770100A  January: RUFUS.
                   LP ‘Ask Rufus’ (ABCL 5203). Producers: Rufus. Sound engineer: Gary Starr.
                   Recorded at Burbank, California, Kendun Recorders. Incl.
                   - A Flat Fry (Rufus/David Wolinski)
                   Note: The song is part of a medley and lasts for only 18 seconds!
                   Line-up: RW (gtr)/Tony Maiden (gtr)/Kevin Murphy (keyb)/Bobby Watson (bass)/
                                  Andre Fischer (dr)/David Wolinski (keyb)

770111A  11th January: UK TV (ATV) ‘ATV Today’, incl.
                    Footage of KR & MJ arriving at Aylesbury Crown Court (near London)

770111B  11th January: UK TV (ITV) ‘ITN News’, incl.
                    Footage of KR & MJ leaving Aylesbury Crown Court (near London) 11.01.

770112B  12th January: Aston Clinton (near Aylesbury), England. Hotel The Bell.
                    Press conference by MJ & KR.

770112C  12th January: UK TV (ITN), newscast, incl.
                    - interview with MJ & KR (Hotel The Bell, Aston Clinton, England)

770124A  24th January: US radio ( ) '90 Minutes With The Rolling Stones'. Host Dave
                   Prince. Rolling Stones-special.

770129A  29th January: BILLY PRESTON. US TV (syndicated) ‘Soul Train’, KTLA
                   Studios, Los Angeles. Host: Don Cornelius. Incl.
                   - Girl (Billy Preston/Bruce Fisher)
                   - Do What You Want (Billy Preston)
                   - Let The Music Play (Billy Preston/Jesse Kirkland)
                   Line-up: RW (gtr)/Billy Preston (keyb, voc)/ … (bass)/… (gtr)/… (dr)

770131A  31st January: US TV ( ), Santa Monica, California, Civic Auditorium, 'The 4th
                   Annual American Music Awards', incl.
                   - RW and Keith Moon present an award to best country-singer Charley Pride
                   - RW and Keith Moon accepting an award on behalf of Elton John

770222A  22nd February: BILLY PRESTON. US TV (syndicated) ‘The Merv Griffin Show’,
                   Los Angeles, Hollywood Palace Theater. Incl.
                   - Outa Space (Billy Preston/Joe Greene)
                   Line-up: RW (gtr)/Billy Preston (keyb, voc)/ … (bass)/… (gtr)/… (dr)

770221A  21st February: PETE TOWNSHEND & RONNIE LANE. London, Olympic
                  Sound Studios. Producer and sound engineer: Glyn Johns. Incl.
                   - Catmelody I (Ronnie Lane/Kit Lambert) -early version
                   - Catmelody II (Ronnie Lane/Kit Lambert) -Rough Mix-version
                   - My Baby Gives It Away I (Pete Townshend) -early version without lead guitar
                   - My Baby Gives It Away II (Pete Townshend) -Rough Mix-version
                   Line-up Catmelody: CW (dr)/STU (p)/Ronnie Lane (voc, bass)/Pete
                                 Townshend (gtr)/Mel Collins (sax)
                   Line-up My Baby Gives It Away: CW (dr)/Pete Townshend (voc, gtr)/Ronnie
                                 Lane (bass, gtr)

770226A  26th February - early March: Toronto, Canada, Cine-a-Vision Studio. Rehearsals
                   for the upcoming El Mocambo-gigs and new songs.
                   Note: Without Billy Preston. With MJ only until the 2nd of March.

770304A  4th March: Toronto, Canada, El Mocambo Tavern, incl.
                   (Melody/Worried About You/Let’s Spend The Night Together/Band
                    introduction/Little Red Rooster/Luxury)
                   Line-up: most probably as below (770305A).
                   Note: Apparently the Stones started the show with Route 66 and played even more
                             songs than on March 5. The songs above are the only ones circulating.
                             The whole show was professionally recorded by sound engineer Eddie
                              Kramer. Little Red Rooster and the band introduction were released on the
                              live album Love You Live (see 770923A). Melody, Worried About You and
                              Luxury were officially released in May 2022 (see 220513A).

770305A  5th March: Toronto, Canada, El Mocambo Tavern
                   (Honky Tonk Women/All Down The Line/Hand Of Fate/Route 66/Fool To
                    Cry/Crazy Mama/Mannish Boy/Crackin’ Up/Dance Little Sister/Around
                    And Around/Tumbling Dice/Hot Stuff/Star Star/Let's Spend The Night
                    Together/Worried Life Blues/Little Red Rooster/It’s Only Rock’n Roll/
                    Rip This Joint/Band introduction/Brown Sugar/Jumpin' Jack Flash)
                    Line-up: MJ (voc, harm, gtr)/KR (gtr, bvoc)/RW (gtr, bvoc)/BW (bass)/CW
                                   (dr)/STU (p; some songs)/Billy Preston (keyb, bvoc)/Ollie Brown (perc)
                    Note: Professionally recorded by sound engineer Eddie Kramer. Mannish Boy,
                              Crackin’ Up and Around And Around were released on the live album Love
                              You Live (see 770923A). The complete show was officially released in
                              May 2022 (see 220513A).

770307A  7th March: UK TV (ITV) 'News At Ten', incl.
                   - footage of MJ, KR, RW & Margaret Trudeau leaving the El Mocambo, Toronto

770307B  7th March: Canadian TV ( ) 'various newscasts', incl.
                   - footage of KR going to court for drugs charges in Toronto

770309A  around 9th March: Canadian radio ( ). Incl.
                   - phone-interview with MJ (from NYC) about the Margaret Trudeau-affair

770312A  12th March: French TV (TF1) 'Actualités', incl.
                    - RW, KR and Margaret Trudeau entering a limousine in Toronto (March 4 or 5)

770312B  12th & 13th March: KEITH RICHARDS. Toronto, Canada, Sounds
                    Interchange Recording Studios. Producer: KR. Incl.
                    - Apartment Number Nine I (Johnny Paycheck/Bobby Austin) -lead vocals
                        and piano only
                   - Apartment Number Nine II (Johnny Paycheck/Bobby Austin) -new lead vocals,
                          with additional backing vocals, guitar and piano
                   - Apartment Number Nine III (Johnny Paycheck/Bobby Austin) -remix of version II
                   - Bad Luck I ( ) -instrumental; unverified
                   - Bad Luck II ( ) -unverified
                   - Oh, What A Feeling I (Don Everly)
                   - Say It’s Not You I (Dallas Frazier)
                   - She Still Comes Around (Glenn Sutton)
                   - Sing Me Back Home I (Merle Haggard) -vocals and piano only
                   - Sing Me Back Home II (Merle Haggard) -with additional guitar and backing vocals
                   - Six Days On The Road (Earl Green/Carl Montgomery) -unconfirmed
                   - Worried Life Blues I (John Estes/Major Merriweather) -STU on piano
                   - Worried Life Blues II (John Estes/Major Merriweather) -remix of version I
                   Musicians: KR (voc, gtr, bvoc, p)/STU (p)
                   Note: Recordings were made on the 12th March, some mixing and overdubs
                             had been done by KR on the 13th March.

770318A  18th March: EAGLES. New York City, Madison Square Garden
                    - Carol (Chuck Berry) -unverified
                    Line-up: RW (gtr)/Joe Walsh (gtr)/Glen Frey (gtr)/Randy Meisner (bass)/
                                   Don Henley (dr)/Don Felder (gtr)

770329A  29th March: US TV (ABC) 'Eyewitness News', New York City, incl.
                    - interview with John Lennon (with MJ in the background) by Joel Siegel in
                        New York City, at a circus in Madison Square Garden

770411A  11th April: German TV (WDR) ‘Rockpalast’. Host: Albrecht Metzger.
                    Paris ‘76-special (1 hour).
                    Note: Shortened re-broadcast (45 min.) on December 25 on German ARD-TV.

770413A  13th April: Dutch TV (VOO) ‘Countdown - Rolling Stones Special’.
                    Most probably Paris’76 live tracks.

770430A  30th April and other dates: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Sigma Sound Studios.
                    MJ and KR listen through some ‘Love You Live’-tapes. Incl.
                    - She Still Comes Around (Glenn Sutton) -MJ on vocals and piano; unrecorded,
                        broken off (April 30)

                    7" single (A&M 1941-S, -US). Producer: Peter Frampton. With MJ on side A on:
                    A: I’m In You (Peter Frampton)
                    [B: Saint Thomas (Peter Frampton)]
                    Line-up: MJ (bvoc)/Peter Frampton (gtr, p, voc, dr, ARP strings)/Bob Mayo
                                   (ARP bass synth, ARP strings, bvoc)

770510A  10th or 11th May: MUDDY WATERS. Los Angeles, The Roxy.
                    RW (gtr) jams with Muddy Waters and his band.
                    Line-up: RW (gtr)/Muddy Waters (voc)/Bob Margolin (gtr)/Al Kooper (keyb)/&

770521A  21st May: UK TV (LWT) ‘All You Need Is Love’. TV series, episode 14, incl.:
                   - Stones backstage in Fort Collins 19.07.75 (with Elton John)
                   - Stones live-footage from 19.07.75 (with Sympathy For The Devil by
                        Bryan Ferry dubbed over)
                   - MJ in discussion ('World In Action' 31.07.67)
                   - interview with BW (probably Fort Collins, 19.07.75)
                   - riot scenes from Altamont 06.12.69 (from 'Gimme Shelter'-movie)
                   - Time Is On My Side (Jerry Ragavoy/Jimmy Norman) -TAMI Show 29.10.64
                   - interview with Alexis Korner (London, at Ealing Club)
                   - Jumpin' Jack Flash (MJ/KR) -from ‘Stones In The Park’ 05.07.69
                   - Adonais (poem by Percy Shelley) -from ‘Stones In The Park’ 05.07.69
                   - interview with tour manager Peter Rudge (probably Fort Collins, 19.07.75)
                   Note: Released on DVD in August 2009 (see 090817).

770525A  25th May - at least 20th June: New York City, Atlantic Studios.
                   Mixing, overdubbing and editing of the double album Love You Live.
                   First with all five Stones, later only with MJ & KR. Producer: The Glimmer Twins.
                   Sound engineers: Keith Harwood, Ron Nevison, Eddie Kramer.

                   First cuts considered for Love You Live:
                   - Honky Tonk Women (MJ/KR) Paris 5.6.76
                   - If You Can’t Rock Me-Get Off Of My Cloud (MJ/KR) -London 26.5.76
                   - Hand Of Fate (MJ/KR) -London 26.5.76
                   - Hey Negrita (MJ/KR) -Paris 7.6.76
                   - Ain’t Too Proud To Beg (Norman Whitfield/Eddie Holland) -Paris 5.6.76
                   - Fool To Cry (MJ/KR) -Paris 5.6.76
                   - Hot Stuff (MJ/KR) -Paris 6.6.76
                   - Star Star (MJ/KR) -Paris 6.6.76
                   - Fingerprint File (MJ/KR) -San Francisco 16.7.75
                   - Fingerprint File (MJ/KR) -Toronto 17.6.75
                   - You Gotta Move (Fred McDowell/Rev. Gary Davis) -Paris 5.6.76
                   - You Can’t Always Get What You Want (MJ/KR) -Paris 7.6.76
                   - Happy (MJ/KR) -Paris 5.6.76
                   - Tumbling Dice (MJ/KR) -Paris    7.6.76
                   - Crackin’ Up (Ellas McDaniel) -Toronto 5.3.77; unedited
                   - Dance Little Sister (MJ/KR) -Toronto 5.3.77, edit
                   - Little Red Rooster (Willie Dixon) Toronto 4.3.77; unedited
                   - Brown Sugar (MJ/KR) -London 5/76
                   - Jumpin' jack Flash (MJ/KR) -London 5/76
                   - Street Fighting Man (MJ/KR) -London 5/76
                   - Fingerprint File (MJ/KR) -Cleveland 14.6.75

                  Unauthorized alternate mixes (made by one of the sound engineers):
                  - Hot Stuff (MJ/KR) -Paris 6.6.76
                  - Star Star (MJ/KR) -Paris 6.6.76
                  - Angie (MJ/KR) -Paris 6.6.76
                  - Hey Negrita (MJ/KR) -London 27.5.76
                  - You Gotta Move (Fred McDowell/Rev. Gary Davis) -Cleveland 14.6.75

                   Final cuts which made it on the Love You Live-album:
                   - Intro (Fanfare For The Common Man) -Paris 5.6.76, original
                   - Honky Tonk Women (MJ/KR) -Paris 5.6.76; reworked
                   - If You Can’t Rock Me-Get Off Of My Cloud (MJ/KR) -London 27.5.76; original
                   - Happy (MJ/KR) -Paris 5.6.76; reworked
                   - Hot Stuff (MJ/KR) -Paris 6.6.76; reworked
                   - Star Star (MJ/KR) -Paris 6.6.76; reworked
                   - Tumbling Dice (MJ/KR) -Paris 7.6.76; reworked
                   - Fingerprint File (MJ/KR) -Toronto 17.6.75; reworked
                   - You Gotta Move (Fred McDowell/Rev. Gary Davis) -Paris 5.6.76; original
                   - You Can’t Always Get What You Want (MJ/KR) -Paris 7.6.76; reworked
                   - Mannish Boy (McKinley Morganfield/Ellas McDaniel/Mel London) -Toronto
                        5.3.77; reworked
                   - Crackin’ Up (Ellas McDaniel) -Toronto 5.3.77; reworked (edited)
                   - Band introduction -Toronto 4.3.77
                   - Little Red Rooster (Willie Dixon) -Toronto 4.3.77; reworked (edited)
                   - Around And Around (Chuck Berry) -Toronto 5.3.77; reworked
                   - It’s Only Rock’n Roll (MJ/KR) -Toronto 17.6.75; reworked
                   - Brown Sugar (MJ/KR) -Paris 6.6.76; reworked
                   - Jumpin' Jack Flash (MJ/KR) -Paris 6.6.76; reworked
                   - Sympathy For The Devil (MJ/KR) -Los Angeles 9.7.75; reworked
                   Note: Some overdubs are rumoured to have been done at NYC's Plaza Hotel.

770601A  1st June: Japanese radio ( ) 'Rock On', Rolling Stones-special, incl.
                   - interview with MJ (backstage at Earls Court Arena, London, May 1976)

770612A  12th June: BOB HALL & GEORGE GREEN. Swindon, England, Arts Centre.
                    Recording of live album. Producer: STU (album edited and produced by Alan Bates).
                    Sound engineer: Rob Fawcus with Ronnie Lane’s Mobile Studios (remix engineer:
                    Mike McKenna).
                   - Rocket 88 (Pete Johnson)
                   - I’m In A World Of Trouble (Joe Turner)
                   - Barrel House Boogie (Albert Ammons/Pete Johnson)
                   - Foo Woo (Colin Smith)
                   - Great Western Boogie (STU/Bob Hall/George Green) -STU on piano
                   - Shufflin’ The Boogie (Lester Young)
                   - Swanee River Boogie (Leroy Foster)
                   - Why I’m Leaving You (Jack Cooley)
                   - Too Late For That Now (Bob Hall)
                   - Jammin’ The Boogie (Lester Young)
                  Line-up: CW (dr)/Bob Hall (p, voc)/George Green (p)/Nick Dean (bass)/
                                 Colin Smith (tp)/John Picard (tb)/Al Gay (tsax)
                  Note: The songs which later appeared on the live-album (as listed above)
                             were just a part of the concert. For more info, see 780805A.

770613A  13th June: US TV (NBC) 'The War Between The Tates'. Director: Lee Philips.
                    Starring: Richard Crenna, Elizabeth Ashley. Cameo by MJ as Joe Freedom.
                    Note: Allegedly released on VHS video by Time Life Video.

770617A  17th June: RONNIE LANE. Eppelheim, West-Germany, Rhein-Neckar-Halle
                    (Ain't No Lady/Around The World/Careless Love/Annie Had A Baby/
                     Catmelody/They Call The Wind The Wind-Da Doo Ron Ron/Dead Flowers/
                     Debris/Man Smart Woman Smarter/Ooh La La)
                     Line-up: STU (p)/Ronnie Lane (voc, ac gtr)/and maybe: Steve Simpson (gtr,
                                    mandolin, violin, keyb, harm)/Ruan O'Lochlainn (org, sax)/Charlie
                                    Hart (violin, keyb, accordion)/Brian Belshaw (bass)/Colin Davy (dr)

770600A  June: FACES.
                   EP (RIVA 8). Producer: Glyn Johns. Incl. a previously unreleased edit version of
                   - Memphis (Chuck Berry) -edit
                   Line-up: RW (gtr)/Rod Stewart (voc)/Ronnie Lane (bass)/Ian McLagan (p)/
                                  Kenney Jones (dr)

770700A  July: PETER FRAMPTON.
                   LP ‘I’m In You’ (A&M AMLK 64704). Producer: Peter Frampton. Sound engineers:
                   Chris Kimsey, Frankie D’Augusta and Peter Frampton. Recorded in New York City,
                   Electric Lady Studios between February and April 1977. Incl.
                   - I’m In You (Peter Frampton)
                   - Tried To Love (Peter Frampton) -Ritchie Hayward on drums
                   - Signed, Sealed, Delivered (Syreeta Wright/Lee Garrett/Lula Mae Hardaway/Stevie
                         Wonder) -Stanley Sheldon on bass, Mike Finnegan on backing vocals
                   Line-up: MJ (bvoc)/Peter Frampton (gtr, p, voc, dr, bass, ARP strings,
                                  ARP synth)/Stevie Wonder (bvoc)/Bob Mayo (ARP bass, ARP
                                  strings, bvoc, p, gtr, ARP synth, bass)/John Siomos (dr, tamb)

770700B  July: RONNIE LANE. The Fishpool (Ronnie Lane’s) Farm, near Hyssington,
                    Wales. Executive producer: STU. Sound engineer: Mick KcKenna. Recording
                    of an unreleased album with the Rolling Stones Mobile Studio. Incl.
                    - Around The World (Antoine Domino/Dave Bartholomew/Robert Guidry)
                    - Last Night (Walter Jacobs)
                    - Annie Had A Baby (Henry Glover/Lois Mann)
                    - Some Day (Alan Menken/Stephen Schwartz)
                    - Walk On By (Isaac Hayes)
                    - Ron’s Take (Ronnie Lane/Kit Lambert)
                    + probably more
                    Line-up: STU (p)/Ronnie Lane (voc, gtr)/Eric Clapton (gtr)/John Porter (gtr,
                                   mandolin)/Charlie Hart (accordion)/Brian Belshaw (bass)/Hughie Flint (dr)
                    Note: Ron’s Take is an early instrumental version of Kuschty Rye.
                              The listed tracks were officially released in November 1998 (see 981123A).

770713A  13th July: New York City.
                    KR and Stephen Stills jam together.

770716A  16th July: Swedish radio (P3), incl.
                    - interview with BW by Jan Elleras (at some restaurant in Nice, France)

770720A  20th July: Premiere of the Japanese movie ‘Metamorphoses’. Soundtrack includes:
                   - Criss Cross VI (MJ/KR) -see 730528A
                   Note: The song was only in the US version of the movie, not in the Japanese
                              version (Japanese title: ‘Hoshi no Orupheus’).

770723A  23rd July: MUDDY WATERS. Montreux, Switzerland, Casino, ‘11th Montreux
                   Jazz Festival’, incl. BW on bass joining for the last numbers of the concert.
                   - Kansas City (Jerry Leiber/Mike Stoller)
                   - Hoochie Coochie Man (Willie Dixon)
                   - Got My Mojo Working Working (Preston Foster)
                   - Got My Mojo Working Working (Preston Foster) -reprise & outro
                   - The Blues Had A Baby And They Named It Rock ‘n’ Roll (McKinley
                        Morganfield/Bobby McGhee)
                   - Band introduction
                   Line-up: BW (bass)/Muddy Waters (voc, gtr)/Luther Johnson (gtr, voc)/Robert
                                  Margolin (gtr)/Jerry Portnoy (harm)/Pinetop Perkins (p, voc)/Dallas
                                  Taylor (dr)
                   Note: The first four songs were aired on Spanish TV (TVE) on the program
                             ‘Popgrama’ on August 9, 1978.
                              Also broadcast at least through Dutch radio (NOS).
                              Parts of the concert were officially released in August 2021 (see 210827A).

770700C  July (?): unidentified source, East Rutherford, New Jersey, Giants Stadium
                   - interview with MJ & Ahmet Ertegun (in French; at a Cosmos New York-match)

770800A  August: PETER FRAMPTON.
                   7" single (A&M 1972-S, -US). Producer: Peter Frampton. With MJ on side A:
                   A: Signed, Sealed, Delivered (Syreeta Wright/Lee Garrett/Lula Mae Hardaway/
                          Stevie Wonder)
                   [B: Rocky’s Hot Club (Peter Frampton)]
                   Line-up: MJ (bvoc)/Peter Frampton (gtr, dr, voc)/Bob Mayo (clavinet)/Mike
                                  Finnegan (bvoc)/Stanley Sheldon (bass)/John Siomos (dr)

770816A  16th August - September: JOHN PHILLIPS. New York City, Media Sound Studios.
                    Producers: KR and/or Harvey Jay Goldberg. Sound engineer: Harvey Jay Goldberg.
                    KR and John Phillips do further work the album ‘Phillips ‘77’ (released in 2001 under
                    title 'Pay, Pack And Follow' and in 2008 under title 'Pussycat'). The sessions were
                    already started in London in August 1976, (see 760800C). Incl.
                    - Blues Jam In A Minor (KR/John Phillips) -unverified instrumental jam
                    - Boys From The South (John Phillips) -unsure
                    - Don't Feed The Monkey (John Phillips?) -unverified
                    - Don't Turn Back Now (John Phillips)
                    - Feather Your Nest (John Phillips)
                    - Gram’s Song (John Phillips) -unreleased
                    - I Wished (John Phillips) -unsure
                    - Oh Virginia II (John Phillips) -KR on backing vocals
                    - Pussycat (John Phillips)

                    - She’s Just 14 II (John Phillips)

                    - Sunset Boulevard (John Phillips)

                    - Susan, Susan (John Phillips)
                    - Time Machine (John Phillips)

                    - Wilderness Of Love (John Phillips)
                    - You Gotta Move (Fred McDowell/Rev. Gary Davis) -instrumental; KR only
                    - Zulu Warrior II (MJ/John Phillips)
                    - 2001 (John Phillips)
                    Musicians: KR (gtr, bvoc, bass)/John Phillips (gtr, voc)/Chris Spedding (gtr)/David
                                        Wooford (bass)/Yogi Horton (dr)/Charles Giordano (keyb)

770909A  9th September: German radio (Radio Bremen). Rolling Stones-story. Incl.
                    - interview with MJ

770912A  12th September: London, Savoy Hotel. Press conference by MJ.

770913A  13th September: London, The Marquee.
                    Promo-party for the release of Love You Live (without KR)

770914A  14th September: Dutch radio (KRO/Hilversum III) 'Popcontact', incl.
                   - interview with MJ by Theo Stokkink (London, ca. 12th September)

770915A  15th September: UK radio (BBC) 'Newsbeat'. Host: Richard Skinner. Incl.
                    - interview with MJ

770917A  17th September: RON WOOD & JIMMY PAGE. London, Putney, The Half Moon
                    RW and Jimmy Page play a charity set of about 45 minutes with Arms & Legs
                    as backing band.
                    Line-up: RW (gtr)/Jimmy Page (gtr)/& probably Joe Jackson (keyb, voc)/Mark
                                   Andrews (gtr, voc)/Graham Maby (bass)/Dave Cairns (dr)/Clive Bates (gtr)

770917B  17th September: UK radio (BBC1) 'Saturday Lunchtime', incl.
                    - interview with MJ & RW by Annie Nightingale (in London 14.9.77)

770920A  20th September: UK TV (BBC2) ‘Old Grey Whistle Test’. Host: Bob Harris.
                    - interview with MJ, RW & CW
                    + one hour video from Paris ‘76.

770921A  21st September: Dutch TV (VPRO). Report on The Hague 15.4.67-concert.

770923A  23rd September: THE ROLLING STONES.
                   2 LPs ‘Love You Live’ (Rolling Stones Records COC 89101). Producers:
                   The Glimmer Twins.
                   A: - [Fanfare For The Common Man (Aron Copland)]
                        - Honky Tonk Women (MJ/KR)
                        - If You Can’t Rock Me-Get Off Of My Cloud (MJ/KR)
                        - Happy (MJ/KR)
                        - Hot Stuff (MJ/KR)
                        - Star Star (MJ/KR)
                   B: - Tumbling Dice (MJ/KR)
                        - Fingerprint File (MJ/KR)
                        - You Gotta Move (Fred McDowell/Rev. Gary Davis)
                        - You Can’t Always Get What You Want (MJ/KR)
                  C:  -Mannish Boy (McKinley Morganfield/Ellas McDaniel/Mel London)
                        - Crackin’ Up (Ellas McDaniel)
                        - Little Red Rooster (Willie Dixon)
                        - Around And Around (Chuck Berry)
                  D: - It’s Only Rock’n Roll (MJ/KR)
                        - Brown Sugar (MJ/KR)
                        - Jumpin' jack Flash (MJ/KR)
                        - Sympathy For The Devil (MJ/KR)
                  Note: For sources and more info, see 770525A.

770923B  23rd September: London, Rainbow Theatre. European premiere of the movie 'Ladies
                    And Gentlemen, The Rolling Stones'.

770923C  23th September: UK radio (Capital Radio) 'Your Mother Wouldn't Like It', incl.
                   - interview with MJ by Nicky Horne (recorded some days earlier at Warner
                       Brothers office, London)

770927A  27th September: New York City, Trax. Promo party for Love You Live.

                   7" single (Polydor 2058956, -NL). Producer and sound engineer: Glyn Johns.
                   With CW (dr) on:
                   A: My Baby Gives It Away (Pete Townshend)
                   [B: Annie Had A Baby (Henry Glover/Lois Mann)]
                   Line-up: see 770930A

770930A  30th September: PETE TOWNSHEND & RONNIE LANE.
                   LP ‘Rough Mix’ (Polydor 2442 147). Producer and sound engineer: Glyn Johns.
                   Recorded at London, Olympic Sound Studios in September and November 1976
                   and in February 1977. Incl.
                   - My Baby Gives It Away (Pete Townshend)
                   - Catmelody (Ronnie Lane/Kit Lambert)
                   Line-up 'Catmelody': CW (dr)/STU (p)/Mel Collins (sax)/Ronnie Lane (voc)/
                                 Pete Townshend and Ronnie Lane (all other instruments)
                   Line-up 'My Baby Gives It Away': CW (dr)/Pete Townshend (voc)/Pete Townshend
                                 and Ronnie Lane (all other instruments)

770930B  30th September: German TV (ZDF) ‘Aspekte’, incl.
                    - interview with MJ by Michael Stefanowski

770900B  September: New York City.
                   - interview with Andrew Oldham by Barbara Charone

771000A  Autumn: Dutch radio ( ), incl.
                  - interview with KR

771006A  6th October: German radio (NDR2) ‘Der Club’, incl.
                    - interview with MJ by Michael Stefanowski
                    Note: Interview taken from German ZDF TV (see 770930B).

771010A  10th October: Dutch TV (NCRV) 'Pop Parade', "Pop Journaal", incl.
                   - interview with MJ by Harry De Winter (in September in London)

771010B  10th October - 25th November and 9th - 16th December: Boulogne-Billancourt
                    (near Paris), France, Pathé Marconi Studios. Producers: The Glimmer Twins.
                    Sound engineer: Chris Kimsey. Additional musicians: Ian McLagan (piano on
                    Miss You, organ on Just My Imagination)/Sugar Blue [James Whiting] (harm)/
                    Mel Collins (sax)/1 Moroccan [=Hassan?], 1 Jew (=Simon Kirke?), 1 WASP
                    (=MJ?) (perc)/Simon Kirke (perc). Incl.
                    - A Different Kind (MJ/KR)
                    - After Hours (Avery Parrish) -instrumental
                    - All About You I (MJ/KR) -unverified instrumental; under title Train Song
                    - All My Life I (MJ/KR) -unverified
                    - Angeline (MJ/KR) -unverified
                    - Are You Ready (MJ/KR?) -unverified
                    - Armpit Blues (MJ/KR) -instrumental
                    - Beast Of Burden I (MJ/KR) -with two guitars and falsetto vocals
                    - Beast Of Burden II (MJ/KR) -with three guitars and falsetto vocals
                    - Black Limousine II (MJ/KR/RW) -early lyrics, unusual intro
                    - Black Limousine III (MJ/KR/RW) -early lyrics, usual intro
                    - Blues jam ( ) -instrumental
                    - Broken Head Blues (MJ/KR or MJ/KR/RW) -instrumental; might be a variation
                         of Black Limousine
                    - Broken Toe (MJ/KR) -instrumental; probably also known under title BT
                    - Brown Leaves I (MJ/KR) -instrumental version of Dancing Girls (short);
                         probably also known under working title Brown Smear
                    - Brown Leaves II (MJ/KR) -instrumental version of Dancing Girls (longer);
                         probably also known under working title Brown Smear
                    - Claudine I (MJ/KR) -slow version
                    - Disco Music (MJ/KR)
                    - Distant Melody (MJ/KR?) -unverified
                    - Do You Think I Really Care I (MJ/KR/RW) -pedal steel version
                    - Do You Think I Really Care II (MJ/KR/RW) -guitar version
                    - Everlasting Is My Love I (MJ/KR) -no falsetto vocals
                    - Everlasting Is My Love II (MJ/KR) -with falsetto vocals and slide guitar
                    - Everlasting Is My Love III (MJ/KR) -with falsetto vocals, count in and acoustic gtr
                    - Everything Is Turning To Gold I (MJ/KR/RW) -long version
                    - Everything Is Turning To Gold II (MJ/KR/RW) -edit of version I with additional
                          backing vocals
                    - Every Time I Break Her Heart (MJ/KR) -sounds in parts like Far Away Eyes,
                          but uses a different vocal melody and totally different lyrics
                    - Far Away Eyes I (MJ/KR) -early vocals, no backing vocals
                    - Fiji Jim I (MJ/KR/RW)
                    - Fiji Jim II (MJ/KR/RW) -version I with additional lead guitar in intro and
                         additional rhythm guitar
                    - Fiji Jim III (MJ/KR/RW) -without lead guitar in the intro, with additional
                         (second) rhythm guitar and more polished vocals
                    - Golden Caddy I (MJ/KR) -instrumental version (short) of Part Of The Night
                    - Golden Caddy II (MJ/KR) -instrumental version (longer) of Part Of The Night
                    - Gone Dead Train (Jack Nitzsche/Russ Titleman?) -unverified
                    - Guess I Should Know (MJ/KR)
                    - Hang Fire I (MJ/KR) -instrumental
                    - Hang Fire II (MJ/KR) -early lyrics
                    - Hang Fire III (MJ/KR) -early lyrics, different to version II
                    - Havana Moon (Chuck Berry?) -unverified; under title Havana (might be some
                         other composition as well)
                    - I Love You Too Much I (MJ/KR) -high energy punk version
                    - I Love You Too Much II (MJ/KR) -slower, shorter early version
                    - Infekshun (RW) -unverified
                    - It Won't Be Long I (MJ/KR) -rough version, less instruments
                    - I Used To Be Down (MJ/KR?) -unverified
                    - Jah Wonderful (MJ/KR) -unverified (in an unconfirmed 50-minutes version);
                         also known under title Wonderful
                    - Just Because I Told You (MJ/KR) -also known as I Need You
                    - Just My Imagination I (Norman Whitfield/Barrett Strong) -run-through,
                         without organ
                    - Just My Imagination II (Norman Whitfield/Barrett Strong) -run-through,
                         with hammond organ and lots of improvised lyrics
                    - Just My Imagination III (Norman Whitfield/Barrett Strong) -basic track
                        with all instruments & backing vocals; "look through my window"-version
                    - Just My Imagination IV (Norman Whitfield/Barrett Strong) -final unedited
                    - Keep Up Blues I (MJ/KR) -early version under title Some People Tell Me
                    - Last Record Blues (MJ/KR?) -unverified 12 bar blues
                    - Light Up (MJ/KR) -instrumental
                    - Lies I (MJ/KR) -with guide vocals, three guitars incl. one slide guitar
                    - Lies II (MJ/KR) -with guide vocals, two guitars plus one pedal steel
                    - Lies III (MJ/KR) -three guitars, very early lyrics ("why?")
                    - Lies IV (MJ/KR) -early version with "ts ts" microphone-check before count-in
                    - Little T & A I (MJ/KR) -embryonic instrumental version
                    - Los Trios Guitaros (MJ/KR/RW) -instrumental
                    - Miss You I (MJ/KR) -instrumental
                    - Miss You II (MJ/KR) -very long, early vocals
                    - Miss You III (MJ/KR) -without sax and harmonica
                    - Miss You IV (MJ/KR) -extended version of III, with sax and harmonica
                    - Muck Spreading Dub (MJ/KR) -instrumental
                    - Munich Hilton I (MJ/KR/RW) -instrumental, faded in and out with two guitars
                    - Munich Hilton II (MJ/KR/RW) -instrumental, faded in, with three guitars
                    - Munich Hilton III (MJ/KR/RW) -instrumental, faded in and out w. three guitars
                    - Munich Hilton IV (MJ/KR/RW) -slower and longer instrumental, with add. el p
                    - Never Let Her Go (MJ/KR)
                    - No Spare Parts I (MJ/KR) -with early vocals and pedal steel guitar
                    - Rambling (MJ/KR?) -unverified
                    - Respectable I (MJ/KR) -very early, with count-in
                    - Respectable II (MJ/KR) -early version
                    - Shame, Shame, Shame I (Jimmy Reed)

                    - Shattered I (MJ/KR) -shorter instrumental, truncated start
                    - Shattered II (MJ/KR) -longer instrumental
                    - Shattered III (MJ/KR) -nearly instrumental, with ghost vocals
                    - Sheep Dip Blues (MJ/KR) -instrumental
                    - Some Girls I (MJ/KR) -still lacking harmonica and guitar overdubs
                    - Some Girls II (MJ/KR) -long version with additional guitar and harmonica 
                    - So Young I (MJ/KR) -with early lyrics/vocals
                    - Start Me Up I (MJ/KR) -Reggae-ish version, under title Never Stop
                    - Start Me Up II (MJ/KR) -very early, less lyrics, no backing vocals
                    - Start Me Up III (MJ/KR) -early version, w. backing vocals but still no lead gtr
                    - Stay Where You Are (MJ/KR) -instrumental
                    - Tuesday Night (MJ/KR?) -unverified
                    - Up Against The Wall (MJ/KR) -instrumental
                    - The Way She Held Me Tight (MJ/KR) a/k/a Misty Roads
                    - What Gives You The Right I (MJ/KR) -early version with pedal steel
                    - When The Whip Comes Down I (MJ/KR) -early lyrics, no backing vocals
                    - When You're Gone I (MJ/KR/RW) -instrumental (a/k/a Redeyes)
                    - When You're Gone II (MJ/KR/RW) -with early vocals/lyrics (a/k/a Redeyes)
                    - Woody Motown (MJ/KR/RW?) -unverified
                    - You Don't Have To Go (Jimmy Reed)
                    - You Win Again I (Hank Williams) -with early vocals, KR's bvoc more audible
                    - You Win Again II (Hank Williams) -new mix, with redone vocals
                    Note: Sessions were continued after a Christmas-break on January 5, 1978
                              Some of the listed songs here could have been recorded then either.

771012A  12th October: Dutch radio (Radio Veronica). MJ-jingles.

771023A  23rd October: US radio (D.I.R.) ‘A Conversation With The Rolling Stones’.
                   Host: Dave Herman.
                   - interview with BW & CW by Dave Herman (New York City, September)
                   - interview with RW by Dave Herman (New York City, September)
                   - interview with KR by Dave Herman (New York City, September)
                   - interview with MJ by Dave Herman (New York City, September)
                   + Cops And Robbers (Ellas McDaniel) -BBC 19.3.64

771000B  October: Paris, France.
                    - interview with CW by Barbara Charone
                    - interview with STU by Barbara Charone

771100A  November: PETER FRAMPTON.
                   7" single (A&M 1988-S, -US). Producer: Peter Frampton. With MJ on side A on:
                   A: Tried To Love (Peter Frampton) -remixed single edit
                   [B: You Don’t Have To Worry (Peter Frampton)]
                  Line-up: MJ (bvoc)/Peter Frampton (gtr, voc, p, synth, bass)/Bob Mayo (gtr, p,
                                 synth, bass, bvoc)/John Siomos (dr)/Ritchie Hayward (dr)/Stevie Wonder

771113A  13th November: Austrian TV (ORF) ‘History And Highlights 1963 - 1977’.
                   Compiled by Hannes Rossacher. Incl.
                    - Around And Around (Chuck Berry) -TAMI Show 29.10.64
                    - I’m Alright (Ellas McDaniel) -TAMI Show 29.10.64
                    - Heart Of Stone (MJ/KR) -with stills
                    - Play With Fire (Nanker Phelge) -Charlie Is My Darling-movie 9/65
                    - Maybe It’s Because I’m A Londoner (Gregg) -Charlie Is My Darling-movie 9/65
                    - The Last Time (MJ/KR) -Charlie Is My Darling-movie 9/65
                    - "Elvis"-imitation -Charlie Is My Darling-movie 9/65
                    - I’m Going Home (MJ/KR) -Charlie Is My Darling-movie 9/65
                    - In Another Land (BW) -with stills
                    - Sympathy For The Devil (MJ/KR) -One Plus One-movie 6/68
                    - Street Fighting Man (MJ/KR) -with stills
                    - interview with BJ -Charlie Is My Darling-movie 9/65
                    - Out Of Time (MJ/KR) -Charlie Is My Darling-movie 9/65
                    - Satisfaction (MJ/KR) -Stones In The Park 7/69
                    - Honky Tonk Women (MJ/KR) -Stones In The Park 7/69
                    - Gimme Shelter (MJ/KR) -with stills
                    - Brown Sugar (MJ/KR) -with stills
                    - interview with MJ -Stones In The Park 7/69
                    - Angie (MJ/KR) -with Stones In The Park-footage
                    - Get Off Of My Cloud (MJ/KR) -with footage from ‘Mother’-promo
                    - Honky Tonk Women (MJ/KR) (pt.) -Stones On The Road 5/76
                    - interview with CW -Stones On The Road 5/76
                    - interview with BW -Stones On The Road 5/76
                    - Star Star (MJ/KR) (pt.) -Stones On The Road 5/76
                    - interview with Billy Preston -Stones On The Road 5/76
                    - interview with Ollie Brown -Stones On The Road 5/76
                    - Midnight Rambler (MJ/KR) (part) -Stones On The Road 5/76
                    - Stones backstage -Stones On The Road 5/76
                    - Brown Sugar (MJ/KR) (part) -Stones On The Road 5/76
                    - interview with KR -Stones On The Road 5/76
                    - interview with MJ -Stones On The Road 5/76
                    - interview with RW -Stones On The Road 5/76
                    - Jumpin' jack Flash (MJ/KR) (part) -Stones On The Road 5/76
                    - Street Fighting Man (MJ/KR) (part) -Stones On The Road 5/76
                    Note: Also shown in some cinemas.

771115A  15th November: Paris, France. Unverified hotel room session by KR and RW. Incl.
                    - I Heard A Lonesome Whistle (Jimmie Davis/Hank Williams)
                    - Shelly's Winter Love (Merle Haggard)
                    - I Love You Too Much (MJ/KR)
                    Note: These acoustic demos from the estate of Art Collins were sold at an auction in
                               2015 at Ewbank's (together with about eight Some Girls Pathé Marconi-takes).

771128A  28th November: London, Rainbow Theatre. Premiere of the movie
                    ‘The London Rock And Roll Show’. Director: Peter Clifton. Incl.
                    - interview with MJ (Wembley, 3.8.72)

771202A  2nd December: Canadian TV ( ) 'some newscast', incl.
                   - footage of KR going to court for drugs charges in Toronto

771205A  5th December: Dutch radio (VOO) ‘Countdown’. Incl.
                    - fragments from The Hague 15.4.67
                    - Honky Tonk Women (MJ/KR) -Paris 6.6.76
                    - Fool To Cry (MJ/KR) -Paris 7.6.76
                    - Hot Stuff (MJ/KR) -Paris 7.6.76
                    - Star Star (MJ/KR) -Paris 6.6.76
                    - Jumpin' jack Flash (MJ/KR) -Paris 6.6.76
                    - Street Fighting Man (MJ/KR) -Paris 6.6.76

770000A  1977: VARIOUS ARTISTS.
                    LP 'The Day The Music Died - 3 Jaar Veronica' (CBS 53089, -NL). Incl.
                    - jingle by MJ for Radio Veronica Rolling Stones Day 12.10.1973
                    Note: Recorded between mid-August and mid-September 1973.