Nico, Johannes and Kevin wish you a Cosmic Christmas. Also all the best and lots of Stones activity in 2010.
We'll be back with more collector's news in early January.


Finally the Rock'n Roll Hall Of Fame Museum releases all its great induction ceremonies (since 1986)on DVD. The Stones got inducted in 1989 and single members participated as inductors and during the live jams on various other occasions. So you will find interesting Rolling Stones-footage on each of the three DVD's, but completists should wait for the 14-DVD boxset, due out soon. Available here.

3 DVD's by Various Artists "Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Live" (Time Life Entertainment -US).


The first official DVD by Mick Taylor was originally shot on April 21 for Japanese TV. Here we get the telecast in perfect picture and sound quality and as bonus feature the great (but not contemporary) documentary from French TV "Sur La Route Avec Mick Taylor" (filmed in the mid- to late 90's). Available here.

DVD by Mick Taylor Band "The Tokyo Concert" (in-akustik INA764767).


Probably to cash in with Susan Boyle's successful coverversion the Stones re-released Wild Horses as a download-only. Version 1 is the 1971 studio-version, version 2 is the version from Stripped and version 3 is an officially never released before video from Knebworth 1976! Available here.

Download-EP by The Rolling Stones "Wild Horses" (Promotone B.V. under exclusive licence to Universal International Music B.V.).


If you couldn't afford the Genesis-style first incarnation of Russell's great 1969-tour photo-book, you now have a much more reasonable chance to get a collection of his outstanding photos here. 242 pages, hardcover, recommended. Available here.

Book by Ethan A. Russell "Let It Bleed" (Springboard Press, -US. ISBN 978-0-446-53904-3).


42 years after Mick & Keith sang back-up vocals on the original, Bill Wyman participated in a cover version of All You Need Is Love for an UK charity project. Other notable artists on this track are Midge Ure, Brian May, Hugh Cornwell, Nick Mason and Bryan Ferry. Look out for one more remix on an upcoming double album. Available here.

CD-single by Bandaged "All You Need Is Love (Full Track)/All You Need Is Love (Pudsey Mix)/All You Need Is Love (Chapel Edit)" (Absolute/TOGs Calendar CDTOG1).


A new book about Brian Jones, coming from Italy. A paperback with 144 pages, sized A5, with a handful or corny b&w-pictures. Only recommended for Italian spoken fans and die hard collectors. Available here.

Book by Andrea Valentini "3.7.69 - Brian Jones - Morte Di Un Rolling Stone" (Tsunami Edizioni, Milan, Italy. ISBN 978-88-96131-08-4).


Today sees the US-release of the 40th Anniversary Edition of Get Yer Ya Ya's Out! And finally the Stones open their vaults and give us what we need: 5 fantastic bonus tracks and a DVD with unused Gimme Shelter-footage. Also in the set is a disc with performances of supporting acts B.B. King and Ike & Tina Turner. Recommended for the new live version of Satisfaction alone. Also Under My Thumb/I'm Free is a treat - the Stones in their prime. (In Europe out on Nov. 30). Available here.

3 CD's & 1 DVD by The Rolling Stones "Get Yer Ya Ya's Out!" (Abkco, -USA).


Already the second photo book from the archives of UK Daily Mail-newspaper. Like the first one, this small coffeetable book includes lots of great rare and unseen pictures through all stages of their career. 224 pages, hardcover. A nice one. Available here.

Book by Jane Benn "Rolling Stones - The Illustrated Biography" (Trans Atlantic Press, England. ISBN 978-0-9557949-2-6).


Not an original idea is this new download album: it includes the original recordings of songs which were later covered by The Rolling Stones. Volume Two probably already waiting around the corner... Available here.

Download-album by Various Artists "Rolling Stones Beginnings Volume One: From Blue Boys To Playing Chess" (Rhythm & Blues Records).


This new book is already available via its publisher. A very nice new photo book with 210 pages of rare and unseen Stones-photos from the 60's. And a bonus-DVD which runs 8 mins., with mostly silent footage from the mid-60's. Available here.

Book by Mark Hayward "On Camera, Off Guard 1963-69" (Anova Books, ISBN 078-1-86205-868-2).


Something for the Mick Taylor-collectors: At his current concerts in Germany, Belgium and France, MT's drummer/manager Jeff Allen sells a new remastered version of Mick Taylor's live album from 1990 as merchandise to the fans.

CD by Mick Taylor "Stranger In This Town" (Sensible Music).


This very interesting archive-release of Rod Stewart includes 12 tracks with Ronnie Wood on guitar (and sometimes on bass). We get never before released alternate tracks of Rod's early 70's-soloalbums. Most notably for an early version of Ronnie's later released solotrack "Mystifies Me" (under title "Think I'll Pack My Bags"). Available here.

4 CD-box by Rod Stewart "The Rod Stewart Sessions 1971-1998" (Rhino 8122798538).


Instead of new recordings, we get already the second compilation album of Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings. Last year's "Jump, Jive And Wail" was concentrating on live tracks (Bootleg Kings-recordings), this one on 21 studio tracks. Available here.

CD by Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings "Best Of" (Repertoire Records REP 5148).


A very nice new book by Rolling Stones-fan Keno, with many unseen photos and a foreword by James Karnbach. Paperback, 128 pages. Available here.

Book by Keno "Rolling Thru The Stones" (Onek Publishing, Denver, USA. ISBN 978-0-615-28228-2).


Another Universal-remaster: their first re-release of a compilation is Jump Back. Notable only for Tumbling Dice, which was not available before as Universal-remaster, as their versions of Exile won't be out before 2010. Available here.

CD by The Rolling Stones "Jump Back" (Universal 2710209).


Laid in the shade...

New collectors-news from the coming weekend onwards again.


German bluesman Chris Kramer travelled thousands of miles to record some of his favourite musicians for his new album. Among them Mick Taylor (on two tracks), Chuck Leavell, Pete York, Colin Hodgkinson, Pinetop Perkins, Willie 'Big Eyes' Smith and many others. Recommended to blues aficionados. Available here.

CD by Crazy Chris Kramer "...Unterwegs" (Blow Till Midnight Records BM09C302, -Germany).


Rhythms Del Mundo took the Rolling Stones original recording of Under The Boardwalk from Autumn 1964 and did a contemporary remix of it. Producer Kenny Young (the co-writer of this song) left the voices of Jagger/Richards and the guitar of KR and put lots of percussion and brass overdubs underneath. Available here.

CD by Rhythms Del Mundo "Classics" (APE 2710218).


The last batch of Universal-remasters are out and you won't hear any recognizable differences to the original releases. What's the point in remastering A Bigger Bang anyway? Available here.

CD's by The Rolling Stones "Dirty Work/Steel Wheels/Voodoo Lounge/Bridges To Babylon/A Bigger Bang" (Universal Music Group).


Richard Havers was the co-author of Bill Wyman's Rolling With The Stones-book. He just did a nice small coffeetable-book on his own. It concentrates on the Summer of 1969 (Brian leaving, Mick Taylor joining, Hyde Park, Brian's death, Ned Kelly, etc.) with many nice photos (lots of them rare or unseen). 208 pages, hardcover. Available here.

Book by Richard Havers "The Stones In the Park" (Haynes Publishing, UK. ISBN: 978-1-844258-15-4).


Universal recently gave out a very nice promotional CD to promote/accompany this years 13 remasters-releases. It includes one track of each album (but nothing from Exile, as the de luxe version of it was postponed to 2010). Click on the cover to the left to see the tracklisting. Available here.

Promotional CD by The Rolling Stones "2009 Remasters" (Universal RS2009 001).


A just surfaced promo-CD is the first known physical release of the Youth Radio Mix of She's A Real Botticelli (with Keith Richards on piano).

Promotional CD-single by The Dirty Strangers "She's A Real Botticelli (Youth Radio Mix)/She's A Real Botticelli (Album Mix)" (Track Records).


Also Rod Stewart's first American album Atlantic Crossing just came out in a deluxe edition. It was his first album without Ronnie Wood, but surprise surprise: the bonus section includes an early version of Stone Cold Sober under the title Too Much Noise, which could be in fact an early version of his 1972-track True Blue, a song written and possibly recorded togeher with RW. Available here or listen to a sample here and judge yourself..

2 CD's by Rod Stewart "Atlantic Crossing (Deluxe Edition)" (Warner Brothers 8122-79868-4 ).


The Universal "deluxe-edition" of Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells includes a DVD with the complete broadcast of BBC's 2nd House from late 1973, with Mick Taylor sitting in on guitar. Available here.

2 CD's + DVD by Mike Oldfield "Tubular Bells (Deluxe Edition" (Mercury Records/Universal UMC 270 354-1).


The second set of Universal-remasters just hit the shops. No noticable differences to previous released versions were made out, except for the increase of volume. Available here. And here. And here. And here.

CD's by The Rolling Stones "Some Girls/Emotional Rescue/Tattoo You/Undercover" (Universal Music Group).


Check your local i-tunes for more remixes from The Dirty Strangers. Youth remixed their single She's A Real Botticelli and kept for two of the three mixes Keith Richards' pianotrack.

Downloads by The Dirty Strangers "She's A Real Botticelli (Youth Radio Mix & Zodiac Youth Do-Wah-Dee-Dee Mix)" (Track Records).


There's quite a few remixes from the Dirty Strangers to collect. This one is a track from 1988 with Keith Richards on guitar. It was recently remixed and made available as "B-side" to the download-only release of the first single ("She's A Real Botticelli" [album version] with KR on piano, see also news-entry from 05/04/09) from the Dirty Strangers' new album. Available here.

Download by The Dirty Strangers "Diamonds (Buried Treasure Mix)" (Track Records).


A new book, similar to the concept of Stone Me (see 10/19/08), but with much more content. The author did a good job compiling loads of quotes by Keefucius Richards, although some of them (out of context) sound very dated nowadays. Hardcover, 240 pages, no pictures. Just quotes, quotes, quotes and some trivia. Available here.

Book by Jessica Pallington West "What Would Keith Richards Do?" (Bloomsbury USA. ISBN 978-1-59691-614-2).


The Writing Twins Olaf Boehme and Gerd Coordes just released their third great book about the Rolling Stones. Main subject is the movie Shine A Light, but they also cover many other interesting subjects of the most recent Stones history such as RW's autobiography, KR's march to save a hospital, MJ's release of his Best-of and many more. They display lots and lots of interesting (English, German, Dutch, etc.) clippings, photos and magazine covers to illustrate all these topics. A very nice labour of love. In German, hardcover, 236 pages. Recommended. Available here.

Book by Olaf Boehme & Gerd Coordes "Martin Scorsese - The Rolling Stones - Shine A Light" (Edition Olaf Boehme. ISBN 978-3-00-027259-2).


Universal released their first batch of newly remastered post-abkco Stones-albums. Opinions differ if there is really an upgrade in sound, as most listeners only made out an upgrade in volume levels. At least Goats Head Soup sports with a messed up version of Star Star (with the censored line "I bet you keep your pussy clean" which was formerly only available on US vinyl-releases in the 70's) something for the die hard collectors. You can buy the CD's one by one or in a 4-CD boxset (which also leaves space for the next 9 remasters, which will be all out in 2009 as well). Available here.

4 single CD's (& 4-CD-boxset) by The Rolling Stones "Sticky Fingers/Goats Head Soup/It's Only Rock'n Roll/Black And Blue)" (Universal Music Group).


More than 20 years ago Keith and Ronnie guested on the debut album of The Dirty Strangers (most probably due to the fact that their old friend Prince Stash Klossowski was producing them). Now they repeated this favour: KR is on five tracks (playing piano instead of guitar!) and RW is on two others (on guitar). Available here.

CD by The Dirty Strangers "West 12 To Wittering" (Track Records TRA 1061).


Photographer Joseph Szabo took photos of fans at the Stones gig in Philadelphia 1978. His photo book consists of only 32 pages and does not show the Stones, but only some of their fans during their show at JFK Stadium. For die hard collectors only. Available here (click on prices).

Book by Joseph Szabo "Rolling Stones Fans" (PamBooks, -US) ISBN 978-0-9803-6960-1 .


Guest book-review by Olaf Boehme: So we are told to have sympathy for the devil? And the devil is Mick Jagger as the front cover- photo hints!?! Well, there's literally millions of Jagger-photos around, but the author chose one which shows Mick like a devoted disciple in his pyjamas. This book is not about the devil, more about some publisher trying to ridicule Jagger. 17 authors wrote down their essays which have some loose connection to the song Sympathy For The Devil, but only with minor Stones-content. But artists (like the Stones) who write in metaphors will always encourage others trying to decode them. But you won't find an enlightning write-up here. Available here.

Book compiled by Albert Kümmel-Schnur "Sympathy For The Devil" (Wilhelm Fink Verlag, -Munich, Germany) ISBN 978-3-7705-4798-2.


Nico, Johannes and Kevin wish you all a Happy Easter!
We'll be back with more weekly collector's news on April 19.


Re-released for the first time on CD (only 999 copies are said to be made) is Shakin' Street's debut-album from 1978, with Ian Stewart playing piano on two tracks. The album also includes a dreadful cover version of Yesterday's Papers. Available here.

CD by Shakin' Street "Vampire Rock" (Axe Killer/FGL Productions AX0808123, -France).


A new German book with details about every released song on albums/singles/compilations and in films/on DVD from 1963 - 2008. Similar to the book by Steve Appleford. Some minor mistakes, but solid. For German spoken and completists. Paperback, 370 pages plus 8 pages of pictures (in colour). Available here.

Book by Ernst Hofacker "Rolling Stones - Confessin' The Blues" (Bosworth Music GmbH, -Germany. ISBN 978-3-86543-354-1).


The only physical release of Ronnie Wood's collaboration with Starsailor is a 7" vinyl-single. (The title track on their album All The Plans has a different version without RW's slide guitar track). Available here.

7" single by Starsailor "Tell Me It's Not Over/All The Plans" (EMI/Virgin VS 1984).


If you manage to catch one of Mick Taylor's current live shows, watch out for this fine piece of merchandise: A live CD with four tracks and three interview segments in superb sound quality, recorded in Leverkusen 1997.

CD by Mick Taylor "Mick Taylor Live" (no label).


Rhino just re-released Rod Stewart's (and Ronnie Wood's) MTV Unplugged-special from 1993. The audio disc has two bonus-tracks, among them Gasoline Alley with RW (RW did not play on all songs that night in L.A.). Too bad they left out It's All Over Now and Sweet Little Rock'n Roller (both were available as single-B-sides at the time). Disc 2 is a DVD of the show and marks the first commercial release of the MTV-broadcast. Available here.

CD + DVD by Rod Stewart "Unplugged ...And Seated (Collector's Edition)" (Rhino Records 514095).


It was never easy to keep track with Mick Taylor's session work. Thanks to the research of a fellow collector I just learned that he did a version of Love In Vain with an Ukrainian girl duo in 1997. It's available now on a download-only album on an Ukrainian website. Available here.

Download album by Sestry Telnyuk "The Telnyuk Sisters 1994-1998 Archive" (


Bill German, editor of the fantastic Beggars Banquet-fanzine (1978 - 1996) just wrote a book about his adventures within The Stones inner circle. After his fanzine went official, he was an insider to the band and witnessed most of the 80's and early 90's first hand. And he has a lot of most interesting stories to share. Highly recommended. Hardcover, 360 pages, many b&w pictures (some of them unseen to date). Available here.

Book by Bill German "Under Their Thumb" (Villard Books, New York). ISBN 978-1-4000-6622-3


American duo Dick & Dee Dee recorded two Jagger/Richards-songs in London in late 1964 for a single for the US-market. Andrew Oldham produced and took two Rolling Stones-demos as backing tracks. So the Stones provided unwillingly as backing band. Blue Turns To Grey was already available on CD (see news entry 09/09/2000) and Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind is available on CD for the first time now. Available here.

CD by Dick and Dee Dee "The Singles Collection" (Continental Records Teenager CD 621, -US).


Rock Case Studies is a series of books with accompanying DVD (or vice versa?). The Stones-edition has a booklet with 72 pages (incl. some nice colour pictures) and a DVD with 1 hour of the same archive footage we get on all these kind of DVD's (clippings from TOTP, RSGo, Ed Sullivan, Hyde Park, etc.). Collectors only. Available here.

Book & DVD "The Rolling Stones Rock Case Studies" (Edgehill Publishing Ltd. RMS2393). ISBN978-1-905954-82-2


Dutch band Het Goede Doel (The Good Cause) sampled a quote of Mick Jagger from the 2006 Amsterdam-concert and put it in the intro of their song "Beter Laat Dan Nooit" (Better late than never), track three of their album "Gekkenwerk" (Fool's Work). Something for the completists. Available here.

Download-only track by Het Goede Doel "Beter Laat Dan Nooit" ().


German Radio Bremen TV filmed the Stones in May 1972 for their great Beat-Club series, catching them rehearsing Exile-tracks and two jams in a small cinema in Switzerland (for their upcoming US Tour). Four of the six surviving tracks were now officially released for the first time ever. Available here.

8 DVD-box "The Story Of Beat-Club Vol. 3 1970 - 1972" (ARD/Studio Hamburg, -Germany).


Another soundtrack-transfer from DVD to CD by Dutch label Immortal Records (see also news entry of 11/23/08). Bill Wyman and Charlie Watts play on this charity gig from September 1983 on nearly all songs, together with Clapton, Jeff Beck, Steve Winwood and Jimmy Page. (See for all other info in the database under 1983, entry 830920B). Available here.

2 CD's by Eric Clapton & Friends "The A.R.M.S. Benefit Concert" (Immortal IMA 104219, -Holland).


Already recorded in September 2000 and finally released: the last recordings of the late drummer of the embryonic Stones, Carlo Little from September 2000 with Ronnie Wood guesting on two songs. Other guests include Art Wood and Long John Baldry. Available here.

CD by Carlo Little Allstars "Never Stop Rockin'" (Angel Air Records SJPCD 283).


DVD guest-review by Olaf Boehme: The best known film of the Rolling Stones of the 60's has at last been published on DVD. Rolling With The Stones is nothing else but Charlie Is My Darling. We know about many versions of that movie. Individual cut by different film makers, badly dubbed with horrible sounds and overspoken footage which would also be available with the artists voices in original. Charlie Is My Darling was only shown in a handful of cinemas. That's why not many people know how the movie runs in its primary version. Rolling With The Stones is suggesting to show the original cut. For instance now you can hear all spoken words of the band members during the train ride. The scene where Keith is sitting with Mick together at the piano singing some Elvis tunes is longer as the extracts we know from different VHS-issues of the last 20 odd years, even with unmodified sound. These images are the real discovery of Rolling With The Stones. Available here.

DVD "Rolling With The Stones" (Cinebx 83629-62709, -USA).