09/28/03: One week ago I reviewed a nice and listenable tribute/ cover versions album, now it's the turn for one of the throwaway ones. 14 Jagger/Richards- warhorses from Satisfaction - Love Is Strong. Even worse, this album includes alternate versions and outtakes from the Studio 99-CD which I reviewed here in November 2002. For die hard collectors only.

CD by Soundhouse (a/k/a Studio 99) "A Tribute To Rolling Stones" (TIM The International Music Company 221328-225 CD-83571)

09/21/03: More and more cover versions and tribute CD's spam the disc racks of our local record shops. This is one of the better albums with Stones content. 10 tracks from Exile On Main St. got a heavy Blues treatment by a tight core band with guest artists alternating on vocals, among them Blues greats like Lucky Peterson and Joe Louis Walker.

CD Various Artists "Exile On Blues St." (Telarc Records CD-83571)

09/14/03: A brandnew book from the U.K., released just in time with the British tour (it was long overdue, said to be out since October 2002!). Well known writer Mark Paytress compiled and unearthed loads of interviews from the early 60's up to 2003 and put them in more than 450 pages (incl. 16 pages of black & white photos). Nice Read. Worth-while book.

Book by Mark Paytress "Off The Record" (Omnibus Press, London) ISBN 0-7119-8869-2

09/07/03: After the success of Dr. Dre's remix of Miss You for the Goldmember-movie, the Stones and/or Allen Klein hired three top producers/DJ's to remix Sympathy For The Devil. And they all failed. For completists only, out on a variety of formats: CD-single, DVD, 7", 12" promos, you name it. Watch out for the Japanese CD-single, it includes the most different remixes on one format!

CD-single The Rolling Stones "Sympathy For The Devil/remix" (abkco Records/Decca Records UICR-5003, -Japan)

08/31/03: To celebrate The Rolling Stones' stadium tour and 40th anniversary, Mojo presents a 148-page, full-colour, special collector's edition devoted to the greatest rock'n'roll band in the world. Mojo opens its archive of rare photographs and classic features, alongside new writing from the world's leading music journalists, new interviews with Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Ron Wood, plus the definitive Top 50 Rolling Stones Songs Of All Time - as voted by writers, fans and musicians. Foreword by Andrew Oldham. On sale from 26 August. A must have.  Order info here.

Magazine "Mojo Special Edition - The Rolling Stones" (Mappin House, London)

08/24/03: Finally available: Felix Aeppli's long awaited "Ultimate Guide" on CD-ROM. To be published in Zurich, Switzerland, on September 1, 2003 is a completely revised and updated CD-ROM version of Aeppli's 1996 book publication "The Rolling Stones - The Ultimate Guide". For 25 US Euro or 25 US $ (plus postage) you'll get a fully illustrated book on CD-ROM (consisting of 101 files, mostly pdf). Ordering your copy before September 15, 2003, you can even save another 5 Euro / US $ off this price. Samples and ordering info under

CD-Rom by Felix Aeppli "The Rolling Stones Ultimate Guide" (Mathis Publishing House, Switzerland)

08/17/03: The regular Stones 2004 calendar is out. No authorised product, but many of us collect these cheap calendars for 20 odd years now. So why stop? A 3 size, 12 pictures for 12 months, most of the shots well known.

Calendar "Rolling Stones 2004" (Blossom Rock Ltd.)

08/10/03: Out in the UK is a new issue of "NME Originals" specially devoted to the Rolling Stones up to 1969. It's a 148 pages full colour special of reprints of old articles in the NME and now defunct Melody Maker from their first single release in June 1963 all the way through to a review of the Saville Theatre gigs in December 1969. Cover price is £4.99. You can order online at

(Thanks to Gazza from Rock Off Message Board and J.C. for infos).

Also watch out for the brandnew issue of the regular NME, with Keith Richards on cover!

08/03/03: A new paperback about the Stones from Italy: A5 size, 160 pages incl. 16 pages of black & white pictures (only cover artwork), 13 €uros. For die hard collectors and fans who speak Italian. .

Book by Vittorio Castelnuovo "L'educazione fisica - La vita, le arti e gli amori dei Rolling Stones" (Derive Approdi, ISBN 88-88738-14-2, -Italy)

07/27/03: Already out for a good month I assumed that the official Rolling Stones stamps from Austria will be sold out on the day of release (June 18). But a collector from Austria informed me that there are still some of these collectibles left, for more info how to get them see here .

Four Rolling Stones-stamps from Austria, all valued 0.55 cents

07/20/03: Two new books. The forst comes from France and has two supplements: A small photobook and a CD with songs who inspired the Stones. The second one is Dutch (click on the cover of the French book to the left to see the cover of the Dutch book). More infos here and here.

Book "Les Stones" by Francois Jouffa & Jacques Barsamian (Ramsay, France) // Keith En Mick by Flip Vuijsje (Spectrum, Nederlands)

07/13/03: Already the first Stones calendar for 2004 was to be found in France. Released very early (to cash in with the French live shows) and in two different sizes (12" and 7", just like good old vinyl albums) they host 12 pictures, some well known and some unseen from all eras.

Calendar "The Rolling Stones 2004" (Graphique De France)

07/06/03: Already the fourth Rhythm Kings live album (under the name Bootleg Kings), only available on the merchandising desks on the current tour and here: . Click on the cover on the right to see the tracklist.

CD Bootleg Kings "On The Road Again" (Ripple Records RIPCD004)

06/29/03: Some new session work of Mick Taylor. He plays on the album of Dutch guitarist Hans van Lier on two tracks. You can order the album here:

CD Hans van Lier "Hans van Lier" (Maura Music 2003MM32, Holland)

06/22/03: Especially to cash in with the current tour Virgin released yet another Forty Licks version. This one comes with a green instead of a red tongue on cover and with a slightly altered booklet (some more pictures). If you are a die hard fan and need to have it, then look out for the limited Austrian version which comes with four official Austrian Rolling Stones-stamps.

2 CD's Rolling Stones "Forty Licks (exclusive hardback edition)" (Virgin CDVDY 2964)

06/15/03: Burning Airlines strikes again! After Woody's official "bootleg album" Live And Eclectic and Mick Taylor's "new" album Shadow Man they have just released the first Ron Wood "specially priced introductory collection"-album with the following track list: 1. Show Me 2. Flying 3. Always Wanted More 4. Stay With Me 5. I Know I'm Losing You 6. It's Only Rock'n' Roll 7. Mona The Blues 8. Woody's Thing 9. Rooster Funeral 10. Tonight's Number 11. I Can Feel The Fire (live). Nothing new unfortunately.

CD Ronnie Wood "Always Wanted More" (New Millennium Communications/Burning Airlines Records PILOT 166).

06/09/03: Dieter Hoffmann, author of the much acclaimed Schwarzbuch (Black Book) and Weissbuch (White Book) just released his newest project "Weissbuch Recording Index", the extended and updated appendix of his Weissbuch, where he lists all known takes and releases of every song the Stones ever dealt with live or in the studio and lists sources, differences, where to find them, etc. What an awesome achievement! These two volumes with all in all 962 pages are a must have for every serious collector. For more info see

Book by Dieter Hoffmann with Peter Winterstein Jr. "Das Weissbuch Recording Index 1961 - 2003" (Basement News Distribution, Germany. ISBN 3-00-011346-0). 80 Euros.

06/01/03: A new book for die hard collector's or fans who speak Spanish. It's printed from a Canadian books-on-demand company, see for yourself under (search for Rolling Stones). 261 pages; perfect bound; catalogue #03-0040; ISBN 1-55395-677-X; US$17.95 (Can$27.50)

Book by Gustavo Vázquez Lozano "Bailando con el diablo" (Trafford On-Demand Publishing Service).

05/25/03: It took nearly 30 years to release a complete show of the short living and ill fated Jack Bruce Band with Mick Taylor on guitar. It was recorded at Manchester's Free Trade Hall on June 1 in 1975. Prog rock at it's best, but a reason to leave the best Rock'n Roll band in the world? Judge yourself.

2 CD's Jack Bruce "The Jack Bruce Band Live '75" (Polydor Records 065 607 2)

05/18/03: Beware! This repackaged album includes no new music of Mick Taylor. In fact most of it isn't a real Mick Taylor release at all, as disc 1 contains the album of New York's singer Sasha from 1996 (with Mick as hired hand on guitar). Disc 2 is the live-album Coastin' Home/Live At 14 Below from 1995 where he plays on four out of six tracks with The Hollywood Blues Kings. If you haven't got these releases try to get the originals. If you are a die hard collector, look out for the limited edition of Shadowman with bonus DVD (incl. two promos by Sasha with Mick on guitar).

2 CD's "Mick Taylor" Shadowman (New Millennium Communications/Burning Airlines Records PILOT 150)

05/11/03: No interesting news this week. Let's wait for all the upcoming releases we are hoping for: albums by Hubert Sumlin, Ronnie Spector, and Blondie Chaplin with Keith Richards, albums by Carlo Little, Art Wood and Cilla Black with Ronnie Wood, albums by Nikki Sudden, Peter Karp and Hans van Lier Band with Mick Taylor, the next Rhythm Kings album which is currently in the works (also with Mick Taylor).

Come by weekly to be informed on new releases.

05/04/03: Looking like a bootleg, but bought from a big media store, so it could be legal (but of course unauthorized). A video CD with the documentary "Rolling On" from 1991. Includes only 60 minutes of well-known footage like Pathe-News or Tami Show from 1964. But comes very reasonable (around 3 Euros).

Video CD The Rolling Stones "The Group That Shocked The World" (Nice Music 163, -Germany).

04/27/03: That's what collectors like. The re-release of Howlin' Wolf's London Sessions from 1970 with Bill, Charlie and Stu in the backing band was just re-released with great sound, interesting liner notes, nice digi package and 15 (!) bonus tracks. Highly recommended.

2 CD's Howlin' Wolf "The London Howlin' Wolf Sessions" (MCA Deluxe Edition 088 112 985-2).

04/21/03: The first big DVD retrospective of the Stones is unfortunately not authorized. That means that you don't hear much Stones music on these four discs with seven hours worth of documentary and interviews (incl. Mick Taylor, Anita Pallenberg, Andy Johns and many others who worked or lived with the Stones). But nevertheless it's not boring to watch. The question is if one will watch it more than once. That none of the Stones gave an exclusive interview for this project gives hope for an overdue DVD retrospective of their own. Let's cross our fingers for that.

DVD-box (3 DVD's + bonus-DVD) "Just For The Record" (Black Hill Pictures GmbH 82876 51278 9).

04/20/03: Johannes and Nico wish you Happy Easter!

We'll be back with more news and reviews very soon.

04/13/03: A new series of compilations coming from the US includes personal choices of favourite songs of well known artists. One album is dedicated to the Stones and according to the sleeve notes, they chose the tracks last year in Toronto before the start of their current tour. Most interesting are the liner notes, consisting of quotes from the Stones about their chosen tracks. Click on the cover to see the track list.

CD Various Artists "Rolling Stones - Artist's Choice" (Hear Music/EMI 72435-81055-2-0, -US)

04/06/03: Tribute albums are big in fashion these days. Here is another one, this one coming from Japan. Like other tribute albums the variety of (the 13) songs ranges from great to unlistenable. Available soon at the order shop of

CD Various Artists "It's Only Rock'n Roll (But We Like It) - A Tribute To The Rolling Stones" (Chordiary BFCA-84003, -Japan)

03/30/03: Officially never released before was Mick Jagger's instrumental soundtrack to Kenneth Anger's short movie Invocation Of My Demon Brother, recorded in November 1968 with a moog synthesizer. This nearly unlistenable track just popped up on a compilation album about the history of occult music. For die hard collectors only. Available at

CD Various Artists "Lords Of Chaos" (Prophecy Productions PRO 050, -Germany)

03/23/03: And another roots album. This one is coming from Japan and includes 20 original versions of songs which were later covered by the Stones. So you will find Chuck, Buddy, Bo, Muddy, Marvin and Smokey here... Nice compilation with great music in case you don't already have these songs by now.

CD Various Artists "The Roots Of Stone" (Universal Records UICY-4103, -Japan)

03/16/03: Yet another tribute album. This one is for George Harrison and I bought it because of one formerly unavailable track by Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings (Taxman). Most of the time though, I listen to the majority of the other great renditions. Recommended.

CD Various Artists "Songs From The Material World - A Tribute To George Harrison" (Koch Records 238 390-2)

03/09/03: Disease, a song penned by Mick Jagger and Matchbox 20- singer Rob Thomas is now available on single. Collectors who did not buy the album yet, can get the song (plus an elsewhere non available acoustic version of it!) much cheaper here.

CD-single Matchbox 20 "Disease + 2" (Atlantic Records AT0145CD)

03/02/03: This one is fantastic: A photo book with unseen photos from the archives of the British newspaper Daily Mail. Nearly all of the about 500 photos (on 384 pages) were totally new to me. Highly recommended.

Book by Susan Hill "The Rolling Stones Unseen Archives" (Parragon Books, Bath, U.K.), ISBN 0-75258-970-9

02/23/03: Another tribute album, this one's not for the Stones, but John Mayall. Done by US singer/guitarist Debbie Davies, who had a band with Mayall's wife Maggie in the 80's. Guests on the album are Peter Green, James Cotton and most notably Mick Taylor (playing on Hard Road).

CD Debbie Davies "Key To Love - A Celebration Of The Music Of John Mayall" (Shanachie Records 9034, -USA)

02/16/03: A new tribute album, this time coming from Sweden. Most of the covers are well done, you can listen through the whole thing without feeling forced to push the stop button immediately and listen to the real thing instead. Some tracks are even great! Click on the cover to see the track lists. For more info, see

2 CD's Various Artists "We Love You - A Tribute To Rolling Stones" (Deaf & Dumb Records DD 019)

02/09/03: Books, books, books. This one is the new edition of a book first published in 1990. And it's really a major upgrade. It includes descriptions, facts and dates to all released and unreleased tracks which are known to be recorded by the Stones in their entire career, from the Little Boy Blue & The Blue Boys tracks to the new songs on 40 Licks. Nice recommended read. For more info, see  

Book by Martin Elliott "Complete Recording Sessions 1962 - 2002", Cherry Red Books, London. 446 pages, pounds 14,99,-, ISBN 1-901447-04-9

02/02/03: Already the fourth photo book with images of Gered Mankowitz's pics, all taken between 1965 - 1967. (He also did some shots in 1982, but you get to see them only in a deluxe collectors edition of this book). If you already own Satisfaction or even his Genesis books, you won't find much new images in it, but the photos (mostly black & white) are truly great. Includes a foreword by Andrew Oldham and lots of interesting notes by Mankowitz, telling stories around the photos. More info on  

Book by Gered Mankowitz "The Stones 65 - 67", Vision On Publ., London. 224 pages, pounds 19,99,-, ISBN 1-903399-54-8

01/26/03: Another new biography about the Rolling Stones. Click on the image to read an exclusive review by Nikki Sudden!

Book by Chris Salewicz "Mick & Keith", 313 pages, pounds 20,-, ISBN 0-75281-858-9

01/19/03: French Jukebox magazine released a special Stones-issue (incl. great unique photos from French sources) with an exclusive bogus promo CD for the Decca remastered series (incl. the same 21 tracks as on the official "Remastered"-promo). Click on the CD cover to see the magazine cover.

Magazine with CD "Jukebox", 48 pages, Euros 11,-,

01/12/03: Another great Stones book coming from the US. More than 80 stories from fans about their encounters and adventures with the Stones including lots of unseen and private photos and memorabilia. Recommended. For order info mail to

Book compiled by Marilou Regan with Hans Oosterbaan "Love You Live, Rolling Stones Fanfare From The Common Fan" (Fanfare Publishing Inc., Philadelphia & Amsterdam ISBN 0-9723704-0-4). $35,-, 256 pages.

01/05/03: A new picture book. Its title means that this is the Rolling Stones in 40 years through the lens of 20 photographers. Some of the photographers are very famous like Gered Mankowitz, Ethan Russell, Michael Putland, Bob Gruen and the late great Michael Cooper. But their photos are well known. For me the highlihts are the rare and unseen photos of Gus Coral (Cardiff 63!), Dick Waterman (European Tour 1970) and Chris Nakos (Montauk 1975). See for yourself!
Book by 20 different photographers "Rolling Stones 40 x 20" (Billboard Books, New York ISBN 0-8230-8416-7). 120 pages, $29,95