180106A  6th January: internet video-stream (instagram/officialkeef).
                   - message by KR (wishing a Happy New Year)

180112A  12th January: internet video-stream (You Tube/officialkeef) 'Ask Keith', incl.
                   - comment by KR (about aliens)

180118A  18th January: internet video-stream (instagram/Mick Jagger).
                   - MJ (in the off) speaking to an Indian woman and driving tuk tuk

180122A  22nd January: RONNIE WOOD. Kavalam Kerala, India,
                   RW jams with two members of Sam & The Gravity.
                   - Ooh La La (RW/Ronnie Lane)
                   Line-up: RW (gtr, voc)/Sam … (bvoc, handclaps)/… (gtr)
                   Note: A private video of this rendition exists.

180208A  8th February: internet video-stream (facebook/Vote por la Ciudadanía Italiana).
                   - message by RW (giving electoral support for Luiz Osvaldo Pastore)

180213A  13th February: internet video-stream (twitter/Ronnie Wood).
                   - RW wishing 'Happy Pancake Day'

180221A  21st February: UK TV (ITV) 'Brit Awards 2018', London, O2 Arena, incl.
                  - RW presents the Global Success Award to Ed Sheeran