe (gtr, bvoc)/Ali MacKenzie (voc, harm)/
                                   Kim Gardner (bass)/Pete McDaniels (dr)

640515A  15th May: THE BIRDS. West Drayton, England, Ivy Leaf Memorial Club
640523A  23rd May: THE BIRDS. West Drayton, England, Drayton Hall Grounds
640530A  30th May: THE BIRDS. Hayes, England, St. Mary's Hall, Fleur De Lys Club
640601A  1st June: THE BIRDS. Reading, England, The Cavern

640600A  June: THE BIRDS. Tony Pike Recording, Putney, London. Recording of demos. Incl.
                    - You’re On My Mind (RW) -demo version
                    - You Don’t Love Me (Ellas McDaniel) -demo version

                   Line-up: see 640500A.
                   Note: Both demos weren’t released before late Summer 1997 on the album
                             ‘Say Those Magic Words’ (Beat Records BLP-3), see 970900A.

June onwards: THE BIRDS. British gigs.
                   Note: The Birds became semi-professional and played in and around of London’s
                             club circuit and even went on tours which among other places even
                             brought them to South Wales. They also they played:
                             - London, Eel Pie Island, Clubhouse
                             - Windsor, England, The Cavern (Fridays)
                             - Reading, England, The Cavern
                             - Hounslow, England, The Zambezi

640624A  24th June: THE BIRDS. UK TV (ARTV) ‘Ready, Steady, Win’!, Wembley
                   Television Studios. Incl.
                    - You'll Be Mine (Willie Dixon)
                   Line-up: see 640500A.

640819A  19th August: THE BIRDS. UK TV (BBC1) ‘ABC Of Britain’, incl.
                    - You’re On My Mind (RW)
                   Note: Probably aired on the 8th September.

640800A  August: Southhall, England, Community Centre

640803A  3rd August: London, 100 Club (every Monday)
640810A  10th August: London, 100 Club
640817A  17th August: London, 100 Club
640824A  24th August: London, 100 Club
640831A  31st August: London, 100 Club
640907A  7th September: Bristol, England, Corn Exchange and/or London, 100 Club
640914A  14th September: London, 100 Club
640917A  17th September: Harrow, England, British Legion Hall
640921A  21st September: London, 100 Club
640928A  28th September: London, 100 Club
641005A  5th October: London, 100 Club
641010A  10th October: London, The Ealing Club
641011A  11th October: High Wycombe, England, Pete's Club
641012A  12th October: London, 100 Club
641013A  13th October: Windsor, England, Cavern Club and/or Bristol, Corn Exchange
641015A  15th October: London, West Hendon, Old Welsh Harp
641016A  16th October: Windsor, England, Cavern Club
641017A  17th October: Stamford, England, Lansbury Club
641018A  18th October: Southall, England, Community Centre
641019A  19th October: London, 100 Club

641120A  20th November: THE BIRDS.
                   7" single (Decca F 12031). Producer: Franklyn Boyd. Recorded in London,
                   at Decca Studios.
                   A: You’re On My Mind  (RW)
                   B: You Don’t Love Me (Ellas McDaniel)
                   Line-up: RW (gtr)/Tony Munroe (gtr)/Ali MacKenzie (voc, harm)/Kim Gardner
                                  (bass)/Pete McDaniels (dr)

641020B  20th October: Bristol, England, Corn Exchange
641021A  21th October: St. Albans, England, Market Hall
641026A  26th October: London, 100 Club
641101A  1st November: Grantham, England, Face Club
641107A  7th November: Loughborough, England, College
641109A  9th November: London, 100 Club
641116A  16th November: London, 100 Club
641129A  29th November: Crawley, England, Civic Hall, Town Hall
641130A  30th November: London, 100 Club
641209A  9th December: Cheshunt, England, Wolsey Hall
641219A  19th December: Stamford, England, Lansbury Club
641221A  21st December: London, 100 Club
641228A  28th December: London, 100 Club