190101A  1st January: internet video-stream (Instagram/Ronnie Wood).
                   - RW playing some piano and wishing a "Happy 2019 everybody"

190111A  11th January: internet video-stream (Instagram/officialkeef).
                   - KR wishing a "Happy New Year" (on Parrot Cay)

190113A  13th January: UK radio (BBC 6 Music) 'The First Time', incl.
                   - interview with RW by Matt Everitt

190115A  15th January: KEITH RICHARDS.
                   Download-track (BMG). Producers: KR and Steve Jordan. Previously unreleased
                   track from the Talk Is Cheap-sessions, probably recorded in NYC in Fall 1987.
                   - My Babe (Willie Dixon)
                   Line-up: KR (gtr, voc)/Steve Jordan (dr, bvoc)/Joey Spampinato (bass)/
                                  Johnnie Johnson (p)
                   Note: Advance-release as teaser for the upcoming Talk Is Cheap 30th Anniversary
                             Edition (due out March 29) with six previously unreleased bonus tracks.

190117A  17th January: Zurich, Switzerland, Stage One, 'Worldwebforum', incl.
                   - Q&A with BW